LIFE AFTER BETH Trailer and Posters: Dane DeHaan Tries to Keep Love Alive with a Dead Aubrey Plaza

     June 26, 2014


A24 has released the Life After Beth trailer online along with a couple of posters.  The movie follows a young man (Dane DeHaan) whose girlfriend (Aubrey Plaza) comes back from the dead, but now has an appetite for human flesh.  Even though I heard mixed things about the movie after it premiered at Sundance, this trailer makes it look delightfully weird and darkly comic.  I really like the cast, and I hope that I’m more positive on the movie than my peers.

Hit the jump to check out the Life After Beth trailer and posters.  The film also stars John C. Reilly, Molly Shannon, Paul Reiser, Matthew Gray Gubler, and Anna KendrickLife After Beth will premiere on DirecTV on July 17th before opening in theaters on August 15th.  Click here to read Adam’s interview with DeHaan and Plaza and writer/director Jeff Baena.

Trailer via MTV.

Posters via Facebook.



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  • Mario Movies

    Looks like a sweet comedy. Definitely not for America’s taste.

    • herpderp

      What do you know?

    • herpderp

      What do you know?

  • eternalozzie

    lol … another ZomCom … i’m in. This isn’t going to have a warm fuzzy ending like Warm Bodies did.

  • Daniel Ronczkowski

    If this has a hard R rating I am there opening night. Love me some April.

  • Oolie zool

    I still don’t get how this guy didn’t get cast in the new star wars stuff… He’s got talent and is obviously spawned from Hamill

    • James Franco

      Because he is a one note actor who plays the same character in almost every role. Plus he’s losing his hair

  • JediGrandmaster

    Looks funny , looking forward to seeing this

  • Momo

    Looks good. I haven’t been in the mood for zombie films. But this one looks like it has more to offer. Humor caught my eye.