MAGIC: THE GATHERING Coming to the Big Screen Courtesy of 20th Century Fox and Simon Kinberg

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The latest pasttime to make the transition onto the big screen looks to be Magic: The Gathering.  The card game, which celebrated its 20th anniversary of its first publication last year, represents a battle of wizards known as “Planeswalkers” who deploy cards depicting spells, artifacts and creatures in order to defeat their opponents.  The Magic community remains strong, with professional players participating in an organized tournament system.  It’s no surprise then that Fox has worked out a deal with Hasbro to adapt the popular game, tapping Simon Kinberg to produce and develop the property into a franchise.  Hit the jump for more.

magic-the-gathering-cardAs Heat Vision reports, Kinberg will shepherd the building of a Magic: The Gathering adaptation into a cinematic universe, as is the business model these days.  That model makes a lot of sense here, as it does in the world of comic books, since a number of expansion packs and new editions have been revealed over the years.  20th Century Fox already has faith in Kinberg, having signed him to a three-year first-look deal to build a Marvel-style universe with their Fantastic Four and X-Men properties.  With their comic properties apparently well in hand, the studio’s decision to adapt the fantasy card game into a similarly sized universe points to their intention to build up a Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit type franchise.  Other than those lucrative adaptations (and that of television’s Game of Thrones), fantasy has been a tough sell in theaters in recent years.  Perhaps this news, and the current Warcraft adaptation, are signs that the trend may be changing.  Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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  • Steven Ray Morris

    about time.

  • Brenno

    Fucking epic news!
    Fantasy movies have traditionally fallen short only because they can’t help but cheese it up and use tacky effects. If a fantasy movie is done right (eg lotr, harry potter), it can make for an awesome movie experience.
    If they put their full backing behind this source material it can be a real bankable franchise for them…and hopefully entertain us along the way


    finally!!!!! this is going to take one HELL of a director to pull off correctly though


      also am i the only one that thinks its kind of hilarious that you have to call the cinematic universe that will bridge fantastic four and x-men “marvel-style”?

      • LEM

        Two tomatoes are walking down the street, after awhile one is lagging behind so the one in front runs back and steps on the other and yells “KETCHUP”.

  • Steven

    I had a vision of the Dragonball movie. I know this is nothing like that but still a rather scary thing to be reminded of.

  • Person

    Give it the right budget and director, and this could be great. Get cold feet in either of those two aspects, and this is gonna be direct-to-video material.

  • Melacanth

    Yay! Please do the odyssey cycle! I miss Chainer, or maybe Onslaught!!!!! woot woot

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  • Kevin

    They already made a Yugi:Oh movie…

  • 12345

    Lol. I am surprised with all these positive reactions. As a MTG fan, I can’t say that I’m thrilled. I think we have a new Battleships movie on the horizon and I expect it to sink as fast.

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