Twitter Reactions from NYFF Screening of LINCOLN: Response Mixed but Everyone Loves Tommy Lee Jones

     October 8, 2012


Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln just premiered as the secret screening at the New York Film Festival. We gathered up a bunch of the tweeted reactions of those who saw the film: professional critics, regular folks, even a semi-coherent Whoopi Goldberg. The response was mixed, running the gamut from “the best film Roberto Rossellini never made” to “best movie ever made for A&E?”. But virtually everyone liked the acting. Daniel Day-Lewis delivered his expected great performance, but the highest acclaim was reserved for Tommy Lee Jones, whose Oscar campaign for Best Supporting Actor apparently starts tonight.

Hit the jump for the tweets. Lincoln hits limited release on November 9, and opens in wide release for the rest of us on November 16.


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  • potterboy

    wow. didn’t expect TOMMY LEE JONES to be a favorite coming out of LINCOLN. based on the trailers, his part isn’t really showy.

    now i’m very curious to see the film. this certainly shakes up the supporting actor side with Hoffman, Deniro, Arkin and the yet unseen Leo for DJANGO. looks like the supporting actor nom is pretty much locked. only Les MIs and Zero Dark Thirty and Django are the yet to be seen.

    on the best actor side? so DDL is beats Joaquin on the “oscar” side(when someone plays LINCOLN great, you know the academy will vote for him)? but how about in the wow factor side? without the awards bulls***, does he beat Joaquin?

    • tinypony

      Can you tell me what Dustin Hoffman and Robert de Niro are going to be nominated for?

      • elwin

        He meant Philip Seymour Hoffman. And DeNiro in The Silver Linings Playbook

    • Armand

      How can you forget about Fassbender in Prometheus? And Walken in Seven Psychopaths? I dont even know what the hell Hoffman and DeNiro have done this year that was so great, but yes DiCaprio is due for an Oscar, crossing my fingers he knocks it out of the park in Django Unchained

      • potterboy

        look, i love PROMETHEUS. i’m not one of those haters. but it was released too early in the year. plus there are alot of negative response to the film. let’s be realistic. Fassbender won’t be nominated. the same way TDKR and Nolan won’t be in the running this season. David will be iconic though. Expect him to be consistently be in conventions and Halloween parties.

        also, do follow the awards season. Everyone is calling De Niro’s role in SILVER LININGS as his best in years. when a truly respected actor suddenly gives a “comeback” performance, for better or worse, the response will be overpraise since everyone is rooting for the old guys to return to form. and as for HOFFMAN, seriously? any cinephile knows that the film event of the year is a PT Anderson picture.

  • Ra

    I think Lincoln was great. Daniel Day-Lewis delivers an Oscar worthy performance,but I don’t think it’s enough to win against Joaquin Phoenix. Tommy lee Jones might win his 2nd Oscar tho. Sally Field could get a nomination as well. Best Picture, Director, actor, supporting actor and actress, screenplay, cinematography, make up and costume. I don’t know about the editing tho.

  • John

    I’d say the response is more positive than mixed. Although I do like how one twitter says it’s already “the most overrated film of the year.” Really? It just premiered today. Calm down.

    • Omar Suarez

      Wait…are you saying you don’t trust the opinion of @TurtleMoneyz?

      I agree. It seems like 70-80% of the reactions are positive.

  • Lance

    Some people just love the idea of being smugly superior by reacting in a negative way to something most other people are going to have a positive reaction to. Especially if the thing in question is a Spielberg movie? What better way to burnish your oh so superior sensibilities than to roll your eyes and complain that everything about the movie is “overrated?”

    I suspect this will be a good movie for people who are interested in history and politics, at least. Maybe it won’t be a blockbuster, but then it shouldn’t have to be.

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    I will be going to see this film, without the need of reading the smug responses posted by sad twitter twits.

  • Sam

    Haven’t seen the film so I can’t comment on whether it actually is boring, but it wouldn’t surprise me that people have this reaction since the vast majority don’t care about politics except when it comes to voting in an election every four years.

    Diatribe aside, Tommy Lee Jones would be a great President. More people would listen and believe what he has to say than either of the two terrible actors we have as candidates this year.

  • Hunter

    I will for sure see this, but definitely seeing Skyfall instead that weekend.

  • Hunter

    The weekend Lincoln comes out I will definitely be seeing Skyfall instead, but still want to see this eventually.

    • Hunter

      sorry didn’t mean to post twice

  • Bob

    Can’t wait to see this. Movie was praised by most so I’m happy about that. Obviously there’s those people that just don’t like artistic/historical films so they just get bored by it. Hope its great. I was hoping it would be Spielbergs modern masterpiece. Well I’ll just wait till I see it and decide I guess.

  • Vince

    I wonder how much Whoppi had to drink prior to sending out her tweets haha

  • Ezra Cubero

    I also attended the screening of Lincoln and I really liked it. I wouldn’t say I loved it, but the acting is so spectacular from everyone involved that all the problems about the slow pacing are forgiven. B+

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  • pam boyd

    Tommy Lee Jones is ALWAYS amazing…….so so versatile!!

  • alan

    No comment on the film–haven’t seen it and don’t trust the judgment of most people. However, If you have EVER listened to Whoopi Goldberg then you know she is a moron, a dolt, a ninny, and a boring, brobdingnagian ideologue with a Jewish name but no Jewish brains or talent. If anyone’s judgment can bring on a case of reactance in which I feel compelled to act in opposition to the judgment itself, then it is Whoopi Goldberg.

  • OP HIP

    —WHO asked for it? –needs it?

    And WHY with Sally Field? —again?