New MAD MEN Season 6 Promo Invites Viewers to the “Affair Of The Year”

     March 4, 2013


Notoriously tight-lipped Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner has allowed AMC to drop a few more tidbits about the upcoming sixth season of the juggernaut drama in a new on-air promo.  The spot features some of the recently released black and white images that show all of the principle cast draped in late 1960s fashion, but now made slightly 3D (ok, AMC).  It also features the tagline, “You’re invited to the affair of the year.”

Like Season Five, the upcoming season will kick off with a two-hour premiere (without a title as of yet) that will be written by Weiner and directed by executive producer Scott Hornbacher.  The show will also start an hour earlier than its regular time slot (9 p.m.) which it will return to the following week (10 p.m.) with an episode written by Jonathan Igla and Weiner, and directed by series star Jon Hamm.  For the promo spot and more, hit the jump.

Check out the promo spot below:

Weiner collaborates on most of the series’ episodes (though usually penning the premieres himself) and his work with Igla has turned out some of strangest and most interesting hours of Mad Men to date, including the Season Four finale “Tomorrowland” (with that surprise proposal) and the dream-like fifth season finale “The Phantom” (as well as the whip-sharp “At the Codfish Ball,” which may win for best quips of any episode so far).

The second episode of the new season will mark Hamm’s second director’s credit for the series (he directed Season Four’s “Tea Leaves”), but personally I’m more excited to see additional directing credits from his co-star John Slattery, who has already directed an handful of episodes that were deftly done (like last year’s “Signal 30″).

Per usual, we pretty much don’t know squat about anything else regarding the premiere or upcoming season, but hopefully things are not quite as dark and foreboding as they were last year.  Maybe this year will feature less Zou Bisou Bisou, too …

Mad Men returns Sunday, April 7th at 9 p.m. on AMC


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