MAD MEN Fans Mollified – More Comercials will not Effect Epsiode Integrity in Season Three

     June 9, 2009

mad_men_tv_show_image__4_.jpgThe latest “Mad Men” drama appears to be resolved.  After word got out that the third season of the Emmy winning drama would be shaving two minutes off of its runtime to make room for extra commercials (those hefty new checks Jon Hamm and creator Matthew Weiner negotiated don’t just write themselves) “Mad Men” fans revolted.  Apparently learning their lesson about pissing off “Mad Men” fans after last summer’s Twitter debacle, the cable network has proposed a commercial compromise that should please all interested parties.  The solution?  Run “Mad Men” from 10 pm until 11:02 – leaving each of the 48 minutes of programming unmolested.  Even TiVO users can relax – AMC has arranged for the episodes to tape on most DVR’s for the extra two minutes instead of cutting off at 11 pm.  Matthew Weiner said that it is “wonderful to have partners who can respond to both a business and creative challenge in such a satisfying way,” by which he means: it’s good to be the king of basic cable.