Casting Call: Lloyd, Rhames, and Scheer Return for PIRANHA 3DD; Michael Kelly Joins CHRONICLE

     May 4, 2011


We have some quick casting stories for you this afternoon.  First up, The Weinstein Company has sent out a press release announcing that Christopher Lloyd, Ving Rhames, and Paul Scheer will return for Piranha 3DD. Their characters survived the first film, and like all good horror flick survivors, I’m sure they’ll offer some kind of cursory explanation of what’s happening, that explanation will be ignored until it’s too late, and then at least two out of the three survivors will be destroyed.  My money is on Rhames making it out alive.  The trio joins previously announced cast members Katrina Bowden, Gary Busey, Danielle Panabaker, David Koechner, Matt Bush, and Chris Zylka.  Piranha 3DD opens in 3D on November 23rd.

In other casting news, Variety reports that Michael Kelly (The Adjustment Bureau) has joined Dane DeHaan Michael B. Jordan, Alex Russell, and Ashley Hinshaw in Chronicle.  Kelly will play the father of one of three teenagers who get superpowers when they come into contact with a mysterious substance.  Josh Trank will make his feature directing debut from a script by Max Landis.  Chronicle is set for release on February 3, 2012.

  • Lorraine Goldstein

    I wish Ving Rhames would do more mainstream films. Same with Christopher Lloyd. Rhames has done so many straight to DVD films over the last few years. Does anyone know whether he is actually in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol after he demanded a $7.7 million fee for returning?

  • edmzen

    Uhhhhh Rhames died in the first one protecting the people fleeing onto the beach and Scheer’s death was shown on the deleted scenes, which I guess doesn’t technically count…

    OMG, what am I saying?! This is Hollywood; it doesn’t HAVE to make sense or have continuity…

  • Nawtnt

    I hope Piranha 3DD would been better than Piranha 3D now that three cast member are returning.

    I wish too that Ving Rhames would stop doing straight to DVD films and do more films that go to cinema and I hope he comes back for Mission Impossible 4.

    Most actors are starting to do shit straight to DVD movies like:
    Val Kilmer
    Vinnie Jones
    Cuba Gooding Jr.
    Luke Goss
    Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent (of course he is a shit actor but a good rapper)

    And now Bruce Willis is starting to work with 50 Cent in straight to DVD movies like Setup
    and the upcoming Fire With Fire come on Willis doesn’t need this, he is a action hero icon like Sylvester Stallone who return to form with action movies Rambo (2008) and Rocky

    Great Doc is back too.

    • Lorraine Goldstein

      Michael Madsen, Ron Perlman, Eric Roberts, Christian Slater, Steven Seagal, Jean Claude Van Damme, Wesley Snipes, Armand Assante, Michael Biehn, Cary Elwes too

  • Janett Thibaudeau

    I know your pain! I went through the same tracking down my michael Kelly. Just check or every few weeks or so. Michael Kelly products are fairly new, and still low production.

  • RickC

    I may have been pretty drunk when I watched Pirannha, but didn’t Ving Rhames get eaten up while out-board propelling a bunch of piranha like the guy from “Dead Alive”.

    I remember, because I was like, “OH NO, NOT VING!!!”

  • Ben R.

    Yea, im pretty sure Rhames died…As for the other guy (not Lloyd) he just fell off and vanished. But whatever, im still excited. :)

  • Brandon Avery

    Yea, Rhames died! WTH!!!

  • Ron

    Clu Gulager better have a role since his son is directing it. Good choices, Lorraine. I’d just add Michael Ironside to that list. It did look like Ving Rhames died in the previous film (or got mightily bitten up). I guess it’s like Michael Myers burning to a crisp at the end of “Halloween II” (1981) and returning in “Halloween 4″ (1988) with only some bandages laying in a hospital bed. Then again, Myers always had that supernatural ability to heal fast.

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