Liam Neeson Knows AIDS Is Ripe for Improvisational Comedy in New Clip from LIFE’S TOO SHORT

     November 11, 2011


Last month, we showed you a clip from Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant‘s new TV series Life’s Too Short starring Warwick Davis (Harry Potter).  The clip had Johnny Depp lampooning himself by going after Gervais’ hosting of the Golden Globes.  It was pretty funny and it was good to know that someone was looking out for Tim Allen.  This new clip absolutely blows it away.  In the latest clip, Liam Neeson comes in to talk with Gervais and Merchant about expanding into comedy.  Neeson, Gervais, and Merchant use Neeson’s dramatic gravitas to brilliant effect and show that improv, Oscar-nominees, and contracting AIDS from an African prostitute is an odd but hilarious mixture.

Hit the jump to check out the clip.  Life’s Too Short began airing yesterday on BBC Two and will air in the US on HBO next year.

Via Twitch.


  • Bruno St-Jean

    It’s perfect!! Totaly perfect!!

    “I wasn’t here… I was at the doctor’s. I got AIDS…”

  • The Train!

    this was fantastic. i didn’t really dig the one with depp but this was gold.

  • Tarek

    Sweet. I liked when Warwick gazed at Liam with fear in his eyes. ^^

    • Mik

      So funny!

  • colin

    that was great.

  • gerard kennelly

    i love this

    if you want to see Neeson do more comedy

    watch the cillian murphy film BREAKFAST ON PLUTO

    liam was mad funny in that

    he played a priest