Mackenzie Davis and Nico Tortorella Join Guy Pearce, Amy Ryan, and Felicity Jones in Untitled Drama

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Drake Doremus has spent the last couple years building capital at Sundance, with Douchebag in 2010 and Like Crazy in 2011.  Like Crazy was the breakout hit of the festival–even before it won the Grand Jury Prize, Paramount picked up the romantic drama right after the premiere for an October release.  Doremus has parlayed the buzz into two new features: an adaptation of the sci-fi romance novel Through to You and an untitled drama.  The untitled project is up first with an impressive cast in tow.  Guy Pearce stars as a high school teacher who is tempted to cheat on his wife (Amy Ryan) with one of his students (played by Like Crazy star Felicity Jones).  Variety reports two more have joined the cast.  Newcomer Mackenzie Davis will maker her feature debut as Pearce and Ryan’s daughter.  Nico Tortorella (Scream 4) will play a swim team jock/misogynist who sleeps around.

I haven’t seen a frame shot by Doremus, but I will always root for a fresh young voice in the filmmaking community.  Doremus is working on both this script and the adaptation of Through to You with his Like Crazy writing partner Ben York Jones.  I think of that as a promising sign unless you, like Matt, didn’t fall head over heels for Like Crazy.

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  • Махарджа

    Enough drama! You’ve already made all the crap dramas in the world. And some of them u did like 100 times.

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  • aregn

    I don’t really care about this movie, i only gonna see Like crazy because anton yelchin work on it, and he is my favorite young actor working today. It´s a shame that he always is underestimated.

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