Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura Talks TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION, Dinobots, What Mark Wahlberg Added to the Story, Sequels, and More

     July 4, 2014


The day after the world premiere of Transformers: Age of Extinction in Hong Kong, I landed an awesome extended video interview with producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura.  Since the franchise launched in 2007, he’s produced all the films along with projects like G.I. JoeRedSide Effects,Stardust, and many more.  While we already posted what he had to say about Joe Carnahan’s Five Against a Bullet, G.I. Joe 3, David S. Goyer’s The Breach, the possibility of a Transformers/G.I. Joe crossover movie, and the Dead Rising digital series, it’s finally time for what he had to say about making Age of Extinction.

During the interview he talked about how the story came together for the film, how and why they finally brought in the dinobots, the way they work with Hasbro, how breaking the story led to introducing a new kind of character to the Transformers movie mythology, where the film could go in future sequels, how adding a legitimate action star in Mark Wahlberg changed the dynamic of the human component of the story, and more.  Hit the jump to watch and make sure to see Transformers: Age of Extinction in IMAX 3D if you have the option.  The film will take up the full IMAX frame about 60% of the time and the 3D is great.

Lorenzo di Bonaventura:

  • They centered the story on the “age of extinction” early in the process.  The details around that premise, including dinobots, evolved from there.
  • 2:20 – Buenaventura admires how the folks from Hasbro remain diehard fans of the property.
  • 3:50 – Talks about how breaking the story led to introducing a new kind of character to the Transformers movie mythology.
  • 5:10 – Talk about where the story could go from here in possible sequels.
  • 7:00 – Adding a legitimate action star in Wahlberg changes the dynamic of the human component of the story.

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  • Neo Racer

    Are they seriously talking about a story here, like it mattered?! The balls…

    • MichaelRWorthingon

      Yes I had the same thought. It’s funny all the B.S. they shovel out there when promoting a film.

      But the dumb people who pay to see these Transformers movies probably eat it all up. And people with IQs under 90 deserve to have movies made for them too, so they can enjoy and nothing wrong with that.

      • Cory Dorsey


        Are you like this with everything that you don’t agree with, or just specifically Transformers? Oh, and you obviously didn’t bother watching if you don’t think there’s an overarching storyline going on here, or just too stupid to be able to find one. Kinda makes your “low IQ” comment rather ironic…

        But yeah, we get it. It’s the trendy thing to be a Bay hater.

      • MichaelRWorthingon

        So you think there is no link at all between what kind of movies people like and their average IQ? So the avg IQ of who goes to see the latest Adam Sandler movie is the same as those who go see some arthouse foreign film?

        Nope, not the case…and I don’t hate Bay…he is just feeding low IQ people what they want. You can blame them (and you) for these terrible Transformer movies…not Michael Bay.

        And I can only hope that 97% of the people who love these films are little kids. They get a pass on liking dumb movies.. I liked plenty of similar as a 10 y/o as well. But I pity any adults who really love them.

      • Cory Dorsey

        As a fan of Von Trier, Kubrick, Jodorowsky, and Tarkovsky, I can honestly sit back and enjoy a silly Transformers film.

        Why is this so hard to grasp?

      • MichaelRWorthingon

        because you are showing your lack of intelligence, believing the world revolves around you. That’s why. I said “average” IQ, genius.

      • Cory Dorsey

        I’m just saying I enjoy all kinds of film, and I find it stupid to berate someone for liking something you don’t. Where are you pulling this “world revolves around you” crap from?

        Your failed attempts at condescension are ironically making no logical sense. Do you feel the same way about other things you don’t like? “Well, it’s obviously ‘beneath me’, so you’re an idiot for liking it”.

        THAT is acting like the world revolves around you. Why can’t you just agree that other people like things you may disagree with without berating them? Are you capable of doing so?

        If not, you have a serious mental issue.

      • MichaelRWorthingon

        Make up your mind. I’m not interested in wherever you want the conversation to go. I stated something that was logically correct and factual and you disagreed with it and said that because you, one person, like a lot of good films, that was I said was incorrect. You were wrong and you are wrong.

        Enjoy going off on whatever tangents, you want but it’s a bore and I’m not interested.

      • Cory Dorsey

        I was using myself as an example to the contrary. You just threw around insults regarding how the average person who” goes to see the latest Adam Sandler movie is the same as those who go see some arthouse foreign film”

        “and said that because you, one person, like a lot of good films, that was I said was incorrect.”

        Now, you’re contradicting yourself. You’re suggesting that I am not the “average person”, but you’re still insulting my intelligence, and saying I’m of low IQ, putting me in the same category of the people you mentioned before.

        Your retort defies logic. You say I’m the exception to the rule, but then lump me in with the rule.

        “but it’s a bore and I’m not interested” Your continued replies suggest otherwise.

      • MichaelRWorthingon

        I know what you said. I don’t care what you meant. I’m not here to help you figure what you really think.

      • Cory Dorsey

        “I don’t care what you meant” So, you’re basically trolling. Gotcha.

      • agooseontheloose

        Man…seriously, shut up!

      • Theseus

        Such self righteous and condescending banter. Incredibly ignorant for such an ‘intelligent’ individual. How does it personally affect YOU, that ‘dumb people who pay to see…’ enjoy these movies? Why did you read the ‘drivel’? What does your hate add to your life? Your desire to validate this hate with a public opinion wielded as fact was too great to overcome? Why/how countless strangers around the world enjoy what they do (in this case a movie about alien robots that transform) must align with YOUR personal beliefs or criteria? You clearly fail to see that your very own disdain for those with differing tastes/opinions/ ‘the dumb’ only reflects upon you in an unflattering manner, rather than solidifying your assertion. In essence, your personal beliefs override all else, and you must marginalize the world around you to know where you stand among them: “they like what I hate, therefore they are stupid”. Utterly sad way of approaching life.

      • MichaelRWorthingon

        That’s funny how you see stating facts as “hate”. You are projecting your own self hatred for having relatively low intelligence. And nothing shameful about having a low IQ but doesn’t change the fact that half the population has below average intelligence…and that a whole lot of them love these Transformers films.

        Nothing I said in my post was remotely hateful….it was perhaps not polite to lie to protect others’ feelings, but it was all spot on. You only hate the truth.

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  • james

    Movie was awesome. Loved it.

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