THE LONE RANGER Will Ride on May 31, 2013; New Dates for THOR 2 and PHINEAS AND FERB

     October 13, 2011


Disney’s The Lone Ranger was originally set for release on December 21, 2012, but extended negotiations over the budget delayed the start of production.  Now those negotiations have been settled, a lower budget has been agreed upon, and THR reports that Disney has now set the release date for May 31, 2013.  Gore Verbinski is still attached to direct, Jerry Bruckheimer will produce, and Johnny Depp will star as Tonto with Armie Hammer set as the eponymous ranger.

However, this new tentpole date has shifted around Disney’s other films.  Thor 2 was originally set for July 26, 2013, but will now try to own the Thanksgiving holiday weekend with a November 15, 2013 release.  Keep in mind that Disney-Marvel already has one superhero movie set for the summer with Iron Man 3 due out on May 3, 2013. Phineas and Ferb, the feature-film adaptation of the popular children’s show, has taken Thor 2‘s July 26th date.

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  • Dean

    Wait, so now i have to wait 4 months longer for Thor 2 because of some Johnny Depp Bullshit? Fuck sake.

    • taylar

      Dudee Johnny Depp is the best actor out right now, so yeah u have to wait a few extra months.. but it will be worth it.

      So just shut up and grow up.

  • Captain Jack

    Put the lone ranger in November, Johnny can sell any movie regardless of quality. But how dare you deprive me of my FUDGING summer super hero movie. I mean come the FUDGE on that totally messes up my system of giant popcorn movie in the summer giant pizza at home on DVD in the fall.

    Disney, this is why you are evil.

    • Sugreev2001

      Lol What are you,12 ? Does your Mommy take your 50 cent allowance and put it into her swear jar when you curse ?

      • captain jack

        Nope im 20 and just try to not swear that much (a hint would be that girls really don’t like it). What are you liike 37 obese and completely alone?

  • Grimcicle

    Disney is probably attributing Captain America’s under-performance at the box office to being released in the same season as Thor. No doubt they pushed Thor 2 out of the summer to avoid its box office numbers being cannibalized by Iron Man 3.

  • Linda

    Problem, Marvel fans? *trollface*
    But I really am excited about the Phineas and Ferb movie. I’m a huge fan of the show, and since Dan and Swampy are involved in the movie, I know it’ll be good (:

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  • Taylor Sierra Middlerfield

    and to make things even worse the wolverine has taken phineas and ferbs old release date.