New Set Photos from MACHETE KILLS

     June 22, 2012


Yesterday, we reported that Charlie Sheen would be playing the President in Robert RodriguezMachete Kills (it’s funny because Charlie Sheen is sleazy).  We also showed you a couple set photos, and now some more have found their way online courtesy of Jessica Alba‘s twitter feed.  There’s nothing revelatory about these set photos, but it looks like everyone is having a good time on set and I’m curious to see how those dancers and musicians factor into the plot.  I’m also curious to see if Machete (Danny Trejo) will be the star of his own film this time.

Hit the jump to check out the set photos.  Machete Kills also stars Edward James Olmos, Sofia Vergara, Amber Heard, Demian Bichir, Michelle Rodriguez, and Mel Gibson.

Via Jessica Alba’s Twitter.

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  • Fuist

    Robert totally banged Jessica. Good for him

  • tarek

    Machete was a torture.
    73% by RT ? Really ? this is a masquerade.

    Rodriguez is becoming another Tarantino, that is the copy of the copy of himself.

    Stop the mess Rodriguez.

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  • Jon

    Read somewhere that this one takes place in space explains why alba gotz a ray gun ! Machete kills in space

    • Tyler

      Actually, what you read was a description for a faux trailer that will show after “Machete Kills” entitled “Machete Kills Again…In Space!”. That pic could be from them filming a bit for the trailer.

  • Reijanrobo

    Alex Vega, the girl from Spy Kids, is going to be in this flick! excited to see her kick some but again! she was the best when I was a kid.

  • scurvy

    Can someone at least show Jessica Alba how to hold a pistol properly. That’s just laughable and I would pity her thumbs if that gun was real

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  • Frank Picone

    Charlie Sheen AND Mel Gibson in a flick together?
    The world ain’t ready for that combined insanity.

    We’re all doomed.

    • Xtina

      Yours was probably a throwaway line, Frank, but the world is doomed because people would rather stone than forgive. Maybe like this critic, who probably lives in his own sleazy glass house. Good luck to Robert, Mel, Charlie, Jessica, Amber, Danny and all the rest! Loved Once Upon a Time in Mexico (after I watched it a couple times to figure out what was going on).

  • malo

    seriously, jessica alba wouldn’t have a finger after she shot that pistol. plus it just looks dumb how she’s holding it compared to danny trejo.

  • McBay

    Alba’s one of the cutest girls I’ve ever seen but a femme fatale no.

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  • Guns Of Navarone

    I wasn’t a fan of the 1st and one the biggest annoyances was Alba. She just didn’t suit the role. She is nice to look at but she doesn’t have the ‘tough girl’ image, much much the opposite. She’s like a female version of Ryan Reynolds i.e. always goofing around.


    who wants this movie? the first was dire…..

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  • rrivera

    Obviously the people that are taking about Jessicas way of holding a gun and that she’s not a bad ass have clearly never seen her in Dark Angel .she is a bad u Jessica!