Lionsgate Rebooting LEPRECHAUN for 2013 Release

     March 15, 2012


That Leprechaun reboot that nobody asked for is on its way. Variety reports that Lionsgate is teaming up with WWE Studios to take the franchise and “put a modern-day spin on it.” A 2013 release date is planned despite the fact that no writer, director or cast is attached. The series began in 1993 with Warwick Davis and Jennifer Aniston in one of the first roles of her career. The pic was made for a mere $900,000 and grossed nearly $9 million at the box office. It also succeeded in scaring the shit out of me (and Garth) with its VHS cover. The basic setup of the films is that a murderous leprechaun sets out to reclaim his gold from thieving fools by any means necessary.

The franchise spawned six films (seriously) with such horror classics as Leprechaun: In the Hood and Leprechaun: In Space. It’s worth noting that this is a film series that flourished thanks to the VHS market and weekly strolls down Blockbuster aisles that culminated in “What the hell? We have to watch this!” It’ll be interesting to see what direction producers take in a climate where found footage and torture porn rule the horror box office. Hit the jump to watch the trailer for the first Leprechaun.



  • geoff

    for heavens sake, this is just absurd

    • Ryder

      And so is your comment, your just one of THOSE people that diss everything.

      • Fiddle dee diddle dee dee

        Give ‘im hell, Ryder.

  • nelson

    leprechaun in the hood is a classic!!

    • RIC

      As is Leprechaun: In Space

  • lovetron

    How do you put a modern-day spin on something that’s only 20 years old? And why does Leprechaun need a spin of any variety applied to it in the first place anyway?

  • Kevin

    I was thinking the best way to put a modern spin on the series would be to have the Leprechaun travel to places where he’d sort of be a fish out of water. So like, maybe he can go into outer space a la Jason X. Okay, okay maybe that’s a little too ridiculous. Hang with me. What about, and this is great– what if he goes to Las Vegas?! I know! Great idea, right? Look, you get the point. The bottom line is that they can finally get this character out of the traditional Leprechaun settings and put him in something hip and fresh– something that is contemporary. Heck, why not put him in an inner city setting? Whatever they do, I just hope there isn’t a lot of sarcastic humor in it because that sort of thing goes right over my head.

    • Ryan

      Maybe he becomes a star of a FOX sitcom alongside Pauly Shore. Things go well for a season….Shore finds Leprechauns gold nugs and it turns into a cat & mouse blood bath in Hollywood…but it turns out that Shore IS the Leprechaun!!!! Shamaloo would need to team up with Bay to sculpt this cinematic masterpiece. Chris Tucker may also need to co-star somewhere…..probably partners up with the Leprechaun and comic synergy overflows all over the audience!

    • brandon

      I’m sure they will do a great job making him a fish out of water by making him a CG leprechaun with CG blood in a world full of real people who bleed CG blood.

  • gabe

    Hornswoggle playing the main dude. i can c that.

  • safdsda
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  • blah

    where’s your god now?

  • Julia Simone

    Grew up 16 years on watching this,can’t wait

  • Emi

    Finally!!! what took so long…I’ve been waiting forever for another leprechaun movie.

  • Pete

    Well you have to admit this isn’t really the most profitable idea of the decade :P

  • Leperchaun

    Whoever comments right away,
    I will slice them in half for being gay.

  • Leperchaun


    Who comments right away,
    Me shall slice thee in half for being gay.