LIBERTADOR Trailer Starring Edgar Ramirez as the South American Revolutionary Simon Bolivar

     June 12, 2014


The first trailer for Alberto Arvelo Mendoza‘s Simon Bolivar biopic, Libertador, is now online.  Edgar Ramirez stars as the legendary emancipator in the Timothy Sexton script, which is told from Bolivar’s perspective and focuses on his military campaign that attempted to unify South America.  While Ramirez’s strong performance as the revolutionary is front and center in this first look, the beauty and variety of the South America continent’s lands and native people provides an excellent backdrop to his character’s story.

In addition to Ramirez, Libertador also stars Maria ValverdeDanny Huston, Imanol Arias, and Gary Lewis.  Libertador plays at the Los Angeles Film Festival this weekend, and opens in theaters starting August 22nd.  Hit the jump to watch the trailer.

Watch the Libertador trailer below (via Yahoo!):



  • dude

    Is there any other way that we can actually see the trailer? Since, you know, this is the Yahoo link?

    • DanaLaneybop

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  • You Know Nothing

    Anyone else think of Jon Snow when they saw the image?

    • huey

      Only everyone.

    • MITIOR

      I could certainly see Ramsey Snow there! well Ramsey Bolton in the trailer for 2 seconds

  • the king of comedy

    I`m from South America and whenever I imagined Simon Bolivar he didn`t look anything like this, I hope this isn`t a hollywood version of Bolivar that only uses the name and doesn`t follow Bolivar`s life or makes a cheap hollywood version of it. I haven`t seen the trailer tough and truth be told I`m not familiar with the actors and director, so i`ll give this one a chance.

    • Alberto Cox Délano

      Al menos hablan en español cuando corresponde,

  • Mingie Noriega

    wow, this is awesome, but is too handsome (the actor)

    • MITIOR

      I agree, at least he has the acting chops.

  • Juan Carlos

    “his army never conquered… it liberated”… that’s such bullshit. Simon Bolivar did a contintental coup (not much different than a single nation’s coup, except in scale). He then proclaimed himself “Presidente Vitalicio” (Permament President), with plans to be continent’s dictator which is why he was killed. Yet, some people sees him as a libertator, when all that happened was that lordship traded hands.


    I hope the movie does well, history in movies has always been about Europe, but here in the Americas we have a great history as well.

    Quiero mas peliculas sobre America!