Maggie Grace Teases a Return to LOST

     June 17, 2009

lost_image_shannon_maggie_grace_02.jpgTwo weeks ago we told you that ABC had aired a promo for “Lost” that featured one Dominic Monaghan – the actor who plays the very dead Charlie Pace.  I think we all know by now that dead people like to drop by the island and that, because the upcoming season will be the series’ last, we can expect some surprise appearances here and there.  But here’s the thing – it’s not really a surprise if people keep blabbing about it!  The latest “Lost” vet to lose control of her mouth is Maggie Grace, the actress who played Shannon on the series for two seasons.  Grace recently told E! Online that she was “looking forward to visiting Hawaii soon,” adding coyly “I don’t know why…”

That must mean that Shannon’s coming back, right?  Because why else would anyone possibly look forward to visiting Hawaii??  Grace definitely isn’t claiming that Shannon will be putting in an appearance, saying only that the “Lost” writers are “brilliant” and that “if they found the right reason then I’m sure I would be on.”  OK, so I’m gonna assume that Grace is just fishing for an invite with these comments then.  And even if a Shannon cameo is in the cards I am totally fine with NOT knowing about it.  I’ve lived with the mystery for this long…