Tom Hiddleston Comments on the Idea of a Solo LOKI Movie; Says He’d Love to see Him Running a Nightclub on Earth in the 70s

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I think we can all agree Loki is one of the most popular characters in the Marvel movie universe thanks to Tom Hiddleston.  While the character could have been easily been a one-dimensional villain, Hiddleston has managed to make Loki someone you want to root for, even though he’s evil to his core.  It’s an incredible achievement and it explains why Loki has become a fan-favorite.

With his popularity since the first Thor movie, I’ve constantly heard fans talk about a solo Loki movie and privately wondered if it was a good idea.  After all, Loki is at his best when he’s playing off someone else like Thor or Tony Stark, delivering awesome one-liners that show his superiority and his disgust with the human race.  If he was the center of attention in his own film, could it work?  Earlier today, at the Thor: The Dark World junket in London, I decided to ask Hiddleston about it.  Hit the jump for what he had to say and let me know in the comments what you think about a solo Loki movie.


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  • Scurvy

    I don’t see why he couldn’t get a few One Shots of his own to see how it would shake out.

    I would love to see a ‘Loki through time’ series of One Shots where they can just pickup at various points in history where Loki is banished to Earth for a time by Odin.

    • Brian James

      Nah, in the MCU, nobody had a clue that Loki had this total rebellious streak until the events of Thor 1.


      • Scurvy

        Loki is a trickster is mischievous by nature historically. I don’t see why he couldn’t get sent to Earth for a period of time as punishment for acting out or doing something silly. Like being grounded.

      • Brian James

        Historically in the comics, and in the mythology, yes, but not in the MCU. It’s implied in the film that the Asgardians hadn’t been to earth since the war with the frost giants, and that Thor’s banishment was unprecedented.


    • Aisling

      I like the One Shot idea if they don’t do a film.

  • unsean

    Tom Hiddleston can’t be as classy, or as fun (have you seen his impression of Owen Wilson! Spot on!) as he appears in interviews. This guy has got to be one of the most polite, genuinely happy-to-be-here, guys ever.

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  • Lovecraftlives

    Tom is the man , and I look forward to seeing him as Loki in Thor Dark World. I keep getting the feeling that he might die in this film, but who knows. I hope not.

    • MEY

      A fantastic man he is, yes.
      I would like to discover a galaxy with him.

  • Brian James

    Well, I don’t know about a solo film, but I’d like to see him appear again for sure.


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  • Brian James

    Oh yeah? Did Odin conjure it into existence? You sure it wasn’t one of Loki’s illusions? Or maybe… just maybe… you are b u l l s h i t t i n g us!



  • Alex Hajna

    Notice his suggestion for a solo movie takes place in the past? AND he’s not in the Avengers 2 at all. AND that he said “…if that’s where it ends…”.

    I’m now 99% sure that Loki will die in Thor: The Dark World. It pooped in my mind when I saw the trailer. Then, when they announced he wouldn’t be in Avengers 2, I thought he probably dies. Now it seems pretty damn certain that he dies. I’m going to bet he sacrifices himself for the greater good. (Note: Thor’s “NOOOO!!!” in the trailer as he falls to his knees. Probably Loki’s death.)

    • Excpired

      Why would he be in Avengers 2 to begin with? It would be silly to have 2 Avengers films with Loki as a villain and him joining the Avengers is obsurd, it makes sense for him to be in Thor seeing as he is Thor’s brother. Now if we knew for certain he wouldn’t be in Thor 3 then I might buy it.

      Not saying he isn’t going to die but its a bit of a stretch.

      Also if Loki did die I’m sure they could come up with some twisted way that he returns, or maybe he doesn’t die but gets banished to some other world seeing as the villain is some kind of witch type dude. (Think Buffy season 2 w/ Angel).

      • Frailty Is A Gift

        just saw it. was lucky to catch a screening. It’s wicked fun probably on with the first I had high hopes it would surpass the first one but eh it was still a lot of fun. Dug it. Something big does happen… won’t say what it is… But I will say neither of you are on the right track.

      • Excpired

        In that case Thor’s girlfriend dies!

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  • Loki’sDiscoPhase

    Loki: Days of Gay Disco

  • Redzakuu

    I don’t want a Loki solo movie, or, at least, not one without Thor in it, too. I love Loki, mind, and I’m a fan of Tom’s, too, I love his work, but as he put it himself, “there is no Thor without Loki and there is no Loki without Thor”.

    I wouldn’t mind if there was a movie that showed a bit more of Loki’s POV, but I’d always want Thor to be in it as the right hand man, as the “side kick”.

    Mind, I wouldn’t want a Thor solo movie, either. Not without Loki. So much, in fact, that ever since it came out that Loki wouldn’t be in Avengers 2, I’m veeeery reticent if I even want to see it, because I just know they will butcher Thor’s character into a comic relief with no development whatsoever.

    Thor needs Loki. Loki needs Thor. They need each other to make sense and to be interesting. I don’t want to see one without the other.

    Besides, Tom and Chris started this together. If would be awful to see them go separate ways inside the franchise after everything they built together. They gave a life and depth to these characters that a lot of people sometimes overlook. To me, the Thor movies aren’t just the special effects or the humor or the heros and villains. It’s… actually rather character driven, I like to think, they give them a lot of story, and I love that.

    So yes, I want to see Loki and Thor many times more, but never apart.

    • Nerdgasm

      Thor is loyal and is a guard dog and the muscle never the comic relief. They have followed his comics the closest so even when he’s alone there’s no way he will become the comic relief since that would be a total 160 on the character which wouldn’t make sense… Loki not being there wouldn’t change Thor THAT much. Thor has other qualites and other things he brings. In the comics he’s a protector and holds the galaxy and the tree of life on his shoulders without asking help but in answering others pleas. I think you have your outlook very wrong. Thor could very well work without Loki… It’s Loki that can never work without Thor cause all of Loki’s motives are because of Thor. Everything that Thor does isn’t all because of his brother cause you ahve his allegiance to Earth, his allegiance to The Avengers and his love for Jane coupled with the fact that he never wants to do wrong by his father ever again but knows what it’s like to be human so sometimes he breaks rules just help save earth. He’s a very different character than Loki and saying he doesn’t work without loki is a slap in teh face to Hemsworth and the writers as well. Loki isn’t a one dimensional character but he is when it comes to motives of why cause 98% of the time its because eh wants to fuck Thor over. even when they are being kind toeachother.

  • Amber Kinion

    Loki could absolutely carry a movie on his own. I completely agree that he works so well delivering lines & playing off of others. But honestly he could play off of anyone, especially with Hiddleston portraying him. Loki is a layered character with a loaded past. He’s complicated, but also so simple with his mischieveous ways. I hope he has a future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, if not on his own, atleast sticking by Thor, friend or foe.

    • IronMan3isaMess

      Loki would be even more fabulous if he joined the Village People. We all know that’s what he’d be doing in the 70s.

      • LokitheFabulous

        Then again, the idea of him owning a gay club makes sense too.

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