Lisa Edelstein Not Returning for Season Eight of HOUSE

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Last month we found out that Fox had finally renewed House for an eighth season and series stars Robert Sean Leonard and Omar Epps had already signed on to reprise their roles as Wilson and Foreman respectively. Now Deadline has word that Lisa Edelstein, who plays Dr. Cuddy, hospital administrator and on-again-off-again love interest for Hugh Laurie’s Dr. Gregory House, will not be returning for the eighth season. I’ve already said the antics on the show this season were getting a little out of hand, and I was hoping for an end sooner or later, and with a big departure like this, I’m willing to bet next season will be the last. Honestly, I just don’t see where else House can go as a character without rehashing his drug addiction and depression again. Any fans worried about Edelstein’s departure?

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  • Larry Potter

    Why Olivia Wilde has still not left this television series?
    The series has some positive qualities but they are really dragging it on now. They should have made it shorter but better written and they would have been able to have ended by now. Hopefully they will conclude the series with the eighth season.

  • Edward Lee

    Uh … yeah, given Fox’s announcement for HOUSE’s renewal stated unequivocally that this would be HOUSE’s “eighth and final season,” I’m betting that next season will be HOUSE’s eighth and final season. Seriously … do you folks even READ the press releases before you put up your own “news”?

    • Ethan Anderton

      Actually, in looking at the press release, it doesn’t actually say final season anywhere in there, but some outlets have taken the liberty of assuming that it’s the final season.

      See the release again right here and see if you can find mention of this being the final season:

      • Me

        Wow I wonder if Edward Lee feels like an idiot yet? See what happens when you run off at the mouth like an idiot!!

  • Michelle

    I love this dam show and would be very sad to see it go and its cast!
    I do hope it continues, i look forward to it every Monday eve. I think they do a great job of keeping me thinking through the show, i dont get board with it at all.

  • The Train!

    i stopped watching when kutner killed himself. i understand the actor needed to leave, but i saw no reason for that. i tried to get back into the show after that but it just seems to have become so silly. so, to answer the question, i’m not worried about lisa e leaving because the show was already dead to me.

  • EverybodyLovesHugo

    I still enjoy House, Hugh Laurie still has enough charisma to carry it, and I am disappointed Lisa is leaving. If this is the last season, I think she could have pulled through it, but at least Huddy won’t have that sexual tension anymore lol.

    I was upset when Jennifer Morrison left the show in season six, but we survived without her. Plus, I think House is still married, maybe we’ll see more of her in the next season, lol.

  • Lob Taylor

    I love her character.She is awesome with House and is the only one who tries and succeeds in outwitting House. I wish the show goes on for as long as possible.There are not many good show out there and this is one of the few i bother to watch and keep up with

  • Zadoc Paet

    No more Cuddy, so what? The character had no depth and she’s not hot.
    Poll: What will happen with House without Lisa Edelstein a.k.a. Dr. Cuddy?
    My vote is that the show is better off. Good riddance!

  • broski

    Good, now the writers can finally start thinking about how to wrap up the show. It’s gone on for way too long.

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