Reporter Puts M. Night Shyamalan on the Spot About His Career and THE LAST AIRBENDER

     July 19, 2010

For the amount of people who trounced M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender, very few had the guts and/or the chance to talk to him about it to his face.  There’s now a video from a foreign press conference (it’s labeled Mexico City but Shyamalan says he’s in France so who knows) where one ballsy reporter asked him if he was making films more commercial now because the audience had lost faith in him as a filmmaker.

I think if I thought like you I’d kill myself. Everything you said is the opposite of my instinct as an artist. The way you just thought, I literally would kill myself,” Shyamalan said.  And that’s just the start of a near 3 minute answer. Check it out after the jump.

Video via Geeks of Doom:

The video and Shyamalan’s response obviously speak for themselves but there are a few things to point out. First, as bad as we think most of Shyamalan’s recent movies have been, he has the utmost confidence in them. Second, he doesn’t mention The Happening. Third, Jackson Rathbone’s reactions, both with his face and mouth, are hilarious. I’m sure he and his sister have had MANY heated arguments about which of Shyamalan’s films are their favorites, The Village or Lady in the Water. Fourth, if what Shyamalan says is true, he should start opening his movies in Europe first because the way he makes it sound, only America doesn’t get what he’s trying to do.

What do you guys think? Is he delusional? Narcissistic? Or just super defensive? I can’t figure it out.

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  • Gavin

    He mentions The Happening. He says they're teaching a class on it in England. Presumably that class is entitled “How to Make an Abomination of a Movie”. It's a pity more journalists don't have the balls to call it like this French lady.

    • Aquariasm

      Read my above comment, cretin.

  • Jacob

    Ugh. I felt bad for him before, and thought he had just had hit a bad point, but now I see that he's truly clueless and arrogant.

  • sense11

    WOW, he is such a fucking asshole. He really has no clue about why people criticize his movies and he shows no indication that he is willing to change in any way to make them better.

    In my opinion his main problem is his writing, if he just worked with pre-written scripts and just concentrated on directing, he could once again make amazing movies. But a sign of a truly stupid person is the inability to learn from mistakes, he seems to be that type of person.

    • Aquariasm

      Read my above comments, too, cretin.

  • jonniechang

    completely and utterly delusional.

  • Monty

    Rathbone is so cheesy.

  • felipe.

    she's NOT french!!! listen to her! there's a HUGE difference on how is the sound of french and spanish!! you short-minded americans never get these things right, you think you're the center of the world. I think Shyamalan was only super defensive which is TOTALLY understandable and he's far from being short-minded like you people. I hate his most recent movies but I apreciate his attitude, if I was a director whose career was bombing like this I would think the same, would never lost faith in myself and would continue to try my best on what I would do next.

    • Steve


    • Gavin

      Mate, I’m not American, which exposes your immense hypocrisy. I didn’t listen to what she was saying to be honest, I just read the subtitles and thought it had said somewhere that she was French.

    • alex

      Wow man, seriously, you talking like that of him for being American, is as short minded or more than simply not knowing Spanish or French, especially if it they relatively less necessary than English.

      • U-ass-hey

        definitely americans ARE short minded and think erroneously that they are the center of the world, as it can be confirmed by this post defining french and spanish as “less necessary” than english. I can only imagine what the american conceitedness thinks about any other languages or countries in the world. by my personal experience (2,5 years in the states) I can confirm that the general american belief is “the world is all that useless thing surrounding america”. But the real useless place in the world are actually the united states of america. The world would be a much better place without americans.

      • U-ass-hey

        definitely americans ARE short minded and think erroneously that they are the center of the world, as it can be confirmed by this post defining french and spanish as “less necessary” than english. I can only imagine what the american conceitedness thinks about any other languages or countries in the world. by my personal experience (2,5 years in the states) I can confirm that the general american belief is “the world is all that useless thing surrounding america”. But the real useless place in the world are actually the united states of america. The world would be a much better place without americans.

  • Reginus

    Please, it is Mexico City. Can't you listen to the journalist's Spanish? Or read the Spanish title of the movie on the backdrop?

  • p86

    shit is that how Mexico treats a director who graces them with a press conference

    reporters basically called him a racist and a failure to his face

  • ColinJ

    'What do you guys think? Is he delusional? Narcissistic? Or just super defensive? I can’t figure it out.'


  • sense11

    When did she call him a racist? And hes not gracing anyone with anything, hes doing promo for his movie. Its a standard thing and all big movie directors and actors do it, Mexico is a huge market.

  • AMgirl

    Air Bender showed that he isn't good at directing Action sequences though. He should stick to more drama/mystery focused stories

  • p86

    sense11 go watch the full conference it is on you tube they basically call him a racist

    and even say ” how does it feel to be from a country that feels it is superior than everyone else”

  • loudsss

    “omg, my sister and i argue about his movies.” who cares?! haha

  • ColinJ

    Yeah, nice attempt at a save there, Rathbone.

    If anyone should be pissed at Shyamalan it's Jackson Rathbone, for completely gutting his character.

    I honestly don't think Shyamalan has written a second draft of any script since THE SIXTH SENSE hit. He became so insulaterd and convinced of his own genius I'm sure he thinks every word he writes is brilliant. Even the atrocious lines in TLA.

  • sense11

    Well isn't that true lol just kidding. I just watched the clip above, did not see that part of the press conference.

    Hes just so damn full of himself that its irritating, so far up his own ahole that hes going to need a flashlight to get out.

  • Faustapp

    People hate, but ultimately he's a great director, easily better than what's his name fincher, who this and many websites are happy to suck his… You know…

  • Nomzdaname

    What a douchebag. You can easily tell from his response that he didn't like the criticism that the reporter gave towards his resume of movies. A true and respectful creator of works of art would've responded in a more mature and professional manner. By telling her that if he thought that way he would kill himself says tons about his arrogance. Word to the wise….Don't be cocky while making shitty movies. P.S. Avatar was a fluke.

  • Nomzdaname

    Excuse me…..Avatar :The Last Airbender

  • MonsterKilledThePilot

    Americans can be such assholes.

  • Schultzy

    nowhere close to ask good as David Fincher

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  • robinclank2

    avatar was not a fluke ok mabe the movie but the cartoon is absolutly great

  • Titanfan2083

    1. Assuming he is American is just as ignorant as him saying shes french. (although to be honest it wouldn't surprise me)

    2. It says a few lines down from the top “(it’s labeled Mexico City but Shyamalan says he’s in France so who knows)” and he most likely didn't pay attention to what she was saying (or how) and instead just read the subtitles. So if anything you should be mad at Shyamalan for not knowing where the fuck he is and being ignorant not some random internet poster.

    And lastly Shyamalan IS short-minded because he hasn't listened to any criticism of his works that he brought about in the last decade (much like George Lucas I bet). It's one thing to go and say what he did and brag about how commercially successful his films are (there is no denying that) , but not how critically reviled he has become of late.

    Also, I've seen the happening. And it was the worst film I've seen behind Battlefield: Earth.

    • Anonymous

      He doesn’t say they are in France.

      He says, “The thing is, you gotta think – it’s ironic – France right now, France’s favorite movie is The Village. In Spain Lady In The Water is HUGE. In Japan…”

      So stop the confusion. He is in Mexico. The woman is speaking to him in Spanish. He knows where he is.

      Some of you people are just so moronically stupid it blows my mind.

      • Aquariasm


    • Aquariasm

      Agreed on Battlefield Earth.

  • Storyofmylife

    So can every other nationality.

  • dannyboy3030

    Hey, Roman Polanski called he wants to rape your daughter.

  • MonsterKilledThePilot

    true, but other nationalities are more humble. They don't complain as much as we do.

  • MonsterKilledThePilot

    Take a message.

  • Grego

    This took place in mexico city without a doubt, and she is speaking spanish. Shyamalan just said that their favorite movie in france is The Village.

    This guy is so full of shit, His films are getting worse and worse, people still give him a chance by going to see the last airbender and they are let down once more. With this list of bad movies I think a lot of fans just won't show up for the next one. He has to learn from it and this Mexican reporter had the balls to tell him to his face. He should instead realize she is trying to make him understand that his first more honest films were better and that now all his forced effort just makes him seem desperate for greatness. She is just telling him what I think everyone else is wondering right now about his career, because right now it seems he is doing films for all the wrong reasons and it's very sad having so much potential.

  • Corin Prendiville

    I personally thought The Village was a good film, I really enjoyed it (even more than Sixth Sense). However his movies after that one have all sucked, and personally I never thought much of Signs either.

    I think all of the praise Shyamalan got early in his career went to his head and now its full of nothing but narcissistic daydreams. The guy is clearly flattering himself to maintain the quota so generously given to him a decade ago, thus preventing his dreary down-climb to suicidal tendencies by keeping his self-esteem high. Its no wonder he said he would kill himself if he thought like that, because everybody else would be egging him on.

  • Corin Prendiville

    Tell that to the French president. Americans are just as arrogant and self-righteous as most developed countries citizens. We just have more culture to market our arrogance (I know, so arrogant right?)

  • Corin Prendiville

    Yeah he said “If I'm in France right now, Frances favorite movie is…” but it is easily mistakable as “I'm in France right now,” so I can understand why so many people are confused.

  • Dogg

    LMAO! All she said is what everyone but him already knows. He should make a movie about his own denial–a true story.

  • Storyofmylife

    Humble? No they're not haha. Visiting England, I heard plenty of arrogance. They get more than America. Visit countries. Maybe live there a while. You'll hear as much complaining and arrogance. According to a professor of European History that I had…Germany is equivalent to America. Hmmm. Visit. Experience. But then again I'm probably arrogant by calling other countries arrogant. Remember, America is a country built on immigrants. The arrogance had to start somewhere… ;)

  • Romanovich

    He never said he’s in France, he just said that the French love The Village and that is their favorite Shyamalan movie. The conference took place in Mexico City last Friday, I attended and when it was over, I was invited to a brief “meet & greet” with M. Night.

    Here’s more or less how my one question and his answer went:

    Me: I just have one question, what is more important for you? Critic’s reviews, box office results or your personal satisfaction?

    M.Night: Critics (M. Night laughs at his own joke). No really, so far audiences have come to save me, I haven’t had a filmed that bombed, so it’s all about personal satisfaction

    (from here on I’ll just write a shortened version of his response)

    You have to understand there’s two things: the reality and the perceived reality. And you have to live in reality and neither box office or critics are part of it, they are part of the perceived reality. For example Iron Man 2 has received better reviews than all of my films so far, all of them and… (he pauses and stops just before bashing Iron Man 2), take Hitchcock for example, or Stanley Kubrick. When their movies were released they didn’t get rave reviews, but quite the opposite, and maybe a week later another film opened that would get much better reviews than any of their films, and you tell me which one do you remember? Which one prevails? Neither won any Academy Award in their entire career and which name, which movie do you know? The Academy winners or their films? I just think, as a filmmaker, you have to live in reality, and not do anything based on critics or box office, because only time will tell if you can stand the test of time (which is a part of the perceived reality). When I was making The Sixth Sense it was a horror movie, and at the time horror movies were straight to DVD, so they told me not to do it. When I was discussing the story with a friend and I wanted a kid to star, he would tell me not to do it, because no one would take a film that had a kid as the lead as a serious film. And look how that went. When I finished “Unbreakable” I couldn’t market it as a comic book movie, so I marketed it as something different and it came out and it was great, and now we have tons and tons of comic book movies. It’s like the first “The last Airbender” teaser, did you see it?

    Me: I…uhm…

    M. Night: The one with the candles

    Me: Yeah sure.

    M. Night: When we first screened it, my name would appear in the middle of it, and audiences just clapped every time. They loved the teaser, and they clapped every time my name was on the screen. So the studio decided to put my name just above the title and that’s just, wow.

    Me: I just want to tell you I admire you because no matter if your film is poorly received or it has critical acclaim you will always do what you want, not what they tell you to do. So I think that’s respecta…

    M. Night: (cuts me off before I can finish, and it wasn’t rude actually) Thanks a lot, you have great energy and I really hope you enjoy the movie, what’s your name?

    I told him my name and he signed my poster and then I left. This isn’t a literal transcript, I’m writing this from memory, but 90% of it is accurate. If I can find a video I’ll post it.

    So what do you think? Does M. Night actually live in reality or in HIS very own perceived reality? I agree with what he says, but I quite disagree with how he applies it to himself. I, for one, only like The Sixth Sense and The Village and deeply dislike any other of his films, with the atrocious “Lady in the Water” part of my bottom 5 of all time.

  • Romanovich

    Oh yeah, I forgot, the quote that stood out the most to me was:

    M. Night: Plus I’m the only one making original films anymore!!

  • Ron

    Clearly Gavin's statement reveals that Americans are short-minded and think they are the center of the world, what with all his talk about nothing even remotely close to that. Here's another baseless generalization for all the people in the country Felipe come from: f*ck you.

    • Al

      hahhaa eat a pink one flipe! (Hehehe, see that? I couldn’t be bothered to spell her name right!)

  • Tom

    No one would watch a sequel of any of his movies anyway, so maybe he should save his money for when people stop going to see his new movies.

  • carpediem1991

    I think he meant the movie.

  • carpediem1991

    Everything I think has been pretty much said. I'd just like to add that, being a native Mexican-Spanish speaker, that reporter's tone does make her seem a bit cocky. Yet, I still think Shyamalan absolutely overrates the quality of his own crappy work, and is generally full of himself.

    Also, Jackson Rathbone's sister is probably eight.

  • Tyler

    I think a lot of people are slamming him for being arrogant, or not listening to criticism to improve his films. But it seems to me as a film maker he wants to make the movies he wants to make, and maintain his vision. Maybe he is in his own perceived reality, but only as it applies to his movies. Who likes which film is completely up to them. Certainly some of his films are weaker than others, but I personally love the Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, and Signs. The Village was alright, and I haven't seen Lady or The Happening, so I can't comment. Point being, let him keep making movies. Whether anyone goes to see it is up to them. Doing something he is proud of personally seems more important to me than what anyone else would ever think.

  • Koroko

    If you seriously think Shyamalan is a better director than Fincher … I … Honestly, I don't even know how to respond to that intelligently.

    You're obviously a troll.

  • Steve

    Everyone kissing M's ass. The guys films are weak, with obvious endings.

  • sense11

    Cool post,
    I just don't understand why he would kind of compare himself to Hitchcock or Kubrick, I think he has a really strange perception of himself. Movies are for audiences, other people need to be able to enjoy them too.

  • knightly

    wow. you're an idiot. that statement just invalidated anything else on this issue that you could ever argue

  • Difer

    Shyamalan is not delusional, his film backers are morons, there is a difference.

  • knightly

    yeah, that's one ignorant statement, monster. i've lived in many other countries. pride isn't concentrated to america by any means. you live in a fantasy world, contracted through biased media

  • Zetabosio

    I find N Shyamalan intriguing. I personally hated “The Happening”, but for me his best film is “Lady in the Water”, and still don't understand why most people hate it. And I can't deny “Signs” exceeded my expectations, but I still don't understand why people have special feelings for “Unbreakable”. And I felt insulted with “The Village”.

    Thanks for your first paragraph were you clarified everything. I guess there's some people that can't pay attention.

  • Dc_broz

    He's a dumb ass, he can't direct. He's really defensive because he sucks. Simple as that.

  • NightAvatar

    No. They are stupid. They even are so delusional to think M.Night thinks he is in France. Stupid, stupid people.

  • NightAvatar

    Actually, I think he said, “It's ironic, in France right now…”

  • NightAvatar

    I'm with you about the Village. I thought it was brilliant! I do agree that Lady In The Water was pretty bad and I haven't seen the happening – and have no desire to.

  • NightAvatar

    Wow, I must say I respect you a lot for admitting you like Lady In The Water. I have honestly never heard anyone admit that. I have it on Blu-Ray (got it for free) and tried to watch it with my 15-year-old daughter. About 30 minutes into it we were so bored we turned it off. I have not seen The Happening but love ALL of his other movies.

  • JC

    I liked The Village, not as good as Sixth Sense but still, I actually thought it was rather clever (admittedly I was only young back then)…I have to say the dialogue and acting was absolutely DIRE in The Happening though. I was really incredibly disappointed, but I still think M Night has got that special something. He just needs to sit back and start using his brain a bit more, and actually use his actors/actresses as an emotional channel (I shall re-iterate here. The acting in The Happening is absolute DIRE.), as oppose to just being a wooden block delivering lines. I haven't seen The Last Airbender yet and I am planning to see it, but it seems like (from various interviews) that he cut out a lot of material that has been filmed and thus the characters viewed by the actors are quite different to the ones we see on scene. It's a shame that Sokka didn't come across as light hearted as in the series, Jackson Rathbone IS essentially a goofy person, and he's a good actor, so there's no way he couldn't portray the Sokka in the series. M Night should've let his daughters watch the final cut of the movie before he actually releases it…but then from what I heard most (if not all) of the pre-teens that went and saw it absolutely loved it. Supposedly (In my opinion anywa), this is a film directed at the pre-teen market, so it's a bit unfair that the critics complain the dialogue being simple/making obvious statements..

  • Paul

    He's at that point in his career where he no longer has to FIGHT to get anything made. He's surrounded by yes men and still has this ridiculous deal that no one can read one of his scripts without his Assistant present to make sure they don't leak any plot points anywhere.

    The shame is Shyamalan has the talent, he's just gotten LAZY. He doesn't want to try anymore and now we're seeing the arrogance that led to the whole controversy behind the scenes on Lady In the Water.

    This response just corresponds to the filmmaker. No longer worth trying.

  • Nomzdaname

    I was ONLY referring to the movie robin. I've heard good things about the cartoon.

  • Yahzee

    You people are so full of it.

    1. First subtitles, the movie title in the background and the reporter talking Spanish? Helloooo Mexico City! You're so retarded you can't figure that out!

    2. You anti-American people, you seem jealous doesn't it? You criticize America cause you can't do anything better, and still you watch American movies all the time. I'm not from the US, but I get mad at people being so close minded, bordering racism.

    3. Way too many comments for a “talentless” director right? Or are you just bullying Shyamalan to follow some kind of trend? The matter of fact is, he makes movies his way, something that's truly lost nowadays with most directors doing whatever the studio execs want. And you, the same people that attacks Shyamalan, also attack those execs for getting in the middle of creative filmmaking. Make up your minds! If you don't like Shyamalan's movies just don't see them. It's that too tough for you? There people so stupid in the country where I live that are trashing The Last Airbender, and it hasn't even been released here! Just because it's Shyamalan and to follow the stupid internet trend of basing your ideas in other people's comments.

    I'm sure I'm gonna be attacked but I don't care. With so much retarded people, it's no surprise that they'll gang to bully anyone seeing things different than them.

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  • Swedishskinjer

    I like M. Night Shyamalan. Certainly his recent work has been disappointing, but even in Airbender I saw some moments of real brilliance that reminded me of the man who directed two of my favorite movies, The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable (which has some of his best writing, especially with Samuel L. Jackson's character). Heck, I even liked the atmosphere of The Village and thought that Lady in the Water had some very redeeming moments.

    He doesn't strike me as arrogant in any way. On the contrary, I think that he just genuinely wants to maintain his vision artistically, and that's conviction that so many directors lack.

  • Swedishskinjer

    Also, one thing that I admire about Shyamalan *is* his more old-school vision, even if he needs to revise it somewhat by being a bit more willing to collaborate with other writers. Hell, he made a movie about superheroes with only one traditional “fight” scene and managed to deliver a critically successful project. He did the same with Signs by taking the idea of another movie about aliens and only showed them sparingly, using them instead as a means by which a man regains his faith. That was critically successful too.

  • Gustavo Herculiani Razera

    He's just being normal. His entire artistic being was attacked in an umprofessional way by a reporter and he just answered by, which ANYBODY would do, in that situation. I don't get what all the fuss is about.

  • MonsterKilledThePilot

    I'm not talking about pride or arrogance, guys.

  • Jmcozzoli

    He's deluding himself. I'm a fan of Avatar and he butchered the anime's spirit into confusing drivel. Every single actor was miscast and his direction was heavy-handed, with dialog that made me groan with it's pedantic tedium. He missed the point of the series entirely. How he's still given money to do movies escapes me.

  • ElFrederickodejimbaba

    Boingee Boingee Boingee, his new movie, “Satan” looks stupid. The secret ending: The world is satan and the elevator is one of his balls that goes up and down and up and down all day long.

  • Barmuel_Contrado

    Hahahahahaha, Jimbaba would be proud.

  • Jimboob

    The movie go'ers give his movies plenty of money. $115.1 million for Airbender.

  • Karen

    The Sixth Sense = Are You Afraid of the Dark? episode
    The Happening = totally Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
    The Village = a book called “Running Out of Time”'”
    The Devil = I read a person said he/she read a similar premise off of a short story in a japanese horror compilation manga

    original my ass

  • Aquariasm

    1st, the answer to the writer of this article's question is : Ego. It's all ego. Do you remember the part he played in Lady in the Water and his famous book that would change the world?
    2nd: The Village was fine up until the sequence of events in the reveal. Much more effective if he would have let the blind girl make it to the car and as she gets to the outpost for medicine, reveal that Adrien Brody was the monster in the woods.
    3rd: The Happening was not taken seriously for much the same reason as Indy 4: The audience as a whole does not want to be reminded of one simple fact: that WE are NOT Masters of Our Delusional Universe. Indy 4 worked until the audience was presented with an idea of bigger, smarter, better beings in a multi-dimensional universe. The Happening didn't work because Nature kicked our proverbial asses. We (as an audience) are much more comfortable with the idea that we are the final phase of intelligent evolution who have fairy-tales and bed-time stories about earthbound deities with social allegorical context about tending some proverbial garden.
    M. Night may be a maniacal ego tripper but at least he has the balls to pose questions that we deliberately avoid. However, one can tell the caliber of filmmaker by their ability to relate their pulpit rants to the audience so in that context, Night lets his ego trip him up. Wait, I already said that.
    Sorry for the Indy 4 thing. Aside from the Shia/Marion part, the movie would have rocked. Time to pass the hat.

  • Jmcozzoli

    Yes, but imdb lists the budget around 150 million. The initial week was 51 mil with a sharp drop following. Toss in marketing and DVD sales (with an extended release that might make more sense with restored cuts), and I'd still say he's not a big money draw with this one.

    Overall, with his other movies put together, I'm not sure. He may pull in a steady amount that warrants his continual involvement. But money aside, his continual hubris in directing and ponderous scripting over-reach is wearing thin.

  • Natalie Sharp

    Honestly I don't think he really answered her question as to how he can explain the decline in quality of his work because that was definitely implied.

  • alex

    America is simply more on the spotlight for everything than others.

  • alex

    I am always expecting the new Shyamalan movie to come out and hope it will be good. For some reason, he is sort of dear to me and I want him to do well. After the Village, which seemed like a slump, I thought he'd go back to something impressive, especially after seeing the trailer for Lady in the Water. It was worse. Then the same for the Happenning. It rather made me appreciate some interesting traits of Lady. Then for this one which seemed more of a sure bet because of the popular material that wasn't his, and apparently it fails again (though I haven't seen it). I still can appreciate some things of all his movies and for some reason, I am still hoping he does great movies, even when he shows himself as unlikeable as he does in this interview. As I hoped those movies were slumps, I find myself hoping this is not the true him! :S

  • carpediem1991

    And yet, you call people with different views than yours retarded. Nice.

  • Edgefilm2001

    He is so angry he is literally trying to poke his own eye out through his skull to keep himself from losing it.

    Never thought he was that great, Sixth Sense was fun, albeit predictable and the rest just kept getting worse and worse. I do hope he shaves his head in public and beats a reporter with an umbrella after this, though.

  • Kloned1

    I think everything after the 6th sense is garbage and like so many directors they chase a paycheck instead of art, there isn't enough coens and wes andersons around. Its ok to say I made this movie for money, the happening had nothing to do with art. Christopher Nolan made one of the best batman films of all time and made tons of cash and a great picture…

  • Cineloco

    He's obviously delusional about his own abilities as a moviemaker.

  • Slow_movement

    This Shyamalan bashing running wild is indeed making me scratch my head.

  • kaduzy

    I don’t think so. You see, without Americans the world would be run by some descendent of Adolf Hitler, since without Americans, WWII would have been lost. There would be virtually no Jews left, Israel would not exist and of course all the countries who depend on U.S. aid to keep their economies afloat likely would have caved under (provided Hitler Jr. let them continue to exist).

    Americans are crass, loud, ignorant of both geography and history, overbearing and overweight. They are also kind, generous, charitable, and spend more money per year feeding hungry people and cleaning up after national disasters than any other country on the planet. Just because some American was rude to you, or you don’t agree with the current administration’s foreign policy doesn’t mean that none of us even deserve to be alive. THINK before you speak, or you might get mistaken as another dumb American yourself.

  • Bloodrelative

    wow… he’s a jerk!

  • Bloodrelative

    and self deluded apparently…

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