Promo Poster for Robert Rodriguez’ MACHETE KILLS Starring Danny Trejo

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A promo poster for Robert RodriguezMachete sequel, Machete Kills, has popped up online.  Unfortunately, Machete was a massive disappointment and I’m wary of a sequel, which is part two in a planned trilogy; the finale will be Machete Kills AgainMachete misunderstood what a gritty B-movie was supposed to be, gussied it up with movie stars, used a bloated storyline to accommodate all of them, and its biggest crime was making Machete (Danny Trejo) a supporting character in his own movie.  Hopefully, Machete Kills will be leaner and trust Trejo to carry the flick.  The plot has Machete tasked to “take down a madman cartel leader and an eccentric billionaire arms dealer who has hatched a plan to spread war across the planet with a weapon in space.”  So…space weapons and global war…that’s leaner, right?

Hit the jump to check out the promo poster.  Filming on Machete Kills is set to begin filming in April.

The poster, which showed up at the European Film Market in Berlin, comes to us via ComingSoon.


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  • Hunter

    Cool, well at least now I know to not listen to or take into consideration any film review or opinion from Matt Goldberg..

  • sal j

    Somebody please be rid of Matt Goldberg he’s a stuck up idiot and machete got good reviews his opinions of his perspective are annoying as shit

    • Guns Of Navarone

      Goldberg has some fruity opinions at times but on this occasion I’d have to agree with him. This film was seriously dire.

  • grittymcgritterson

    Yea, the first was a real letdown. The trailer was pure 70s in your face grindhouse grit. The movie was like a bad take on the cheesy cop shows of the 80s, like Hunter or something…..way too tame. Really bad.

  • mydogblue

    Can’t wait for the new Machete Kill’s, this time it’s going to be much better. WOW!

  • Macethead

    gritty. you called it man. Where was the film grain? It was way to bright JUST like hunter. That coupled with the “we caught you confessing to being the bad guy on camera” crutch. Amateur writers do that. Super dissiapointed in Machete. I wanted to like so bad. Even bought it. Still sucks.

  • Jeff

    I liked the first one; here’s hoping they can make the second a little better.

  • Leonardo

    It is normal that i hate mr. Goldberg? i mean i don’t know him but there is something that just makes me hate him, either ways Machete could have been better had it been just like Rodriguez Planet Terror or Black Dynamite, i still loved the film tough.

  • Hugo

    Absolutely, a massive disappointment is putting it mildly, the movie felt like a script-less mess improvised on set. A total failure on trying to capture the “good-bad movie” feeling of the grindhouse era, that ended up being a shallow attempt at a “cool movie”.

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  • Paul

    Matt’s review is about as far off the mark as it gets. Absolutely loved the flick. Every character is great and perfectly over the top.

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