MAGIC MIKE Sequel Lands Director and Title

     March 28, 2014


Just yesterday we brought you word, via Joe Manganiello, that the Magic Mike sequel would be getting underway this fall.  As of that report, there was no director or even a title attached to the follow-up film.  That’s all changed as of today.  A new report has Gregory Jacobs attached as director, even though it was previously speculated that Channing Tatum and producing/writing partner Reid Carolin were thinking about co-directing.  Jacobs has been Steven Soderbergh’s First Assistant Director for quite some time, so with Soderbergh remaining as executive producer, it makes sense to have Jacobs at the helm.  Though we’re still waiting for an official announcement, The Playlist also has word that the sequel will be titled Magic Mike XXL. Make of that title what you will.  The important part is that the fan-favorite film, and surprise box office hit of 2012, is keeping the party going strong.


    …and yet Dredd STILL can’t get a sequel… :(

    • white

      Because one was successful financially, and the other was called Dredd. I’m not saying which it’s fair, but them’s the facts.

      • DNAsplitter

        Well Judge Dredd wasn’t exactly successful, but more successful than Dredd.

    • DNAsplitter

      Good, that was a cheap piece of garbage in my opinion anyway. The blood looked like fruit juice, the acting was smug and crappy. The main character was unlikeable and should have died. Lena Headley looked bored. I was laughing more at the movie and its incompetence. Karl Urban does good Clint Eastwood impersonations.


        Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…. Sooooo funny :)

      • DNAsplitter

        Hey just my honest opinion. Laugh at it all you want, just like i laugh at the critics who gave this cheap jack garbage a good rating.

  • DNAsplitter

    No more Magic Mike, please no, no more channing tatum stripping. I want my Showgirls sequel then. Steven Sodenbergh is retiring because he’s all pissed off at Hollywood and how they treat him so badly giving him sequels to his Ocean’s movies.

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  • lightenup69

    Darn. I was hoping for Magic Mike XXL they might need some hefty middle aged guys like myself. I will have to wait for Magic Mike 3X