Watch the 2-Minute LINCOLN TV Spot That Followed the Debate

     October 3, 2012


If you watched the debate tonight and longed for a more electric presidential authority to beam through your television, DreamWorks was happy to oblige.  The studio released a new extended TV spot for Lincoln, Steven Spielberg‘s upcoming Abraham Lincoln biopic, to air directly after the presidential debate.  The spot opens like a campaign ad, interrupting black-and-white photos of political rallies and military triumph with inspirational sloganry.  (“For every dream, for every belief, for every freedom, there are those who unite us all.”)  But you will probably figure out this is pitching a movie by the time a Civil War still photo morphs into Civil War video footage.  There is a good deal of new footage not seen in the first trailer, and plenty more Daniel Day-Lewis nobly shouting if you want to better judge his Lincoln impression after the jump.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, David Oyelowo, Sally Field, Tommy Lee Jones, James Spader, John Hawkes, Michael Stuhlbarg, David Strathairn, Walton Goggins, Tim Blake Nelson, Bruce McGill, Jackie Earle Haley, Lee Pace and Jared Harris also star.  Lincoln opens on November 16.

Official synopsis:

Steven Spielberg directs two-time Academy Award® winner Daniel Day-Lewis in “Lincoln,” a revealing drama that focuses on the 16th President’s tumultuous final months in office. In a nation divided by war and the strong winds of change, Lincoln pursues a course of action designed to end the war, unite the country and abolish slavery. With the moral courage and fierce determination to succeed, his choices during this critical moment will change the fate of generations to come.


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  • Ryan

    Wonderful trailer….except for the music. It’s not an action thriller, it’s a historical drama.

    • Grayden

      I thought the music was dramatic, neither action-y or thrilling.

  • Reggie

    Daniel Day-Lewis brings his “A” game again from the looks of that trailer can’t wait to see this.

  • Roland Deschain

    Gave me goosebumps.

  • honest abe

    Looked super cheesy to me. I wish Spielberg would choose to direct a film that is morally complicated like he has in the past. Spreading that schmaltz on thick he is.

    • Jay

      Melodrama. Liberals eat that up like a fat kid eats Pinwheels. I bet there’ll be a scene where Lincoln cries and kisses a black baby, probably at once – The Academy would orgasm, then give Lewis a 4-foot Oscar and etch his name in the moon.

      • RIC


      • Dannyboy3030

        Delicious liberal pinwheels

      • 13steve13

        I know! Fuck black people right!?!?

      • Pocketses

        Yeah, all those liberals cannot wait to see this movie about a Republican president…

        Those fucking liberals. They just eat that shit up.

        I get that it’s a movie about a political figure, really, I do. But your rant wasn’t even about the politics…you just got yourself a little hard on for hating what you deem as “liberals” and wanted to be quippy about it.

        This, this right here, is why I hate politics. It causes people to be hateful, ignorant assholes. I’d rather take my own life in front of my family than vote in any form of election. I feel like that’d be a better contribution to this world than continuing to pursue the propaganda-based hatefest that is American politics.

        Or, just shut the **** up and watch the movie. Or don’t, who cares. Your $10 will probably be better spent on a lawyer to defend you in your impending hate-crime trial.

  • Jay

    Lincoln was kind of an intense dude. He threw down when it came to slavery, apparently.

    • Joseph Kastner

      Well, sort of. Slavery was used more as a political propaganda tool.

      • Diashi

        There ya go. It was more of an excuse he used to destroy state sovereignty.

  • JamDenTel

    The use of images of 20th/21st century events seems cheesy to me, and the music is TERRIBLE…the first trailer didn’t look that great to begin with, but this really has me hedging my bets.

  • J-rad

    Shouldn’t it say at the end, “I am Barrack Obama and I approve this message”? Too soon ?

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