LOUIE Won’t Return Until 2014

     October 9, 2012


It appears that Louis C.K. is taking the Larry David route with his very popular (and brilliant) TV series Louie.  FX announced today that the comedian will take an extended hiatus, with the fourth season not expected to air until Spring 2014.  This comes just a couple of weeks after the show’s season three finale capped off a wonderfully strange string of episodes that saw fantastic guest turns by the likes of David Lynch, Amy Poehler, Parker Posey, Jerry Seinfeld, and Chris Rock.  Here’s what C.K. had to say about the decision to take some time off:

“I want the show to keep getting better, I want season 4 to go somewhere new.”

Hit the jump for more details about the decision and a timetable for season four’s schedule.

louie-season-4Per The Wrap, the decision to take some extra time between seasons came from C.K. himself.  The creator/star/writer/director/producer/editor of the series said that he thinks of Louie’s first three seasons as a trilogy, “and hopes to begin a new story with the fourth.”  The Late Show arc of season three was a stroke of brilliance and saw C.K. bring his character to new heights.  There is literally no other show like Louie and I look forward to seeing what C.K. brings to the series after taking a short breather.  The extended hiatus model mirrors Larry David’s routine with his HBO comedy series Curb Your Enthusiasm, and that’s panned out pretty well.

The longer break will allow C.K. to have more time to shoot and edit the series in addition to focusing on standup.  He plans on beginning production on season four in September or October of 2013 in anticipation of a May 2014 premiere, allowing him to completely finish the season before he has to start promoting the premiere.

There will also be a slight change behind the scenes next season.  After handling editing duties himself on the first two seasons, C.K. brought in Woody Allen’s editor Susan E. Morse to pitch in on season three.  He took over the editing duties when Morse’s husband died, and now says he’s learned that he has to edit the show himself, so he’ll presumably be editing all of season four on his own.



  • Stinky

    I don’t have a problem with the choice.

    However… the next big thing could hit TV and Louie might be old news by ’14.

  • woodyland

    You’re freakin’ kidding me, a 19 month layoff?! Louie, you’re killin’ me here. I just want to say while the Late Show spin was brilliant, the episode I brag about & turn folks onto is scene II from Pregnant, Season II. I’m tellin’ ya, after I watched it the 1st time I immediately rewound it to watch it again. That was absolutely the creme de la creme, Louie. Please folks, no spoilers if commenting on “Pregnant”. Thanks for a great show Louie & hope to see you when you’re back in Los Angeles. Peace out

  • VicManMan

    This show is absolutely brilliant. Hopefully Louie gives us another stand up special in between t tide over fans. He averages one per year (which is NUTS).

  • PJ

    This man is so busy with his craft that I’m not surprised that he needs/wants a break. After watching the first two seasons at one of my co-worker’s house from DISH, I was hooked to this show. When season three began, I started recording all the new episodes to my Hopper, and now that I know that I’m going to have to wait until 2014 for another new episode, I’m glad I did. I have them all saved in a tidy folder that’s easy to manage, and one that I’m sure I’ll visit often since I love this show!

    • Anonymous

      Kinda sounds like an ad for Dish…

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