LOST Co-Creator Carlton Cuse and Writer Adam Horowitz Video Interview (2010 Saturn Awards)

     July 4, 2010

LOST Co-Creator Carlton Cuse and Co-Executive Producer and Writer Adam Horowitz slice

For my final interview from this year’s Saturn Awards, I saved one for all you fans of Lost.  That’s because hanging out backstage after the show was Lost co-creator Carlton Cuse and co-executive producer and writer Adam Horowitz.  Even though they had been talking for awhile and I missed out on some of the interview, I did manage to ask if the big Lost DVD/Blu-ray box set arriving next month is really the final one and I also asked why wasn’t writer Bryan K. Vaughn involved in the final season.  It’s been a big mystery among the fans.  I also asked the question everyone has been wondering: is it too soon to ask Cuse and Damon Lindelof to do another TV show!

Finally, in case you weren’t aware, on the big DVD/Blu-ray box set is a 12 minute coda  to the series. Cuse talks about what you can expect.   If you’re a fan of Lost, this is a must watch interview.  Hit the jump to check it out and I really hope you’ve enjoyed all the video interviews I managed to land at this year’s Saturn Awards.

LOST Co-Creator Carlton Cuse and Writer Adam Horowitz

  • I came in late…
  • Cuse talks about what’s coming on the DVD Box Set
  • Cuse talks about how they thought they answered things but for some people it wasn’t enough
  • 1:20 – He was asked do Hurley and Michael feature in the sequence coming on the DVD. Cuse says it features several stars of the show
  • 1:55 – Horowitz is asked about Tron: Legacy
  • 2:50 – I ask if it’s too soon to ask him and Damon Lindelof to do another TV show
  • 3:20 – Is the big box set coming this summer the final one or do they have more footage and extras that could eventually go into another box set.  Cuse says “everything is in it.”
  • 4:10 – I mention how much I loved the finale and I ask if fans have been coming up to them and telling them how much they enjoyed the show and the finale
  • 4:45 – I ask why wasn’t Bryan K. Vaughn involved in the final season



  • colin

    i still hope to see LOST related stuff on the sites i visit. and sometimes, it still comes true. nice interview

  • Green Bastard

    I hope to never see anything these Cop-out kings do ever again! What a kick in the teeth that finali was! So many opportunities throughout the final season to answer many burning questions, and instead they turned it into a jumbled mess of new questions and left so many unnanswered stuff, and instead gave us a ridiculous Bobby Ewing style answer that basically meant all those years of watching it boiled down to one thing, NONE of what we saw even mattered!

    My favorite TV show ever made turned into my worst over night!

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  • http://twitter.com/carpediem1991 Oscar Rodríguez

    Why didn't it matter?

  • MonsterKilledThePilot

    Awesome interview!

  • Trekscribbler

    The finale of LOST was, largely, a creative mistake, proving as many had predicted, that the premise was essentially flawed from the beginning.

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  • Lt. Ripley

    Cuse is not a Lost co-creator you fucking inept moron. Man, this place just sucks with shitty journalism. Also, there were no, I repeat NO, unanswered questions that were integral to the plot/character development so you guys complaining about that are stupid.

  • Malaguy

    He just thinks it didn't matter, because he didn't get it.