First Trailer for LOST BOYS 3, aka LOST BOYS: THE THIRST, Hits The Web

     May 28, 2010


The only thing that could be worse than Lost Boys 2, aka Lost Boys: The Tribe would be a sequel to it. Well, avert your eyes, a trailer for Lost Boys: The Thirst has just hit the internet.

This second direct to DVD sequel using the title and characters from the classic 1987 film will be out this fall and featuring Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander reprising their roles as Edgar and Alan Frog, the Frog Brothers. In The Thirst, the brothers are the only two people who can stop a new vampire cult from spreading a drug that will turn the rest of us into blood suckers.

Check out the trailer after the jump and try not to cry when they use the song “Cry Little Sister.”



  • Bob

    I want my minute and 26 seconds back.

  • satan

    haha never gonna happen dude

  • [A]

    what's the reference..? I see an asterisk up there..

  • junierizzle


    Well, its nice to see Jamison Newlander agian, right??

  • [A]

    and now it's gone X)

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  • diogo02000

    All the trailer looks year-light better them The Tribe,but a trailer isnt a movie,soo i wait,with good expectations

  • Glenh75

    I can't wait! Looks badass!

  • Bubba

    I've seen the movie in a work-in-progress copy, lacking some effects and color correction – can't say where and when, sorry – and believe me, it DOES kick ass. Nothing to do with The Tribe, Dario Piana is a great director and brought us back to the best 80's action horror. Still, it's a matter of taste: fans of New Moon, please don't watch this movie.

  • Gabonzo

    If you don't have time to waste, stop browsing the internet and get back to work!