THE LONE RANGER Set Photos and Video Show Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer in Practical Stunt Sequence

     September 28, 2012


We recently posted some set photos of Johnny Depp in costume as Tonto in Gore Verbinski’s The Lone Ranger; one of those photos featured a gently-used railroad caboose.  In a new batch of set photos, that railroad car is central to a practical stunt sequence that involves Depp and the Lone Ranger himself, Armie Hammer.  As a bonus, we’ve included a video that lets you see the duo in action during the stunt (sort of).  While no horses were involved in the train car stunt, we do have some shots of Depp and Hammer with their respective steeds.  Hit the jump to check them out. The Lone Ranger rides into theaters July 3rd, 2013. [Update: We've removed the unofficial images.]

Check out the video of the stunt sequence “in action,” followed by the stills below.  It’s hard to tell from the video and images, but Depp appears to be channeling Captain Jack Sparrow.  I have more faith in him than that, but we’ll see how his Tonto translates on screen.

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  • Keegan

    Looks like garbage. And if there have been as many production problems as have been reported, then we can expect nothing short of a shit mess as the end result

    • jamie f.

      Another Depp movie where we can all can sit back and claim how cutting edge and renegade he is. This will be the first time where Tonto is showcased and one-ups the Lone Ranger. Another movie where Depp upstages the lead – see also that horrid Alice in Wonderland movie where the Mad Hatter WAS practically the movie. This will be another flop like that bell end Dark Shadows.

      • BeanBag

        STFU, you idiot.

      • Norris

        Wow, haters. Get over it, go outside, then smile.

    • Sean

      It’s not garbage. The production problem with this movie that has already been fixed, which was the production budget of the movie.

    • rachel

      Shut up stupid! You don’t know nothing,..I think this movie gonna be great,and I support Johnny 4EVER!! Good luck for Gore and Johnny..i wish you the best!! =)

      • Sean

        Rachel, Do not call me stupid and don’t tell me to shut up ;), if that was me who that you were talking to. I think this movie is going to be great as well. I wasn’t one of the people on here who said that it was going to be stupid or bad or flunk. Yes, Good luck for Gore and Johnny on The Lone Ranger :) .

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  • bob

    Good to see an american star playing a native american character (for once) in a big budget movie.

    • Sugreev2001

      Johnny Depp is part-Cherokee

  • Tommy Girl

    It’s over Johnny. It’s over.

    • Sean

      No its not ;) .

    • rachel


  • Doug

    Yeah, kinda over Johnny Depp’s antics. Plus, the white-man/native American thing. He’s part Cherokee? What, like 1/16? How about someone with a more solid connection, or better yet, give up the old stereotypes. Time to put Tonto to sleep.

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  • Alexandra


  • Alexandra

    Haters please get a life.Instead of spreading hatred wherever you go.Go for a walk, start a hobby…

  • Matt

    Definitely going to be one of the worst films of the year.

    • Sean

      No one will know that until the box office results are released for this movie, once it has been about a week or so since its been in theaters and until the movie reviews are released for this movie.

    • Sean

      You say that now but watch and you’ll see, that It’ll end up being one of the biggest hits of 2013. I can already see that it’s going to be a pretty good and entertaining movie.

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