First Clip from Ryan Gosling’s LOST RIVER Featuring Matt Smith

     May 19, 2014


Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut will make its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival shortly, but today the first Lost River clip has landed online to give the rest of us an idea of what to expect from the ambitious feature.  The answer, apparently, is something weird and slightly hypnotic.  The film, previously titled How to Catch a Monster, weaves elements of fantasy noir and suspense, and centers on a single mother of two and her teenage son who stumble upon a road leading to an underwater town.  This debut clip doesn’t have any dialogue but features a scene that involves Matt Smith (Doctor Who) and Iain De Caestecker (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), and Gosling wasn’t lying when he said his style was a mix between Nicolas Winding Refn and Derek Cianfrance.

Hit the jump to check out the Lost River clip for yourself.  The film also stars Christina Hendricks, Ben Mendelsohn, Eva Mendes, and Saoirse Ronan.

Watch the Lost River clip below, via The Playlist.


  • Mike

    I have no idea what to make of that

  • Mike

    I have no idea what to make of that

  • DNAsplitter

    I’m normally a huge fan of Gosling, I even semi-enjoyed Only God Forgives as I thought it was still a beautifully filmed movie but with little to no substance nor character development, but this seems like he wants to mimic Refn’s style and that is something that cannot easily be done. I hope it’s just the cut of the trailer and not how the movie is going to be or else this will be 2 years in a row that Gosling will be finding himself getting boos at Cannes for a movie of style over substance. It’s a hard line to walk – you either get it right (Drive, Pusher, Bronson, Valhalla Rising) or you don’t (Only God Forgives, Fear X, & Pusher sequels).

    • OHlawdddddyyyyLAWWWWWWD

      Love Drive, VR was interesting, hated OGF. Related to Cianfrance, I enjoyed Place Beyond the Pines. Big fan of gosling but this clip didn’t look too promising. That muscles dance was ridiculous, and not in a good way. Granted its just a clip so it means little. I’m hoping gosling pulls it all together. Just worries me after forcing myself to finish OGF, god that movie was awful. Don’t know what the hell NWR was thinking. Really shook my faith in him, which is weird because Drive is one of my favorite films.

      • Mike

        Pusher is one of the first movies I saw where the word “perfect” came into mind to describe it. Not sure if I actually think it’s perfect but it’s very close. Absolutely natural progression of events.

      • OHlawdddddyyyyLAWWWWWWD

        I’ll definitely have to check that out then, I knew about it but just haven’t gotten around to watching it yet.

  • bidi

    i don’t… i don’t know what that was… but i suddenly have an overwhelming urge to look at Matt Smith’s muscles

  • Kota Lancaster

    I’m totally on board with this.

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  • Hey…HEY!

    This reminds me of all the wannabe auteurs and their student films back in college. Less is more, Numbnuts. And leave out all the tricks.

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  • Bo

    There is absolutely nothing, I mean nothing, in this footage that would make me want to see this film. In fact, I smell pretentious arrogance from it. Why would a filmmaker want this bit of silliness and meaningless footage out there for people to view? I could be wrong, but I would think the majority of people that will view this clip won’t be anxious to see the movie. Beats me! I am interested in what the reaction will be coming out of Cannes, not that that means much. Map of the Stars was booed and because it’s Egoyan’s film and what I’ve read about it I’ll still go see it. But this? I just wonder what Gosling’s intentions were in releasing this bit of uninteresting and stupid footage.

    • Guest

      Tree of Life won the Palme d’Or and that was the most pretentious BS I have ever seen. Don’t count on Cannes having great judgement on movies.

      • Anne

        I can’t fathom comparing this amateurish piece of footage with something as ambitious and quietly beautiful as The Tree of Life. Terrence Malick was a little indulgent, but his film was substantial and mature. Lost River would have to make an astounding leap to go from this teaser to something like that. This teaser was not well cut and tells me nothing.

      • Bo

        Yes, I agree with you on both counts as Tree of Life did miss the mark and was naive pretenious BS…lol…however, you may have misunderstood me and that is my fault. I give no credence to the reaction at Cannes or any other critics, but I am always interested in what their reactions are and what critics write before a film hits the marketplace. One can at least get some kind of barometer of films this way no matter what reactions and opinions are. Jeez, did I clarify my interest or just muck up the waters even more?…lol…

      • Guest

        I agree with you that it’s interesting to see and hear what opinions come out of Cannes. IIRC there was quite some controversy after the Tree of Life win. Even Sean Penn distanced himself from the movie after he saw it. Good thing about it is that these days no respected critic will approach a Malick movie with that naivete anymore.You can fool people once but doing it over and over again won’t work.

      • Bo

        Well, you might be right. I think audiences aren’t fooled anymore by Malick’s films; the critics still think he’s the second coming or so it seems. We’ll see when his next film comes out how the critics behave.

    • Dylan

      Map To The Stars is Cronenberg, Egoyan’s is The Captive.

      • Bo

        You are absolutely correct and I stand corrected. Thanks for pointing that out to me.

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  • Yurine


  • Guest

    Looks stupid