Leonard Nimoy Fans Deliver Moving Message to Honor the Late Actor

     March 1, 2015


Leonard Nimoy created a character who was not only memorable; he was an inspiration.  “Live long and prosper,” may be a geeky salutation, but it’s also a moving one, and one that has been referenced heavily following the actor’s death at the age of 83.

There has been a great outpouring of grief and remembrances of Nimoy, not just for creating the indelible Mr. Spock, but because he filled his life beyond just playing the most human Vulcan.  He didn’t cling to past glory, nor did he attempt to mock it into submission.  He made it part of a full life, and that life touched countless others.

In Atlanta, it touched the lives of people who felt the need to buy billboard space to honor Nimoy’s memory.  It’s a lovely display.

Via ThatNeilGuy.


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