10 LEGO Fan Projects That Need Your Support, Including LORD OF THE RINGS Sets, Tony Stark’s Workshop from IRON MAN, CENTURIONS, and More

     December 21, 2014


It’s been a really good year for LEGO.  Not only did The LEGO Movie enjoy critical and commercial success, the film is now just the start of a feature franchise built on the toy brick foundation.  Oh, and speaking of toys, LEGO has a host of lucrative major movie tie-ins due to hit shelves soon, like Avengers: Age of Ultron setsJurassic World figures, and new Star Wars approximations.

That’s all well and good for the company, but what about the legions of LEGO fans out there who opt to put aside the instructions and build their own fantastic creations?  Well thankfully those two factions work together for the benefit of all!  “LEGO Ideas” is an offshoot of the parent website that invites fan submissions and allows readers to lend their support; once a project nets 10,000 votes and company approval, they become official!  We’ve put together a list of ten worthy ideas for you to inspect.  Hit the jump to check them out.

Here are ten LEGO fan projects, in no particular order, that could use your support!  Click on the title to head on over to the fan page and cast your vote. Let’s begin!



Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the cartoon in 2016, Centurions was an animated cartoon centering on three Special Forces operatives who donned interchangeable weapon systems in order to combat Doc Terror and his plans for world domination.  (The 80s were a crazy time.)  This fan project includes plans for the Centurions space station headquarters, Skyvault, along with the title characters themselves, outfitted in a variety of weapons!  Fans of the show should get a kick out of this one and, speaking as a fan myself, would love to see this project gain some more support!

Guardians of the Galaxy’s Milano


Chris Pratt is basically a lock for LEGO these days, being tied to toys for The LEGO Movie, Marvel’s universe, and the upcoming Jurassic World sets.  With that in mind, creator Kim Do-Hyun decided to go in a cute direction with this Starlord mini-fig in his Chibi spaceship, Milano.  It looks like a simple build that could be an easy entry for younger LEGO enthusiasts who are fans of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Science Adventures

This one’s not a movie tie-in at all but rather more of a “Career Day” LEGO set.  Designer Alatariel has put together a series of scientists – a biologist, archaeologist, and geologist – in their natural habitat, the cubicle out in the field.  Each set will come with a description of each of the research fields, thus adding an educational aspect to the build.  A neat idea, and a worthy one, especially if it gets kids interested in a pursuit of a scientific career.  Now I’m just waiting for the set where a PhD candidate languishes at an office desk for hours while sorting their mentor’s mail.

Ninjago Dragon Arena

LEGO continues its expansion across media platforms with its spin-off success, Ninjago.  Not only is the first big-screen adaptation of this property due out in 2016, its practitioners of Spinjitzu continue to spark the imagination of kids everywhere.  What better place to stage a huge fighting tournament than in this fan-made Ninjago arena?  The sizeable set covers four entire baseplates and boasts unique designs that could be sold separately, combined to form the Ninjago Dragon Arena.  Pretty cool idea, and one that could be even more popular once the movie hits screens.

Tony Stark’s Workshop

Okay, now back to the Marvel movie tie-ins.  Creator Ken Wind was so taken with Tony Stark’s workshop in the Iron Man films that he decided to recreate it on LEGO scale.  Not only does it include multiple versions of armor, it also has Stark’s humorous robot assistants, lots of interactive garage equipment, and even Stark’s custom hot rod.  Looks like a fun set, even if similar ones already exist on the market.  We’re not sure how much longer Robert Downey Jr.’s version of Stark is going to be with us, but at least his mini self can tool around the workshop for ages.

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Bring your compatriots over for a little bit of fellowship as you recreate this house of the elves from the Lord of the Rings series.  At nearly 1400 pieces, this set features elves, men, and hobbits alike, along with firing weaponry and detachable sections.  It’s not quite as involved or intricate as this creator’s other project in our list (which is coming up shortly), but it’s certainly one of the more beautiful designs among fan submissions.

Captain America’s Red Skull Chase


LEGO designer ArtGONG’s design may be a little behind the times as far as the current state of Marvel movies goes, but it’s certainly an ambitious one.  The build would recreate a climactic chase sequence between Captain America and his allies as they attempt to run down Red Skull in his flying wing.  Peggy Carter and Colonel Phillips drive Skull’s custom hot rod into the battle, allowing Cap to climb aboard the HYDRA plane and save the day.  The car itself is another LEGO project, which can be viewed not only in the computer-generated mock-up seen above, but in actual brick form as well.

Food Truck


And now for something completely different! Who doesn’t love food trucks? Even LEGO loves food trucks! A new project from SpaceySmoke breaks the culinary revolution down to its basic building blocks.  This food-friendly fan build starts with the design for the expandable food truck and its chefs, plus ordering and eating areas for its customers.  The interesting project even made its way into a recent edition of LEGO enthusiast publication Brick Journal.  If this basic version takes off, I fully expect each and every food truck owner out there to modify it to fit their own full-scale designs, thus building a mini-mascot for full-sized food trucks!

Barad Dur


Remember a couple moments ago where I talked about a second Lord of the Rings build?  Here’s one that will keep you busy a little bit longer, coming in at 6,783 pieces.  The vile tower of Barad Dur comes complete (once you build it, that is) with a dungeon, forge, armory, shrine, throne room, and more, including removable sections for easy access during play.  In perhaps the set’s coolest feature, the Eye of Sauron actually moves and lights up!  An extra creepy feature for an extra-awesome design!

Particle Accelerator/Collider


Now, in a Collider article about LEGO builds, it’d be crazy for me to leave out a LEGO build for an actual collider!  JKBrickWorks’ particle accelerator uses a system of spinning wheels to launch a LEGO ball around a ring to faster and faster speeds, all before smashing into … well, whatever you put in its path!  Thankfully, the designer put together a video of this particular build in action, so you can scope it out below!

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