Lily Collins to Star in THE EVIL DEAD Remake

     January 4, 2012


Fede Alvarez‘ remake of Sam Raimi‘s The Evil Dead has landed its first piece of major casting with Lily Collins (The Blind Side) in final negotiations to play the role of “Mia”.  Like the original, the new version centers on five friends who go to a remote cabin and unleash dark forces when they read from the Necronomicon.  From there, the evil starts possessing each member of the group until only one remains and must fight for survival.  Per Bloody Disgusting, Mia is headed to the cabin to detox after a recent overdose.  Struggling with her new-found sobriety, “she begins acting insane, so it comes as no surprise that nobody believes her crazy claims of coyote dogs and trees attacking her!”  Co-writer Diablo Cody has said the script is unbelievable violent, and BD says there’s also a drug subplot.

Collins had a rough 2011 with both Priest and Abduction receiving critical scorn and flopping at the box office.  Her 2012 may not get much easier as she’s starring as Snow White in Tarsem Singh’s rushed and atrocious-looking Mirror, Mirror.  The young actress is also attached to star in the indie comedy The English Teacher and the adaptation of the young adult novel The Mortal InstrumentsThe Evil Dead is due out April 12, 2013.

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  • sedna

    Fuck Diablo Cody and her “unbelievably violent” script – which NO DOUBT will be fueled with hipsterism and stupid pop-culture references. Hey, let’s write about a character going to a cabin to detox. WTF. Fuckin’ stupid.

  • Ash

    What is going on with Hollywood? This news makes me want to jump into another deadite vortex! Hopefully it takes me back to Hollywood and the first ever focus group of morons that thought remaking 80′s/70′s horror movies was a good way to make a quick buck off of the braindead teenagers that can’t watch a movie predating 95! I would kick in the door, start with a good one liner, then let my boomstick finish the paragraph! Oh and Juno’s big stripper sister is gonna write this? Great! I can’t wait till Ashley talks on her hamburger phone as a wink, wink to all the hipster Juno fans out there. All 3 of them. For my money I’ll shop smart, shop S-mart and stick with my originals.

  • disco violenza

    My immediate reaction to remakes is usually disgust at the laziness of Hollywood but thinking about it there are some genuinely good remakes like The Thing, The Fly, The Departed, The Man Who Knew Too Much. I could go on, plus Mr. Campbell and Raimi are producing so I will reserve my vitriol for when the movie actually comes out.

    • Biff Tannen

      Yeah movies like the 70s Body Snatchers or Carpenter’s The Thing are made well. It’s not just being a remake that makes something suck. So what went wrong with the Thing prequel and the last Body Snatchers movie? What (I assume) will go wrong with this? Diablo Cody’s not untalented, Jennifer’s Body was a pretty decent horror flick, but I don’t want her doing this. There are too many bad decisions made by too many people who don’t know what they’re remaking beyond the most superficial or simplistic ideas. Everyone filmmaker could have their own take on Evil Dead but I wouldn’t want to watch them all. Hollywood must be a monopoly in need of more serious competition than indie movies supply.

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