Danny Boyle in Talks to Direct Steve Jobs Biopic; Leonardo DiCaprio Eyed to Star

     April 21, 2014


Sony Pictures is wasting no time in finding a new director for its high-profile Steve Jobs biopic.  The film initially looked to be a Social Network reunion, as David Fincher circled the Aaron Sorkin-penned project for a bit before falling off when Sony balked at his stipulations for directing.  Now, a mere week later, Danny Boyle has entered the conversation, and the Slumdog Millionaire filmmaker is eyeing the project as a potential The Beach reunion with Leonardo DiCaprio as his top choice to take on the leading role.  More after the jump.

leonardo-dicaprio-steve-jobs-moviePer THR, Danny Boyle is now in talks to direct Sony’s Steve Jobs biopic, and he is said to have already approached Leonardo DiCaprio about taking on the starring role.  The film is an incredibly enticing project performance-wise, as Sorkin’s script consists solely of three extended scenes set before the launch of three major Apple products.  Fincher had wanted Christian Bale to play Jobs in his iteration of the pic, but it could now provide some fascinating material for Mr. DiCaprio, not to mention an opportunity to see the incredibly talented actor take on Sorkin dialogue for the first time.

Deals are not done so nothing is finalized, but the prospect of Boyle and DiCaprio reuniting on an Aaron Sorkin script is highly exciting, even if DiCaprio seems a bit of an odd fit for the role of Steve Jobs.  There’s no guarantee that he’ll accept the role, and DiCaprio recently committed to starring in The Revenant for director Alejandro González Iñárritu with filming to begin in September, so scheduling could prove to be an issue as well.  Of course, if the Steve Jobs film only consists of three scenes it could feasibly be shot rather quickly, but DiCaprio would likely want a considerable amount of preparation time for both projects, which could make this a tight squeeze.

Boyle most recently directed the 2013 thriller Trance after overseeing the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremonies, and he, of course, won the Best Director Oscar for 2008’s Slumdog Millionaire.  He’s a highly skilled visual filmmaker, and assuming his deal closes for him to direct the Jobs biopic, I’m quite intrigued to see what he does with Sorkin’s script.


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    I love Leo… but I don’t see it.

    • john legend

      i love you… but i don’t see.

    • tRYSIS3

      hows the spidey thread doin ? :hah:

      • i AN LEGEND

        Lol. I need different usernames, don’t I

      • tRYSIS3

        Not really, so i can know you. too bad my username got banned :dno:

  • pickaname

    Somebody else said this on another website: Yes, Dicaprio’s a great actor, but he’s not Daniel Day-Lewis. He doesn’t physically disappear into a character. Yes, he does a great job of doing it psychologically/emotionally, but like the guy below me said, I just don’t see it. And speaking of Daniel Day-Lewis, imagine what a freakin’ great Steve Jobs a younger Day-Lewis would make. Now I’m bummed we can’t see that.

    • AprilshouldbeRedhead

      I agree….he is a good actor but he does not dissapear like he might need to in order to play Jobs.

  • Scullibundo

    Hold on… Boyle and DiCaprio are willing to work with each other again after The Beach?

    • Person

      Did they have an issue? I thought Boyle and Ewan McGregor fell out as a result of that movie.

      And honestly, this movie screams Oscar potential – DiCaprio will put aside differences for that, I’m sure.

  • Bob

    If someone told me a movie was coming out and it was Boyle and DiCaprio I would be like this is gonna be great. Tel me its a bio on Steve Jobs and Im like ehhhh idk. So Im 50/50.

  • Neo Racer

    wtf? No..

  • randommale7

    eh…don’t know how to feel about this…come back Fincher :(

  • Max Rockatansky

    Team up Dwayne Johnson, Ashton Kushner with Michael Bay and have lots of Xplosions. Dwayne Johnson would play the young Steve and Ashton Kushner will play his old fragile self near the end of his life. Bill Gate will be played by Arnold.

  • Faptain America

    Just because Steve Job’s biography was the greatest-selling biography of all time doesn’t mean that people want to see a biopic. He just doesn’t seem that compelling a character.

    • dudeface

      If you actually read the book you’re talking about, you would see how oh-so-very-wrong you are.

      • Faptain America

        Admittedly, I haven’t read it. But here’s what I know of Jobs
        -adopted. ethnically Syrian.
        -Terrible manager, whispered to employees to hate other employees.
        -Steve Wozniak hugely underappreciated in favor of this egotist.
        -Maniacal vision which led to some successes.
        -Fired from Apple. Made NeXT. Failed. Came back.

        Especially with DiCaprio, we’ll get a lot of intense staring, screaming, crying. It’ll be Wolf of Silicon Valley.

      • Jeremy Flores

        Didn’t Apple beg for him to come back?

      • Tom

        Not really. It was more complicated.

  • Explodin’Grandmas

    No… Leo’s not a chameleon, he’s like an airplane crash. You know it the moment you see it, and the image settles. Not the best choice for something like this.

  • Marty

    Fincher’s casting choice was far more better. I don’t see Di Caprio on Steve Jobs.

  • Matt

    Bale seems a more astute choice for the way he inhabits characters. I think most of Leo’s performances of historical figures have benefited from the fact that there was a great deal of distance between their life and their film portrayal. He may get inside people, but I’m not sure he’s the right fit. He’s also just racking up to many portrayals of famous people, even if the biopics aren’t always straightforward.

  • Redjester

    Should be a great pairing! Perhaps this is the opportunity Leo needs to finally win his much deserved Oscar!

    • ʝoe ßloggs

      Definitely an iOscar at the very least.

  • The Flobbit

    I love Danny Boyle, but he’s a visual, eclectic filmmaker who might feel contained in a biopic structure like this.
    And I love Leonardo DiCaprio, but Christian Bale is a far better choice.

    Still, Sorkin dialogue, right?

    • Brook


      127 Hours was a character drama with one main character stuck in one location, talking to himself and a camcorder for the majority of the film.

      • The Flobbit

        It also had flashbacks, dream sequences, and a whole lot of gut wrenching gore. I can’t picture him doing a film about a bunch of suits in a room.

  • AprilshouldbeRedhead

    NOOOOOOO SHIT!!!!! So from Fincher and Bale to Boyle and Dicaprio?? I LIKE danny boyle a lot but i think bale might have been a better pick for casting

  • Thomas

    sooo… we need another movie about Jobs?

    • Explodin’Grandmas

      Well, to be fair, this Jobs is written by an extremely competent screenwriter. We’re in good hands.

  • Bob

    After some though, and thinking about DiCaprio’s career best performance imho in Wolf of Wall Street, I feel he will make this role his own. I really do. More than Bale. DiCaprio will prep for this role like crazy and he’ll own it. More for any role than he has ever taken.

  • http://framefilm.no Cliffback

    Hmm… Personally I would prefer Christian Bale for this role…

  • Royale With Cheese

    Well, shit. I don’t think this is a better combination than Fincher and Bale but I guess it will do.

  • Joseph M

    Will it deal with the real Jobs, or the mythical corporate deity AppleHeads pray to at night before powering down all their Apple products? As for DiCaprio, I’ll be amazed if he takes a role in what’s essentially shaping-up to be a glorified TV movie.

    • bidi

      i like this. granted i don’t know much about Jobs, but wasn’t he kind of a egotistical prick? show the asshole. then again, the social network portrayed pretty much all of those people in a bad light so maybe this will do the same

      • Joseph M

        Oh, sure, I could take it Social Network style, but I don’t think they dare show the raw, unedited Jobs. The mighty Apple wouldn’t allow it. And it’s a bit ridiculous having him played by DiCaprio in terms of physical resemblance. It’s like having Johnny Depp play Bill Gates.

  • -

    Bale seems like better casting.

  • “28 Years Later” – NOW!

    No no no… The last thing we need is another Steve Jobs movie. I wish Boyle would do more genre movies.

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  • The Flobbit

    No, he wants 10 million dollars to direct a film that could easily be made for half that much money!

  • randommale7

    Still half of what Peter Jackson got for king kong and half of what Depp gets for all his flops, also as a film-maker myself (though I don’t make $$$) I know how hard directors work (a film is usually 2-3 years work) and I haven’t worked on anything near the scale of what Fincher does.

  • The Flobbit

    King Kong was a 150 million dollar visual extravaganza – a three hour film featuring complex CGI and lots of setpieces. Not some small-budget biopic.

    This Jobs film is an hour and a half, and set in 3 rooms. Heck, it could be made for 200 bucks as a play.

    And Depp is an actor. Who makes 80 million for Pirates.

  • Chad

    Except that Pain & Gain was based on real people.