LEGO Reveals THE DARK KNIGHT Tumbler as Well as Heath Ledger Joker

     July 21, 2014


LEGO and Batman have been together for years, but always in a fun, cutesy way.  But at San Diego Comic-Con, LEGO Batman is getting a little grittier by releasing not only The Dark Knight Tumbler, but also a Heath Ledger Joker minifigure.  The Tumbler will be on display at Comic-Con beginning Wednesday, and will go on sale in September.  The toy has 1,869 pieces and will retail for $199.  If you want to buy it, you’re also going to have to clear some shelf space because the toy measures 15 inches tall and 9 inches wide plus it comes with a fact-sheet/plate.

The Tumbler set also includes a new Batman figure, which is painted slightly differently than previously released Batman minifigs, yet it doesn’t have the same Bat symbol as the one from The Dark Knight.  But where things get a little confusing for me is the Heath Ledger joker.  It will be included in the Tumbler set, but I can’t think of another LEGO minifigure that was based on such an intentionally disturbing character.  Does it come with a pencil?  Or just knives and lint?  Hit the jump to check out LEGO Batman Heath Ledger Joker and the Tumbler.

Via USA Today.


  • Thomas K.

    That’s the Batman Logo on the Chest of the Batman Begins Suit…

    Which is odd that they used a different logo for the Chest-Plate just in general… never noticed until You just pointed that out.

  • Cjv95

    “We’ll wing it……… that’s a bat pun.”

  • grapes9h5


  • appolox

    Wow. A lego set where the villain doesn’t have dynamite. How shocking ;)

  • bidi

    i don’t think it’s weird to have the Joker mini fig. it’s no weirder than Lego having a Deadpool mini fig. that dude obviously isn’t kid friendly. and this set is clearly not made for kids. it’s a collector piece. not a toy. the thing that gets me is the bat symbol on the chest. why not make it the same from the movie?

    • Random Bystander

      It is the same as the movie

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