10 LEGO Fan Projects That Need Your Support, Including LORD OF THE RINGS Sets, Tony Stark’s Workshop from IRON MAN, CENTURIONS, and More

     December 21, 2014



Bring your compatriots over for a little bit of fellowship as you recreate this house of the elves from the Lord of the Rings series.  At nearly 1400 pieces, this set features elves, men, and hobbits alike, along with firing weaponry and detachable sections.  It’s not quite as involved or intricate as this creator’s other project in our list (which is coming up shortly), but it’s certainly one of the more beautiful designs among fan submissions.

Captain America’s Red Skull Chase


LEGO designer ArtGONG’s design may be a little behind the times as far as the current state of Marvel movies goes, but it’s certainly an ambitious one.  The build would recreate a climactic chase sequence between Captain America and his allies as they attempt to run down Red Skull in his flying wing.  Peggy Carter and Colonel Phillips drive Skull’s custom hot rod into the battle, allowing Cap to climb aboard the HYDRA plane and save the day.  The car itself is another LEGO project, which can be viewed not only in the computer-generated mock-up seen above, but in actual brick form as well.

Food Truck


And now for something completely different! Who doesn’t love food trucks? Even LEGO loves food trucks! A new project from SpaceySmoke breaks the culinary revolution down to its basic building blocks.  This food-friendly fan build starts with the design for the expandable food truck and its chefs, plus ordering and eating areas for its customers.  The interesting project even made its way into a recent edition of LEGO enthusiast publication Brick Journal.  If this basic version takes off, I fully expect each and every food truck owner out there to modify it to fit their own full-scale designs, thus building a mini-mascot for full-sized food trucks!

Barad Dur


Remember a couple moments ago where I talked about a second Lord of the Rings build?  Here’s one that will keep you busy a little bit longer, coming in at 6,783 pieces.  The vile tower of Barad Dur comes complete (once you build it, that is) with a dungeon, forge, armory, shrine, throne room, and more, including removable sections for easy access during play.  In perhaps the set’s coolest feature, the Eye of Sauron actually moves and lights up!  An extra creepy feature for an extra-awesome design!

Particle Accelerator/Collider


Now, in a Collider article about LEGO builds, it’d be crazy for me to leave out a LEGO build for an actual collider!  JKBrickWorks’ particle accelerator uses a system of spinning wheels to launch a LEGO ball around a ring to faster and faster speeds, all before smashing into … well, whatever you put in its path!  Thankfully, the designer put together a video of this particular build in action, so you can scope it out below!

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