Are the Extended Editions of LORD OF THE RINGS Coming to Blu-ray This Year?

     January 14, 2011


Some folks last year were dismayed that Warner Bros released no-frills, theatrical-version-only Blu-rays for Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy.  They complained they were being ripped off by a product no one was forcing them to buy.  But with The Hobbit finally moving forward and Warner Bros. wanting to put Middle-Earth back in the minds of audiences, it looks like the Extended Editions might be on the way.  The Digital Bits reports that they have sources at Warner Home Video and New Line Cinema saying that Warner Bros. is planning to release The Lord of the Rings Trilogy: Extended Editions on Blu-ray this year.  It’s currently unknown whether these editions will have new special features or if Peter Jackson will oversee the transfers.  If I had to guess, I would say these Blu-rays will have the same special features as the DVDs and if we’re getting more LOTR special features, it probably won’t be until there’s an “Ultimate” set which also includes The Hobbit.

The Digital Bits says to expect an announcement on the Extended Edition Blu-rays in the next several weeks along with an Blu-ray announcement for Stanley Kubrick’s Lolita and Barry Lyndon.

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  • Phoenix

    Please let this be true!

  • Enonumus

    New Line has taken a vicious beating with their decision to double dip with the LOTR Blu-Rays following the same practice with the DVDs. It was understandable with the DVDs, as they wanted to get a DVD set of each film to market as soon as possible after each film, and of course it took additional time to create the extended editions. However, it’s been obvious for several years now that the fans OVERWHELMINGLY prefer the extended editions, by a factor of roughly 10 to 1. So much so in fact that the LOTR theatrical edition Blu-Ray set on Amazon has a 1 star rating, and absolutely horrific reviews for what those same fans agree is a 5 star movie. The consensus was clear many months before the theatrical Blu-Rays were released… the fans were NOT going to be duped into double dipping AGAIN for a Blu-Ray edition they weren’t the least bit interested in.

    Although it appears that the extended edition Blu-Ray trilogy have been slated for release to coincide with the 2011 release of The Hobbit, I wouldn’t be surprised if they stepped up the release to an earlier 2011 date as a result of the atrocious theatrical Blu-Ray sales. Of course a little bit of that might be wishful thinking, but I truly wouldn’t be surprised. Needless to say, I’m holding out for the extended Blu-Rays like everyone else, and I’m content to watch the extended DVDs and skip the theatrical Blu-Rays until that happens. Let’s just all hope that’s sooner than later.

  • aaronsullivan

    I think there won’t be more extras because… what else IS there? The extras on the extended editions are beyond exhaustive. If they were in HD that would be a nice bonus as there’s some artwork and behind the scenes bigatures and things that would be great to see more clearly.

    Maybe we can get a Hobbit preview/promo. I’d like that.

    As for releasing both editions separately? I’m fine with that. I don’t have time to watch the extended editions often even though I greatly prefer them, overall. The theatrical editions are important and trying to make a branching version would be sort of crazy given the extensive differences in the editions. It might even effect the bit rates or lead to more disc swapping. Keep them separate, thank you.

    I picked up all 3 for $24 total on Black Friday at Target.

    Enonumus: Perhaps you’ve heard the term vocal minority. It applies here.

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