Tom Hardy Says MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Starts Filming April 2012

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Tom Hardy Mad Max Fury Road slice

George Miller’s Mad Max follow-up Fury Road has had a bit of a storied history. The film was originally set to start production in August 2010 with stars Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron, but after massive sets had been built and intense pre-production work was underway, torrential rains flooded the Australian desert that was set to be the film’s backdrop for the duration of the shoot.

Flash forward to this past March, when Miller gave an update on the project saying that they would restart pre-production later this year and commence filming early next year, with the film fully funded and ready to go. Now we have a solid start date, as Hardy revealed to Steve at today’s Warrior press day that the film will begin production next April. He said:

“we’re going to have to find somewhere else to shoot it, but it looks like it’s going in April.”

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Tom-Hardy-image (6)While Hardy wasn’t exactly a huge star when he was first cast in Fury Road, it’s safe to say that he’s going to be a ginormous draw for audiences when the film eventually hits theaters. Warrior is picking up some great buzz, and he’s currently filming his role as Bane in Christopher Nolan’s indie drama The Dark Knight Rises.

On the Fury Road front, all seems to be going according to plan. Miller went ahead and made Happy Feet Two following the delay in production, and last we heard Theron was still attached to the project. Nicholas Hoult (X-Men: First Class) and Riley Kileough, who was just cast in Steven Soderbergh’s Magic Mike, were also said to be starring in the film, but their current status is unknown at this point.

Fury Road will be a relaunch of the Mad Max franchise that rocketed Mel Gibson to stardom in 1979. The story takes place in a dystopian future, and Miller has been hard at work designing new vehicles and such for the update.

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  • Christian

    Did you ask about his Al Capone biopic “Cicero”?

  • tarek

    Very bad casting. I have nothing against Tom, but he will not fit in the character.

    • Mir

      Out of curiousity, on what roles is this opinion based?

    • Agent_Black

      Totally disagree with you there. George Miller seems to think he’s got the right man and I believe he’s a tad more qualified to call the shots…

      • tarek

        Tom Hardy is a “pretty face”. We need a bad boy for this role. A bully boy. Someone like Hugh Jackman.

      • Chase357

        Tom Hardy a pretty face? You must be thinking of Channing Tatum. After Inception and The Dark Knight Rises, I think he’s a bit of a badass.

      • Cleave

        You’ve obviously not seen Martina Cole’s “The Take” (hint: watch Martina Cole’s “The Take”)

    • Agent_Black

      Hugh Jackman? Are you serious? Do yourself a favour and go rent or buy the movie ‘Bronson’ – Tom Hardy is seriously deranged in that movie and hard as f**k, he makes the Wolverine look like Ernie from Sesame Street

      • Tarek

        Maybe you are right, with a big mustache hiding his luscious lips, it could work.

    • duh

      dude you’re talking out of your ass.

      • tarek

        Well, it’s my opinion, and I’ll stick by it.
        And take your ears out of my ass, will ya ?

    • iheartETH

      Tom Hardy has a pretty face, yes indeed!! But as an actor, he’s a chameleon, with an ability to transform, not just the size of his body, but his face, voice, demeanor, tone… etc.
      Warrior, Inception, Bronson, Stuart:A Life Backwards, RocknRolla = all complete diff roles. Check out these real movies.. and upcoming TDKR, Lawless.
      Ironic, for a while there I thought the media was limiting him as only a badass.

  • William Lee

    I think that if he focuses on Bane’s intelligence and not just his brawn. After all, Bane in the comics BROKE BATMAN’S BACK! But he did so while deducing Batman’s identity.

    • Negro

      Exactly. I am guessing that Goyer and Nolan are focusing more on a militaristic aspect to their version of Bane making up for the fact that Hardy isn’t the big hulking brute many misinformed fans wish he were. Of all the relaunch/reboots/re-imagings, Fury Road is one of the VERY few I’ve been anticipating.

  • Tucker

    A new Max. A new beginning. Times change. We need to change as well.

    Tom Hardy as Max should be a hardcore badass like Liam Neeson in Taken.

    • Just walk away

      In this script scavengers scour a post-apocalyptic wasteland for an original idea.

      • Badgerboy

        I see what you did thar.

  • Ludotek

    Is it indeed going to be a relaunch? I thought it was going to be a continuation. I’m good either way, as I’m a big fan of Hardy and Miller. Can’t wait for this to finally happen.

  • Ludotek

    Any word if Brian May will return to the series as composer?

  • ron

    Brian May better return as composer!!! His score in Mad Max 1-3 was awesome. I am such HUGE fan of this series and I was bummed Angry Mel was not returning but I am hyped now about Tom taking over the role. Let’s see, Charlize Theron, Zoe Kravitz, George Miller, Brian May?, an INTERCEPTOR, and hopefully DINKI DI galore!!!!

    I am wondering if we will ever see civilization ever starting again? Will we see a grown -up Emily Minty? Bruce Spence/Gyro Captain? God ,do I miss those MFP cars from the first film and the ToeCutter!!!

  • Diego

    “Christopher Nolan’s indie drama The Dark Knight Rises”, lol. Genius.

    • sadthedouche

      LOL yeah.. indie drama hahaha…. speaking of casting.. i think hardy is perfect for the role i couldn’t think of no one else.. maybe jeremy renner.. but hardy is perfect.

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  • Crazy_R

    I agree with Black_Agent, Tom Hardy can be deranged and a hard ass. His role in “Bronson,” solidifies his position as a certified badass.

  • DonaldRowland

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  • phillip deaver

    i dont care if tom is a badass or not. gibson started something and tom just isnt max. we need a max. a no name. id even try looking in australia. i dont stand by this project as much as i love the max’s. i need a no name and mel gibson in the mix somehow.

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  • James

    Sad to say, composer Brian May died 14 years ago. Maurice Jarre scored “Thunderdome”. May’s score for MM2 was really great wasn’t it?

  • Tarek

    Fortunately it isn’t Queen’s Brian May. ^^

  • Simon

    In htis movie the Ripsaw from Howe and Howe Technologies will be featured. Isn’t that cool a 1000hp tank on steroids.

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  • Bex

    Without Mel Gibson this film will be full of fail. Mel IS Mad Max. No one else can pull this role off. And this movie will probably be full of CGI instead of actual real footage. And Charlize Theron? I cried when I heard she’d been cast in a role in this film…

  • lee

    for me its got to be mel gibson but tom hardy is an upcoming actor so we will see

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  • jessie

    just be glad they didn’t cast Colin Farrell as Max!

  • samer

    Will Tina Turner’s We Don’t Need Another Hero be in the soundtrack. I will boycott the movie if Tina is denied.

    On a much less serious note, this reboot/remake or whatever you want to call it is just further proof that Hollywood producer should be rounded up and executed. Come up with original ideas and stop fucking with the classics!!

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