LEGION Comic Con presentation with Director Scott Stewart, Adrianne Palicki, Doug Jones, Tyrese Gibson, and Paul Bettany

     July 26, 2009

Legion movie image.jpg

At this year’s Comic Con there was a panel featuring first time director Scott Stewart and cast on his film “Legion”. We were treated to a trailer from this film and a Q&A. To learn more about the film featuring “angels with machine guns” hit the jump.

Legion movie poster.jpgSince this is Stewarts first time as a director and his first time at Comic Con, he was understandably amazed to be sitting in front of an audience of over 6,000 in Hall H. After taking some photos of the audience and introducing his film, they started the trailer.

In a nutshell, the story is about the angel Michael who comes down to earth and cuts off his wings. There is an army of angels on its way to wipe out mankind just as the floods aimed to do in Noah’s age. Michael has come to protect “the future of humanity” in the form of a baby inside the womb of a pregnant waitress. What follows is an action packed movie about angels kicking butt.

After the trailer most of the cast comes out for the Q&A. The discussion is kept fun and lighthearted as Gibson insists on talking about Bettany’s ripped body any chance he gets (and from the looks of the movie, it is indeed, ripped).

One of the more exciting aspects of the movie is the inclusion of Doug Jones (Abe Sapien from Hellboy) sans makeup. He plays the character of the Ice Cream Man and except for makeup effects for creepy jaw-drops, it’s all him. When asked about his reasoning for choosing to be in the film, he said as soon as Stewart told him he would use his own face, he was in. He then went on to explain that there was a lot of anxiety involved in showing yourself for the first time and hoping people wouldn’t be disappointed. He likened it to always wearing sweaters then suddenly stepping out in a Speedo.

While Legion doesn’t come out until January, Stewart told us that there would be a 4 part comic book coming out in November called “Legion: Prophets” that will delve into some of the characters and stories in the film that are only talked about but not fleshed out.

With a panel full of quotable quotes my favorite came from Bettany. When asked about transitioning from more serious roles to an action movie he talked about his first day on set when he fired an M16 in one hand and an MP5 in the other and immediately thought “I was in the Royal Shakespeare Company, but this is why I wanted to be an actor!”

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