First Trailer for MAD MEN’s Final Episodes Rings in the 70s

     February 19, 2015


AMC has released the first trailer for Mad Men’s final stretch of episodes, and it’s surprisingly…hilarious? The brilliant drama series has certainly had its fair share of funny moments over the years, but this first look at the last few Mad Men episodes ever is delightfully cheeky in tone, winking at the 1970s setting with a bit of a Brady Bunch vibe.

I’m really, really not looking forward to Mad Men being over, but this first look at footage from “Season 7B” aka “The End of an Era” (that’s literally what it’s called) is oddly comforting. The gang is happy and hanging out, there’s cheerful music on, and Pete’s being his usual dickish self. As with every season of Mad Men, there’s no actual footage to be found in this first trailer, nor will there be in any subsequent trailers. Matthew Weiner plays things close to the vest, so the first time we see anything from the episodes will be when that first installment airs. It’s refreshing, considering nearly everything ever produced is now marketing to death before it’s released.

Check out the Mad Men final episodes trailer below. The final 7 episodes begin airing on April 5th on AMC, and Allison will be here to recap every single one until the last scotch is drunk.



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