Steven Soderbergh Will Act as Cinematographer, Camera Operator, and Editor for MAGIC MIKE 2

     May 20, 2014


Steven Soderbergh’s retirement from filmmaking has been tough to swallow for many reasons, not the least of which because he was so damn prolific over the past few years with some fascinating, challenging, and wildly different films.  He hasn’t given up directing entirely as he recently helmed all 10 episodes of the upcoming Cinemax series The Knick, but he remains steadfast in his decision to steer clear of moviemaking—even when it comes to the highly anticipated Magic Mike sequel.  Warner Bros. has already dated the follow-up—tentatively titled Magic Mike XXLfor next summer and Channing Tatum is hopeful that the entire cast will return, but it will be Tatum’s producing partner Gregory Jacobs in the director’s chair this time around instead of Soderbergh.

However, we now have confirmation that Soderbergh won’t simply be tangentially involved with Magic Mike 2.  He will resume his duties as cinematographer, camera operator, and editor on the sequel.  Hit the jump for more, including Soderbergh’s thoughts on returning in this capacity.

magic-mike-2-steven-soderberghAs part of a lengthy profile on Tatum in GQ, Soderbergh confirms that he will act as the director of photography, camera operator, and film editor on Magic Mike 2.  One imagines that might make for an uncomfortable situation for Jacobs, as the guy who not only directed the first film but is also one of the most respected filmmakers working today will be operating his camera, but Soderbergh is unwavering in his decision:

“I want to be there, but I don’t want to be the director,” Soderbergh explains. “I want to be a part of it. I want to be in the band, but I just don’t want to be the frontman this time.”

For his part, Tatum says he tried hard to convince Soderbergh not to retire:

“It’s super complicated, in my opinion, why he wanted to stop doing film. I lobbied probably harder than anybody else—we had many, many nights of heated debate. I was, ‘I don’t fucking get it! Why?’ And he’s like, ‘I don’t need it.’ “

I’d honestly be quite surprised if Behind the Candelabra turns out to be Soderbergh’s final feature film as a director, and as evidenced by his work on The Knick and self-imposed “demotion” on Magic Mike 2, he’s not keen on leaving the business entirely.  For now, though, it’s encouraging to know that Magic Mike 2 will have that same Soderbergh-led cinematography and editing, and he’ll likely be an invaluable asset for first-time director Jacobs.  Magic Mike 2 opens in theaters on July 3, 2015.


  • Person

    Soderbergh will be directing from behind-the-scenes. This sounds like how Lucas basically directed Return of the Jedi without officially “directing” it.

    • Farrell

      I think Soderbergh is too respectful of directors and the directing process to shadow direct the film. And besides, Star Wars was Lucas’ baby…his cash cow and his creation. Soderbergh was a hired gun on Magic Mike, so I don’t imagine he’s that invested in it to try and manhandle the production.

      • Unicron


  • The Flobbit

    It sounds like Steven Soderbergh wants to NOT have his cake, but eat it. I wish the man would make up his mind about everything: hates making movies, made over 20 of them. Retired, but still makes films and TV shows. Has some great movies, some that are super overrated.

    Anyhow, he is one to keep an eye on.

    • Person

      He’s kind of the new-age Woody Allen. Constantly making movies, some are great, most are ok, some are just terrible (I’ll never understand Full Frontal). Except Allen is nearly 80 with no signs of slowing down, and Soderbergh is already “retired.”

      He’ll be back. Just depends on when he feels like returning or if someone writes a script good enough to entice him back. I really hope he returns sooner rather than later, he’s one of my favorites.

    • Guest

      IMO He’s backed out of the game due to the business of it not the process.

  • Bo

    The only film of Soderbergh’s that I can say I’ve like is Out of Sight. It was very, very funny and right on the money. I hated, hated Magic Mike and Behind the whatever! Found them to be annoyingly trite, stupid, shallow, immature and idiotic…Ha! But, people, it seems a lot of people, liked them so what the hell do I know? Well, I know what I just said so to hell with the people who liked that schlock…lol…so I don’t care what the heck he does except maybe he could shut up about retiring when he hasn’t or just go away for good…no skin off my rear end! Oh, and if I’ve offended any of his fans that’s on you. I’m just someone who doesn’t care for his work. Oh, I did like the girlfriend film with the porn gal, Sasha Grey in it. That was beautifully shot and produced and was an interesting tale…so not all is lost…lol…

    • Unicron

      Behind the candelabra is a really beautiful film IMO

      You are perfectly entitled to your opinion too!! xoIMOxo

    • Unicron

      Behind the candelabra is a really beautiful film IMO

      You are perfectly entitled to your opinion too!! xoIMOxo

      • Bo

        Yes, I am perfectly entitled to my opinion. And you are to yours. Glad that we both can recognize that without things getting ugly…lol…

    • The Flobbit

      I saw Ocean’s Eleven and Twelve, Contagion, Side Effects, Magic Mike, and a few more of his, and NONE of them live up to the hype. They’re all good, none great. He is super overrated.

      • Batt Damon

        Watch Schizopolis, Sex Lies and Videotape, Out of Sight and Traffic. He’s an incredibly talented filmmaker.

      • The Flobbit

        Incredibly talented, incredibly overrated.

      • Bo

        Well, I certainly have no trouble agreeing with you that he is super overrated. It also seems he’s come to believe all the hype what with all this hollow retiring bit which reeks a wee bit or arrogance…seeings how he hasn’t…lol…

  • Tyler

    Peter Andrews and Mary Ann Bernard are actually Steven Soderbergh!

  • Hey…HEY!

    Oh, just direct the f-n movie, phony a-hole.

  • MJ

    Why ???

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  • alk

    i hate these so-called, “Mavericks”, who boast on doing “everything themselves!” The point of film though is collaboration, its a unity of different talents coming together. If you have one guy doing x, y, z and some other thing…its going to quickly implode on itself because he’s relying on himself to do it all! Just like Robert Rodriguez…although Rob does it with a better intent, because he’s always raising the bar and much of it, relies on complete control and understanding. But Steven is just an overrated, overpaid pretentious dirtbag who wants to do it all but is always pretending to be so humble and not “care about trivial things” Mhm.

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