Christopher Nolan “Can’t Talk About” Possible Batman Cameo in MAN OF STEEL; But Hey, Watch This Lego Version of the DARK KNIGHT RISES Trailer

     December 12, 2012

dark knight rises lego bane

A rumor surfaced late last month that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was in serious negotiations with Warner Bros. to take on the role of Batman starting with Justice League—maybe even earlier, with the hint of a Batman cameo in Man of Steel this summer.  Gordon-Levitt’s representation was quick to deny the rumor, and “no” will be the official word for the near future regardless of the truth behind the rumor.  Movieline decided to ask Christopher Nolan—caretaker of the Batman franchise and producer on Man of Steel—directly if Gordon-Levitt or any actor might appear as Batman in Man of Steel.  Nolan smiled and responded:

“I can’t talk about that.  You know that.”

Nolan didn’t flat out say no like Gordon-Levitt’s reps.  Make of that what you will.

In the meantime, if you’re in the mood for something more tangible from the greater Batman universe, watch a fan recreation of the Dark Knight Risestrailer in Lego after the jump.

 Catwoman’s jail flip was made for a Lego re-enactment.

lego dark knight rises batman mask

lego dark knight rises stadium

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  • R.C.

    Surprise Motha Fucka

  • Chriz Nolan

    “You know I can’t talk about that cause I got this cock in my mouth squire. Let me spit it out for ya. Twaaa! There you are guv’. Oy-you better believe Levitt’ll be in that film — there’s money to be had. That’s why I’m givin a gentleman’s rimmer to this bloke. He offered me six pence to do it he did.”

  • josheli

    If they really have a non-Bruce Wayne Batman in The Justice League, then they just fucked up big time. They would never be able to explain away the fact that Bruce Wayne would be out there somewhere in the world dating Catwoman, while all of these magical and cosmic forces threaten the Earth. If they do, then they are idiots. Or they think you are. If Batman IS in The Man of Steel, it will be an obscure reference, or a cameo. It will not be the full on cameo you think it is. Also, is William Blake even a character from the Batman universe? Because Robin was never the actual NAME of that character. And they said in The Dark Knight Rises that William Blake’s birth name was Robin.

    So what, Robin’s going to be Batman? If he’s Nightwing, I’ll accept that…but that’s still stupid, because it should be Batman fighting with the League. The other problem is that The Man of Steel (which looks awesome, by the way) looks just as gritty as Nolan’s trilogy. So how are they really going to reboot Batman, because it looks like it sort of could exist in the same universe.

    I think they’ve fucked themselves. Or boxed themselves into a corner.

  • Jon

    My guess is, it will not be Gordon-Levitt. I think most people are right that it just doesn’t make sense, unless DC’s plan is to build a DC movie universe somewhat independent of the comic universe. I’d be fine with that but I know tons of fans wouldn’t.

    The question posed was ” if Gordon-Levitt or any actor might appear as Batman in Man of Steel.” His cheeky response implies ‘yes’ or ‘we’re thinking about it’. Otherwise, he would have just said no. But I don’t think it will be Gordon-Levitt.

    My bet is that any reference to Batman would be made in a post credit scene a la Marvel movies. Otherwise, I think it would be a bit distracting. If it were my movie, I wouldn’t want to take the audience out of it with that little nod.

  • Mike R.

    I think using JGL in Justice League is terrible. First off, if it wasn’t for Bruce Wayne’s immense wealth Batman would hardly be able to carry on. At the end of TDKR, Wayne was broke and didn’t leave JGL anything but the keys to the batcave. Bruce Wayne is Batman and Batman is Bruce Wayne, THE END. They will be off to a terrible start if they try changing that. If they do want to continue off Nolan’s trilogy, they should throw ridiculous sums of money at Christian Bale to get him to return and he could just come out of retirement (in the story). WB has one hell of a pickle to solve here but nothing is impossible. I just want to see a live action justice league for God’s sake.

  • J-Rock

    Maybe they could have a story to where JGL’s character dies while fighting crime in Gotham and that makes it to where Bruce Wayne has to come back and protect the city.