Lynne Ramsey Abruptly Drops Out of Directing JANE GOT A GUN by Not Showing Up for the First Day of Filming

     March 19, 2013


A rather unfortunate situation has arisen on the promising drama Jane Got a Gun.  The Western drama has a Black List script by Brian Duffield and an outstanding cast that includes Natalie Portman, Joel Edgerton, and Jude Law, and production was set to begin yesterday with We Need to Talk About Kevin director Lynne Ramsay at the helm.  However, it appears that Ramsay has decided to announce her dropping out of the project by simply not showing up to set on what was to be the first day of filming.  Hit the jump for more on this supremely disappointing news.

lynne-ramsay-jane-got-a-gunJane Got a Gun follows good girl Jane (Portman), who runs away from her outlaw husband (Law) and teams up with an old flame (Edgerton) to protect her family.  A bit of drama took place last week, when Michael Fassbender was forced to drop out of the project due to filming on X-Men: Days of Future Past being pushed back and conflicting with his Jane dates.  Fassbender was set to play the male lead role of Jane’s old flame while Edgerton was signed on to tackle the outlaw husband role, but Edgerton subsequently moved into the part that Fassbender vacated while Law signed on to play the villain.

It seemed like everything was ready to roll, but Deadline reports that Ramsay shockingly failed to show up for the first day of production in Santa Fe, announcing her departure from the film.  I found We Need to Talk About Kevin to be one of the best films of 2011, but this sounds like an incredibly unprofessional move on Ramsay’s part.  Granted we don’t know the whole story, but it seems like Ramsay could’ve found a better way to depart the film that didn’t involve leaving her crew and actors hanging on a set without a director.

Ramsay has a pay or play deal, which means that she gets paid her director fee whether the film actually gets made or not.  Producer Scott Steindorff tells Deadline that he’s committed to keeping the project on track as “directors are flying in and a replacement is imminent.”  The crew will continue to show up for work and production isn’t being halted just yet, with the actors simply rehearsing scenes in lieu of a director available to actually roll film.  It’s worth noting that Portman is also a producer on the drama, so the actress has quite a bit invested in the production.  Hopefully things can get back on track soon, as Jane Got a Gun seems like one of the more promising films currently in development.


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  • Norrtron

    Time for Portman to step up and make her directorial debut.

    • Anonymous

      true dat

    • Anonymous

      Motion supported.

    • Strong Enough

      I disagree

  • Nihilus

    Not even Brett Ratner would be so cold….

    • Vinquus

      No – Rattner always shows up, that’s the problem.

  • monsieurennui

    I’ll reserve judgment until the real story comes out, but I do hope her reasons for such a seemingly unprofessional move are valid. I don’t believe it matters who you are, or what you do, to do a no show is pretty hardcore. I’ve done everything from work construction, to direct fairly grown up budget music vids etc, and whether carrying a shovel or a camera, you just man the f&*k up and go to work.

    That said, there could be a reason, so I guess we’ll have to wait. A real shame as a genuinely interesting looking and sounding project.

  • Keyvon

    Is this the director that Portman left Thor 2 for? I remember there was talk that Portman didn’t want to return to Thor because they didn’t pick a director she was vouching.

    Whatever the case, I will be waiting to see how the story unfolds before making any judgements: I’m still kinda confused by the wording in the article: did she announce her dropping out by the act of not showing up, or did she not show up and later announce she dropped out? I’d find the first one kind of odd… yes, as a director in a multi-million dollar movie you gotta show up to work, but I’d find it weird that they would straight up dismiss her from the project for a one day postponement. Or maybe they would… I don’t really know how Hollywood works.

    • Brian

      I believe the director you are thinking of is Patty Jenkins(sp?)… but I could be mistaken.

    • The Destroyer

      Portman didn’t drop out of Thor: The Dark World, she is still in it.

  • Helen

    It seems like the director didn’t like the change in the casts at the end. You really think Micheal Fassbender dropped out of the male lead of this movie for the support role in X-Men. I bet he didn’t like to work with Natalie Portman in Malick Project.

    • Marco

      Well if they have him under contract he kind of has to make himself available to do the movie.
      Regardless of what type of role it is.

    • Jane

      Of course you would blame it on Portman. Have never hear a bad word sad about working with her in the past. Always heard very professional and hard working.

  • john

    I hope there is more to the story. Either there was a massive lack of communication, or the director was extremely unprofessional.

    If this story is true, I don’t know why these directors feel they can just not show up for work with a cast/crew depending on them. Few are so lucky to be able to make a film with this caliber of actors, to be a no-show is to waste a massive opportunity.

  • Walter

    Yep, she’s probably never working on a high profile movie again. Good job screwing up a career that was really starting to blossom! That was really unprofessional of her.

  • Don

    Female director had her period, figures.

  • Jack

    Wow… they should make her pay for all the costs of getting the crew and equipment together what an unprofessional move. She should definitely be black listed. Shes working a job that thousands of kids dream about and she blows it like that?

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