Isaiah Mustafa Campaigns for LUKE CAGE with Fake Teaser Trailer

     May 31, 2011


I don’t envy Isaiah Mustafa.  Okay, well I envy his physique and comic timing, but I don’t envy his struggle to break out of his breakthrough role as “The Old Spice Guy”.  Going from pitchman to serious actor is a leap for audiences and they’ll have to be acclimated to him becoming more than just the man your man could smell like.  Mustafa has been doing good work in raising his profile by grabbing guest spots in Hot in Cleveland, Chuck, and NCIS, a supporting role in Madea’s Big Happy Family, and he’ll also be co-starring in Horrible Bosses this summer.  But these roles all pale in comparison to the one Mustafa really wants: Luke Cage.  Mustafa has created a fake teaser trailer for the character and even did an amusing sketch for where his head was superimposed on a Luke Cage action figure.  Hit the jump to check out the videos along with more details on Luke Cage.

luke-cage-comics-01For those not familiar with the character, he’s an African-American superhero in Marvel’s roster who was wrongly sent to prison and in order to get early parole, he submitted himself to an experiment that gave him superhuman strength and impervious skin.  He frequently teamed up with fellow black superhero Iron Fist (who also has a movie churning through early development) to fight crime.

While Marvel’s Luke Cage currently has no screenwriter attached, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has stated his love for the character.    Even though Marvel is going big with The Avengers, they shouldn’t forget their second- and third-tier characters, especially one like Luke Cage who wouldn’t necessarily demand a monster budget.

The question is whether or not Mustafa can seriously get into contention for the role.  Back in October, Idris Elba said he was circling the role as well as a reboot of Blade.  Also, as you may recall, Thomas Jane campaigned for Jonah Hex, but that role ended up going to Josh Brolin.  But sometimes if there’s fan support, it can boost an actor’s chances, which was the official story when it came to fans rooting for Jackie Earle Haley to play Freddy Krueger in the Nightmare on Elm Street reboot.  I don’t know how much of a shot Mustafa has at Luke Cage or even how seriously Marvel is taking the project, but I definitely would like to see more black superheroes and Mustafa certainly has the charisma to at least be worthy of consideration for larger roles.

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  • cM

    Regarding African-American superheroes, Black Panther seems to be an obvious choice. I wasn’t acquainted with the character until I watched the excellent Marvel Knights animated series on Netflix.

  • Steve

    Iron Fist is not black…and never has been.

  • Brian

    Dude…Iron Fist is TRAGICALLY white! LOL

  • Salfie

    Chiwetel Ejiofor would be great as T’Challa/Black Panther if they ever made that movie. I’m not really feeling this “trailer” but maybe that’s because in the comics Luke Cage is like ridiculously huge. Isaiah Mustafa could be a great choice but despite how ripped he is he probably still needs more mass to pull off the character and a ton of “Shaft” like dialog.

    • Brian


  • Ethan

    Michael Jai White is who I always envisioned for Luke Cage but Mustafa would be great as well for him or black panther.

    • Jay-Me-Dee

      Agreed 100%. I think he’d be better as Black Panther….but this little teaser was convincing as hell and I’d see a Luke Cage film with him in the title role.

  • Sam

    I think Mustafa definitely belongs in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but I don’t think Luke Cage is the role for him. He could make a good Black Panther (although Chiwetel Ejiofor is my first pick for him as well), but he could also pull off The Falcon or Goliath well. Mustafa would be my second choice for Cage, nobody is better suited for this role than the other Old Spice Guy, Terry Crews.

  • ringbearer1420

    Michael Jai “Mother f*&(ing” White.

  • nawtnt

    Awful teaser trailer, Terry Crews or Michael Jai White would be great choices for Luke Cage.

  • Cordell

    Michael Jai White or Terry Crews….Michael is the better actor so I think he would be a better fit for Luke Cage.

  • mC ATTAck

    The Marvel video was cool but the fake teaser was so lame that only prove that his not a good choice for the role.

  • Griffhor14

    He (Mustafa) should definitely play Black Panther and maybe Marvel should think twice about having a Luke Cage and an Iron Fist movie. Those two play off of each other so well that they should just jump straight to a Heroes for Hire movie, now that I would like to see.

  • Lob Taylor

    I like the dude but he’s so not big enough. and he’s got ass like a lady….which is not seeming in a super hero.

  • WTF

    Terry Crews is a beast…I say give him the limelight. The man is a hard-working actor.

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