MAN OF STEEL Easter Eggs and DC Comics References You May Have Missed

     June 17, 2013


Judging by the film’s swell box office success, a vast majority of the moviegoing public saw Man of Steel this past weekend.  Response to director Zack Snyder’s take on the legendary superhero has been decidedly all over the map, but it certainly seems like this iteration of Superman—and possibly that larger DC Comics Movie Universe—is here to stay.  Snyder and writer David S. Goyer have already been enlisted to tackle a fast-tracked Man of Steel sequel, and that film will pave the way for Justice League and further DC comics adaptations, including Wonder Woman and Aquaman films that Warner Bros. is reportedly revving up.

During their numerous interviews on the Man of Steel press tour, Snyder and Goyer have made no secret of the fact that the world of Man of Steel is not exclusive to Superman—other superheroes exist in the same universe.  This is Warner Bros.’ answer to Marvel’s incredibly lucrative series of films, and Snyder and Goyer went so far as to include a number of Easter Eggs and hints at other DC characters within Man of Steel itself as a tease of what’s to come.  In case you missed some of these quick geek-friendly references, hit the jump to read a comprehensive roundup. [Warning: Spoilers Ahead]

First off, here is Goyer explaining how Man of Steel exists in a shared universe and noting that the events of the film open the door for other superheroes to step forward:

“It is our intention that, in success, [Man of Steel] would be the zero issue and from this point onward, possible films could expand into a shared universe. In our world, the Man of Steel world, Zack has gone on record saying that we’re implying there are other superheroes in this world. But I don’t know that they’ve come forward yet. The idea is that Superman is the first one. There might be people helping people, but not in costumes, and that Superman comes forward and announces himself to the world. In him announcing himself, he’s the one that changes things.”

A big hat tip to /Film for spotting and expanding upon many of the below Easter Eggs and references.

LexCorp and Wayne Enterprises


The two biggest Easter Eggs that most people knew about going into Man of Steel involve two of the most well-known DC Comics characters: Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne.  Luthor’s presence is the most prevalent, as the LexCorp logo is seen twice within the context of the film: once on the top of a building and again blasted on the side of an oil tanker that is used as a weapon during the climactic Superman/General Zod fight. [Update: A few eagle-eyed readers have alerted us that the LexCorp logo is also seen on the truck that drops adult Clark off at Martha's house when he comes back to visit.]

Obviously, Snyder and Goyer will be making future Superman films, and what’s a Superman franchise without the character’s arch-enemy, Lex Luthor?  Whether we’ll see Luthor as the primary baddie in the direct sequel is still unknown, but I’d be shocked if the character didn’t at least make an appearance in Man of Steel 2, even if we only glimpse Luthor as a seemingly straightforward businessman.  Snyder and Co. had no qualms about switching up many of the Superman staples in Man of Steel, so I’m eager to see what their take on Lex Luthor entails.

The other major Easter Egg seen in Man of Steel has less to do with the Superman franchise and more to do with the DC Movie Universe as a whole.  Again, during the Superman/Zod fight in the film’s third act, the two trade blows in outer space.  As Superman approaches a satellite (that he also uses as a weapon), we see the Wayne Enterprises logo blasted on the side.  This is Snyder’s way of confirming that, yes, Bruce Wayne and therefore Batman exists in the exact same world that Superman inhabits.

Christopher Nolan has been adamant that his Dark Knight trilogy stands alone, so the Man of Steel Bruce Wayne is not the same character we saw in Nolan’s three films, but instead will be a rebooted iteration of Batman that we’ll see in a standalone Batman film, Justice League, and possibly even a World’s Finest feature.



One of the more subtle references in Man of Steel hints at the existence of Superman’s cousin, Kara Zor-El a.k.a. “Supergirl”.  When Clark Kent first stumbles upon the Kryptonian scouting ship that becomes his Fortress of Solitude, he finds a series of cryotubes.  One of the tubes is shown to be occupied by a mummified corpse, but the camera lingers on another tube that has been opened and is empty.  This empty tube isn’t specifically addressed in the film, but we can surmise that one of the ship’s Kryptonian inhabitants vacated the ship alive, which means there’s another Kryptonian somewhere out there.

Speaking with Crave Online, producer Deborah Snyder specifically pointed out the empty pod as having possible ramifications for the future:

“You know what’s interesting, and I don’t know and I’m not going to say what it means or anything, but the one thing if you look closely when Henry’s going through the Fortress of Solitude there’s an empty… you know all the bodies… the pods? There’s an empty pod. I’m not going to say what, or if, it means anything but there is an empty pod there.”

Man-of-Steel-imageWhen asked directly if the character she was referring to was Supergirl, Snyder responded, “No. [Laughs] I’m not going to say anything but, it’s a thing.”  Goyer elaborated on the sequence while speaking with AICN, saying there was debate over whether to leave it in the film or not:

“I will say that I did intentionally leave some loose ends, not as sequel bait, but just because I thought they were interesting. I don’t know if anyone that’s viewed the film has picked up on this yet, but when Clark goes into the scout ship, which sort of becomes the Fortress of Solitude, you see four cryogenic sarcophagi for the crew that piloted that ship 18,000 or 20,000 years ago. There’s a shot there – and, it’s funny, at one point Zack took it out, but I cried ‘Uncle!’, and he put it back in. But you see there are four pods: three of them have skeletons in them, but one is open and there is no skeleton. Zack had missed it the first time he read the script. I pointed it out to him, and he was like, ‘Okay, that’s interesting. That’s an interesting loose end.’”

Given that Goyer was so intentional about the open pod, I wouldn’t be surprised to find the payoff from that shot somewhere in Man of Steel 2.

S.T.A.R. Labs and Cyborg


While the superhero character Cyborg is never specifically addressed in Man of Steel, the company responsible for the character’s transformation, S.T.A.R. Labs, is.  Richard Schiff’s scientist character, Dr. Hamilton (also from the comics), is very briefly identified as an employee of S.T.A.R. Labs, and Goyer previously made the connection between the company reference and Cyborg, telling MTV “We make a reference to S.T.A.R. Labs at one point, that’s kind of a connection to Cyborg.”  Whlie it doesn’t sound like Goyer and Co. have big plans for the Cyborg character anytime soon, S.T.A.R. Labs most definitely exists within the shared DC Movie Universe.

Carol Ferris/Star Sapphire


The inclusion of Carol Ferris in Man of Steel is an interesting decision.  Ferris is played by Christina Wren in the film, and is seen as secondary military officer throughout the pic’s military-focused scenes.  She has a notable line towards the end of the film wherein she calls Henry Cavill’s Superman “kind of hot,” and many are now taking this as a reinvention of the DC Comics character.  Ferris is best known as the love interest of Hal Jordon aka Green Lantern (played by Blake Lively in WB’s failed Green Lantern pic), but the character also moonlights as a sometimes supervillain/superhero called Star Sapphire.

Again, we don’t necessarily know if Snyder and Goyer have bigger plans for Wren’s iteration of the character or if she was just included as a fun nod to comics fans, but it’s very clear that all involved have made a concerted effort to open the Man of Steel universe up to characters from a number of DC comics.

Booster Gold/Blaze Comics


Possibly the deepest reference of the bunch, the logo for Blaze Comics is seen on a far away building when Superman and Zod are flying towards each other in the film’s third act.  In the DC Comics world, Blaze Comics is a company that publishes the Booster Gold comics, which center on a time-traveling character from the 25th century.  He’s a sometimes member of the Justice League and first popped up in the mid 1980s, but given the obscurity of the reference, one imagines this was simply reward for die-hard fans and not necessarily a hint of things to come.

Lana Lang


While not explicitly an Easter Egg, the inclusion of Clark Kent’s teenage love interest Lana Lang was so brief that it could technically qualify as one.  Jadin Gould played the character in the film, and she was only glimpsed in flashbacks to Clark’s childhood in Smallville.  The most striking appearance of Lana comes on the school bus, as she catches Clark’s eyes as he lifts the vehicle out of the water.  It’s possible that further sequels could include more flashbacks, but Superman’s origin story was retooled heavily by Snyder and Goyer so there’s no telling what kind of purpose Lana serves in Clark’s life in the Man of Steel universe.

Surely there are more Easter Eggs that have been missed, so if you think you spotted something or have an interesting theory on one of the aforementioned references, sound off in the comments below.



    wait so how did the empty pod become linked to supergirl? wouldn’t whoever left it be 20,000 years older than clark?

    • Tim Miller

      If I remember correctly, Super Girl is not really Superman’s cousin but is from Krypton and was in a cryogenic sleep. Therefore, she would never age as long as she slept. So it is possible that Clark would be physically older than her.

      • Murdoch

        Especially if she JUST got out a few days before the ship was discovered. If he’s still around, I’m sure Jor-el can explain how that happened. But with no more fortress and no more black USB, i don’t think we will ever see Jor-el again.

      • Richard Whereat

        You do not remember correctly. She is literally Kal Els cousin. This is addressed as her having played with Kal as a baby, and their fathers having a family tiff.

      • croc

        do you also remember the scene when Lois is walking through the heat vision blasted tunnel? she hears footsteps/noises closeby which startles her when Clark is pretty far away in the cryogenic chamber. that could be Supergirl/Kara getting out.

      • Richard Whereat

        I have not seen it yet because they’re being c***s. It is released in Australia on the 27th. I’m going to find a decent copy on usenet before then.

      • MightyFooda

        Golf clap for you, nice deduction! Clark’s etrance may have awakened her

      • CoolEl

        Also the fact that the ships lights and security system were activated when he just got on the ship, i doubt any power source runs for 20,000 years the electricity bill would be mad

      • Javan Clark

        Even more to that point… Zod claimed a distress beacon had been activated. By whom? Not Clark… he activated Jor EL who then took control of that ship. Seems a lot more likely that SuperGirl or whomever was in that pod activated the signal.

      • John Hoskins

        Was Brainiac not created buy jorel could the whole supergirl thing be a rouse to hide his entrance into the franchise not hers or hell maybe both of them shared the same pod.Brainiac as a self replicating nano particle or something like that.

      • Kent Clark

        Yeah and she just fucked off, dealt with the superpower blues(the weird crazy superpowers going nuts thingie) and sat on her ass on an alien planet? She didn’t try to contact Zod or Kal? The only people from her own planet? She didn’t side with Zod or Kal? What a bitch.

      • Doug

        Keep in mind we’re talking about 50 years of continuity here. I’m sure at one point she IS his blood cousin, and at some other point, she ISN’T.

      • Richard Whereat

        She was originally a clone/hybrid thing from superman that Lex made. That was in the old continuity. Now she’s the more traditional cousin.

      • Joe

        No….she was his cousin in the old days. I’m 64 and read all the DC comics faithfully. Supergirl was his cousin. She had a supercat also, Streaky was his name if I remember correctly. FYI I also remember that Lex Luther hated Superman because as teens, Lex was conducting an experiment with chemicals that started a fire. Superboy blew out the fire, but the chemicals caused Lex to go bald. He blamed Superboy for this. Today, he would just go to The Hairclub for Men.

      • DappaKappa

        KRYPTO was supposedly the guinea-pig for a test vehicle sent up by Jor-EL and left in orbit and followed the wake of the escape craft until it reached a yellow sun and the pooch followed the scent of it’s master.
        (Like Laika )

      • Richard Whereat

        That’s the continuity before the one I’m talking about.

      • Michael Do

        You’re correct. She’s Kal El’s older cousin. She was already a teenager when Kal left Krypton.

    • kdub

      DC comics released a “prequel” comic a couple of weeks ago that explains why there is a link to Supergirl. Makes waaaay more sense once you read this.

    • Mark Soto

      Also time does not move the same on krypton as it does on earth. I think it is in the original movie they point this out when Clark finds the Fortress of Solitude and Jor-el says something like “by now I have been dead many thousands of your years”

  • croc

    there was one more LuthorCorp sign on the bus Clark got out from when he came back to visit Martha…not sure why LuthorCorp would run bus companies though….

    • feloniousmax

      Because it was an 18 wheeler not a bus, and it is LexCorp.

      • Murdoch

        Right! I can’t believe people missed that!

      • croc

        cheers for the correction…kept thinking back to the Smallville episodes where it was LuthorCorp and not LexCorp.

      • L”x” Corp

        I remember on the last episode when Lex * SERIOUS SPOILERS ALERT!!!* (if you haven’t seen the end of Smallville this ruins a big piece of it)
        Wakes up having just forgotten everything that ever happened on the show(this annoyed me a lot, he was great character and doing this means that 10 years of character development is GONE and it felt like they were doing it just to align its continuity to the comics) The Luthorcorp sign is shown as it the camera pans out and the Luthor corp sign falls apart losing everything from Luthor except the L, due to damages and the girders fall to form an “X” which I thought was actually some pretty cool foreshadowing (had some cool ambiance music playing too, I just rewatched that scene to remember better it and loved it) REGARDLESS of them ruining the best T.V and Movie Lex ever and probably one of my favorite versions even when compared with most of his comic iterations(but not all).

      • RiddleThemThis

        Amazing, this is the only one that I actually noticed.

  • diles1

    Another Lexcorp egg: the trailer truck that drops Clark off at his mother’s after Lois visits her has Lexcorp written on it.

  • Canary

    No, it wasn’t a bus…it was more like a transport truck making it’s way across Kansas.
    I barely saw the W on the satellite, let alone “Wayne Enterprises”, I was paying attention. Also, those things that followed Jor-el and Lara around, and talked, reminded me of Booster Gold’s sidekick…

    • y

      The robots following them around were Kelex and Kelor. Actual characters from the comic book.


    I saw the Wayne Enterprise Easter Egg but the Super Girl
    One poped in my head when I herd it! It was hard to keep track of all
    Of it but now I get where it’s all going. I’m 100% sure JL will have a big budget
    Once they finish up this sequel and it get’s bigger turn out than this! You
    can say what you want,but this was a success all around the globe
    and this will keep people coming back all summer to see this!

    • Hardly a Masterpiece

      It hasn’t even opened all around the globe yet, and in order for it to do REALLY well it needs to avoid a significant drop-off this week – which is unlikely due to World War Z and (mostly) Monsters University. Look at things objectively for once in your life.

    • Hardly a Masterpiece

      Also, Mr Leeory: Do you by any chance know if there is a Chris Nolan impersonator that i can hire to come to my house, gather my family in the living room, drop his pants and start pissing in my open mouth while yelling “ACTION”? I’d really like that, in fact, i’m pretty sure that it’ll be the best birthday ever! I’m willing to pay $300 cash. $350 if he can make it taste like asparagus.

  • Bryan Wade

    Has anyone noticed that on Krypton they included the exploded Kryptonian moon of Wegthor? If I remember right it was blown up by Jax Ur who was a precursor to Zod and the first Phantom Zone criminal…

  • LAME

    How about Christopher Reeve’s face when Supes is under the World Engine? (Henry Cavill’s face briefely transforms into Reeve’s)…

    • LAME

      Also the “Sullivan” sign during the flashback when some guys are bullying teenage Clark.

      • EDz Ciasico

        As a fan of Superman’s Smallville universe. One noticeable easter egg was a reference to the Sullivan family. Chloe’s family name. The scene where clark was bullied but he control his temper, then he unconsciously bent the steel railings. Maybe the Smallville universe coincide with the man of steel universe. Just sayin

      • MightyFooda

        They are completely different!

      • EDz Ciasico

        Well.. Earth 1, Earth 2, and Earth 3 are completely different! If you are a comic book fan, you would understand, that cross over can happen… AND THE OLD SUPERMAN SERIES WAS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! :D

      • MightyFooda

        I like how you assume I don’t read comics. I have been reading them for 25 years and one of my all time favorites is Crisis of Infinite Earths. You were saying that Smallville coincides with Man of Steel. That is saying they are the same timeline. Obviously, the timelines are so GIGANTICALLY different that this can not be the case. As far as a jump between universes, you can’t honestly believe they are going to do a crossover between a shitty WB Tv series and MOS. ESPECIALLY since Zack Snyder hates Smallville (just listen to interviews where he talks about recent versions of Superman that are ashamed of who he is, ashamed of his costume, he is talking about Smallville). I will assume you did not understand my statement or I was off about yours, as I am not going to assume you are an idiot. As you should not assume I am not into comics. Shit man, I fucking draw comics!

      • EDz Ciasico

        I am not saying that you are not a comic fan, I’m just laying all my cards. I respect you as a comic artist. I was stating the possibilities of some characters adaptation. DC bought Chloe’s character already, so they might as well put that to use. I’m just referring to some smallville character, not a the whole Smallville universe. I always keep an open mind. Appreciate the reply man. Peace! :)

      • LAME

        Actually, after introducing Chloe Sullivan in “Smallville”, DC comics took the character and took her to the pages of the Superman comics. I don’t know if she exists in the new 52, but she was definitely on paper! :)

      • EDz Ciasico She already has her own Comics from DC. And she works in the Daily Planet.

      • Director

        ofcourse it would, its the same place haha smallville kansas lol.. its called reference

    • Strong Enough

      omg. you are reaching. he face doesn’t change. you people need to stop it

      • LAME

        Yeah, I know that “easter” seems forced, but you have to be kind of blind in order to think that there is no face transformation. I mean, he doesn’t even look like Cavill during those seconds. You can clearly see how he morphs… or whatever his face does.

      • Director

        hahaha “morphs” sorry dude, but there aint no morphin time there// ill post a link

      • max

        I would say the same thing…..but…..I saw it too and I thought it must
        be deliberate….take a look again, maybe you’ll see the same….but don’t doubt it yet.

      • Strong Enough

        no way WB would spend CG money to do that. all of you are high

      • Tonic24k

        You would know what WB would do?? I saw this, too. And to see the movie, think that independently, and then see other people saying the same thing online…you’re the one that’s high.

      • Strong Enough

        yes but other people are callin you guys idiots!

    • LAME

      Another “easter”: After rescuing Lois from the capsule, when they land, they are kind of dancing (while still floating). That scene looks exactly the same as in Superman Returns, when Supes takes Lois up in the air on Daily Planet’s roof top.

      Side note: I loved the “love story” of ‘Returns’.

      • pk

        good to know there are people out there who liked superman returns

      • Director

        lol agreed

    • Superfan

      Yeah I noticed that too. However, I do not think the open pod is due to Super Girl. Traditional Canon holds that Kara was on Krypton and like Kal was sent into space moments before the implosion. Furthermore, the “steps” that Lois heard was not steps but the brief scuffle between Kal and the bot.

  • Joe

    I bet none of you caught this Easter egg.
    7-11 exists in the same world as Smallville and Metropolis.
    Crossover of Mr Freeze as a Superman villain?

    • Max Exter

      Naw. You’re thinking of Mr. “Big” Gulp.

  • Guest

    probably i’m just looking too much into things, but that whole scene
    where kal and lois get inside zod’s ship and then kal starts feeling
    weak due to the ship having krypton’s atmosphere set as default, and
    later jor el’s hologram reverse it to earth’s atmosphere, reminded me to
    the original superman films, where superman does a similar stunt in the
    fortress of solitude, using a device that apparently was stripping
    supes from his powers but in reality it was stripping zod, ursa and non
    from theirs.

  • Charlie

    The general uses the password “trident” on the phone once – perhaps an aquaman easter egg.

    • NephewOfAnarchy

      Hey and yeah, there’s also some water in the film. Clearly they are laying the groundwork for Aquaman.

      • anderbrock


      • Max Exter

        Actually, I thought that the whales appearing after the oil tanker explosion might have been an Aquaman reference. I would expect him to make some sort of appearance after a situation like that.

  • Mandy

    Except Christina Wren is credited to playing a character called Carrie Farris and Star Sapphire’s real name is CAROL FERRIS. So I don’t see the connection. Wren doesn’t even look like Carol, who was based off of Elizabeth Taylor. Eat it Collider!

    • Javan Clark

      Yeah, ’cause Carrie isn’t short for Carol, right?

    • Javan Clark

      Yeah, ’cause Carrie isn’t short for Carol, right?

  • Rosencrantz

    Alessandro Juliani was also in the film as Emil Hamilton’s assistant, when in “Smallville” he actually was Emil Hamilton!

    • Edd

      I know! When I saw him I was like: NO WAY!

    • kara

      The actor who played Jax-Ur was also from ‘Smallville’. he played Lex Luthor’s clone in ‘Smallville’. Sullivan’s Truck and Tractor Repair, Alessandro Juliani and Mackenzie Gray. ‘Smallville’ nods?

  • sense11

    I just saw it again, this movie just gets better with each viewing :)

  • Liffey

    There was a scene where a guy was playing piano, and I’m pretty sure it was the villain Chandell from the old Batman series.

  • Dan Mishkin

    In the movie, the character of Colonel Harper is identified in military speak as “Guardian.” Jim Harper is a cop who becomes a costumed hero by that name in some 40s Simon and Kirby comics, and a version of the character appeared in Superman continuity decades later.

    • Javan Clark

      Pretty sure his name was Hardy. The name was an obvious reference, but I believe that’s as far as it goes.

      • Dan Mishkin

        Just checked IMDB and you’re right. I guess we’ll put him alongside Carrie Farris. I didn’t miss Deanna Printz or Willy Watson, did I?

      • Javan Clark

        Lol. Maybe!

        I do agree that the Ferris reference was in fact a legit Easter Egg. It’s all too neat. Air Force, Carrie Farris… that happened for our benefit.

      • Javan Clark

        Lol. Maybe!

        I do agree that the Ferris reference was in fact a legit Easter Egg. It’s all too neat. Air Force, Carrie Farris… that happened for our benefit.

      • Dan Mishkin

        Just checked IMDB and you’re right. I guess we’ll put him alongside Carrie Farris. I didn’t miss Deanna Printz or Willy Watson, did I?

    • Javan Clark

      Pretty sure his name was Hardy. The name was an obvious reference, but I believe that’s as far as it goes.

  • Solitude101

    Anybody catch the name of the bully that was yelling to young Clark and shoved him against the fence? His jacket had the name Alex… maybe short for Alexander… which is Lex’s real name. Hmmmmm?

  • Moohika

    I haven’t heard anyone mention this, but when Clark is in Fortress before he saves Lois, for a brief second he looks at a frozen block of ice, and there is clearly something, a dark human like figure frozen behind it.

  • 80sRobot

    There’s an official prequel comic that focuses on Supergirl. It was released to early ticket buyers through Walmart, I believe. I haven’t read it yet (I have a digital copy), but maybe it answers whether she’s the one who was in the empty stasis tube?

    • The Silver Fox

      Yes, it answers the questions about Supergirl being on Earth…and touches on when the Kryptonians were expanding throughout the universe.

      • Joe

        The fact that there thousands of scout ships were sent throughout the universe could mean there could be other Kryptonian tech, World Engines, Genesis chambers etc. still in existence right?

  • Joe

    I just watched it again a second time. I’m sure Richard Shiff’s character, Dr. Hamilton was introduced by Colonel Hardy as being from DARPA and not S.T.A.R. Labs.

    For those who didn’t like the movie the first time you saw it (me!) I highly recommend watching it again. I appreciated it much more the 2nd time around.

    • WAldenIV

      Did he get sucked into the phantom zone at the end? Lois jumped/fell off the plane, but I think Dr. Hamilton was still on it.

      • mike_thoms

        Yeah, seems as if he was which is a real bummer. I always liked the Prof. Hamilton character in the comics/cartoons/Smallville (where he was played by the guy who was Felix Gaeta and also was in Man of Steel)

        Maybe they’ll get him out of the Phantom Zone in the next movie?

      • Joe

        I doubt that he would be able to survive in the Phantom Zone assuming he survived going through the black hole.

      • rainwash

        If anyone could figure a way to escape the PZ, Hamilton would be on that list.

    • Nathaniel Haywood

      Yeah, you are right about Hamilton being from DARPA. I will say, though, that I liked it less the second time. The lack of character development was more prominent and the fights seemed way too long since I had seen them once before (especially since no one ever really gets injured – except the surrounding humans and buildings).

      • Joe

        Such a strange and divisive movie this has been hasn’t it. Overall i think it was good and definitely warrants sequels and JL development. :)

  • Jason

    Why did Zod ask for Lois to board his ship? There was no reason for her to be retrieved. It was a crappy plot point used as a way for her to escape and help Superman escape. But if Superman was weakened on the ship by the environment, it’s the environment and not the sun that power him? What about the fact that Superman played abortion doctor when he destroyed the chamber full of embryos right in front of Zod, essentially being “Zod” (since Zod’s POV is that only the strong & pure survive – a point raised by Jor El early in the movie)? What about Superman telling people to stay in their respective businesses while he handled two powered Kryptonians only to see the businesses along Main Street in Smallville to be destroyed? Can’t tell me people survived that or the ridiculous destruction in Metropolis. What about the fact they didn’t speak about how they got Superman’s cryo-ship from Kent Farm as per Lois’ suggestion? Superman certainly didn’t go home to get it. Didn’t the US military question Martha Kent as to why @ Kryptonian ships decided to land on her property? Please don’t call a ship Fortress of Solitude when a Fortress doesn’t fly, a spaceship does.

    This movie had more holes than swiss and I absolutely hated everything about this movie. It’s a disgrace to the memory of the character and his rich history.

    • Bob

      Let me help here:
      – It was stated on national TV that Lois Lane knew who the ‘strange visitor’ was. So possible Zod either wanted her b/c he knew he could use her as leverage against Superman? Or so he could probe her mind (as he does to her and Superman) to find the codex.
      – Superman was not used to the harsher Kryptonian environment. Jor-El plainly states that Krypton has a harsher environment than Earth. Ma Kent states that as a baby Clark had a hard time breathing, which ws a function of him getting used to the new Earth environment. Zod also states in his last speech to Jor-El that he would not let his people live on Earth as it is and suffer the pain that Kal-El had to due to the change in environment.
      – Were their embyos on that ship? Either way – Zod is bent on repopulating a terraformed Earth with Kryptonians, killing humanity in the process. What was the alternative? What else was Superman supposed to do?
      – Superman did what he could to shelter the people of Smallville. Do you think telling them to run screaming was a better option?
      – Why couldn’t Superman go and retrieve his cryo-ship? Is that a major plot hole???
      – Kryptonians landed all over Smallville. Who says the military is able to pinpoint that they went specifically to the Kent farm?
      – I’m not saying the movie did not have plot holes, but they were small. And it was a fantastic film.

      • Jason

        -The Codex is absolutely BS. Another useless plot point. What the hell was this skull all about and why was it so important? All I saw was a skull jizzing into the embryos of Kryptonians. Granted the
        connection of Lois to Superman was leaked throughout the news but that doesn’t justify taking her back to the ship at all. Again, it was a simple way to use her as a way for Superman to escape, nothing more.

        - About this environment BS, we all know Superman gets his power from the sun. They decide to through this wrench of environment issues just to make it “believable”. Seems like MAN OF STEEL raided AVATAR’s closet by having people ride flying animals in Krypton and throwing in the “we’re having atmospheric issues” for good measure. Superman had over 30 years to get over it but it took Zod 5 min? Please. Lack of atmosphere didn’t seem to be an issue for Superman when he decided to fly to the edge of space where there’s no atmosphere whatsoever. He seemed happy and “breathing” fine.

        - With regards to terraforming Earth, what’s the point? If Krypton sent
        thousands of ships for exploration and not 1 was able to create a habitable world after their amazing “terraforming”, why the hell would Zod think it would work in this instance (BTW, Zod states he’s a warrior while Jor El is a Scientist. How the hell were these
        brute warriors smart enough to change the Phantom Zone equipment to a Warp Drive? Thought that’s what scientists do, not warriors). Looks to me the scientists messed up big time developing that terraforming machine.

        - Couldn’t stand the embryos-in-a-ship plotpoint as it held the potential for a can of worms. As for Superman playing abortion doctor, the embryos were on the ship AKA the “Fortress” of Solitude that landed over 20,000 years ago that Superman discovers in Canada. The ship was undisturbed for al that time until he showed up. If Superman is supposed to be the only hope for “his people” he should have found a way to acclimate them to this world. If HE could survive, why can’t they?

        - If a group of people as strong as Superman were in town and I were Superman, I would tell them to get the hell out of town. And if the people decided to run screaming, I wouldn’t blame them for
        one bit. That’s when genocide comes knocking on your door. A quiet community suddenly disturbed in such a fashion would certainly cause understandable fear and panic. I wouldn’t tell them to stay in their homes or businesses. That was just insane to me. If he would have at least moved the fight elsewhere, it would have shown that he was thinking about the welfare of others, not just his mom or Lois.

        - Fact is two ships came straight to the Kent Farm to find the Cryo-ship that held Kal El to find the codex (stupid codex). No other reason than that. Can’t say there weren’t looking as Zod was so
        pissed that he flipped the car into the house. If the military noticed this (in real life they would have), they would ask: Why go there? What’s so important there? Must be important if Lois Lane was at the house to. (Hell, ET handled the arrival of an alien better than this turd).

        - Superman’s Cryo-Ship. How was that even picked up by the military? They don’t know where it is except Superman and Ma Kent. Lois knows how to kickoff the phantom zone but needs the ship. Last I checked, Lois isn’t Supergirl nor did she have a spare tow truck lying around. All we see is the ship sitting on a military truck about to be loaded onto a plane. Why didn’t Superman just fly the Cryo-ship to the plane? What the hell was he doing that was so important that he couldn’t do it himself (risking the exposure of his identity)? Wouldn’t that raise questions?

        - Superman killing Zod was a low point that was immediately followed up with a shallow comedic scene involving unmanned
        surveillance plane. People keep comparing Superman to a cop who has to sometimes use lethal force. Difference is a cop isn’t faster than a speeding bullet. If cops we’re they wouldn’t need guns. Why didn’t Superman just cover Zod’s eyes when he was shooting heat vision at a family of idiots? Why stand there when you can, I don’t know, move to the right & out the door? Why didn’t Superman just pull a KILL BILL 2 and rip Zod’s eyes out (or at the very least gouge them)? Killing is ok but eye removal is too much? You can’t heat what you can’t see and you certainly can’t heat without eyes. Since
        solar radiation is what powers Kryptonians, why didn’t Superman just bury Zod deep in the ground and surround him in lead (lead blocks radiation)? He’d be blind and unable to stay powered without the Sun’s Ray. If friggin’ smoke from a terraforming machine can weaken Superman in South Asia, why can’t he do something similar to Zod?

        I love Superman and his history but this movie butchered the character’s image. Amazed people don’t realize what they’re
        watching. Puppets just enjoying the half-assed special effects and glossing over the obvious mistakes the film had.

        Comics Alliance and Mark Waid (writer of SUPERMAN: BIRTHRIGHT and KINGDOM COME) wrote on this as well:

      • Joe

        What was the point of you watching this movie? Unless you’re writing a film thesis, just check your giganto brain at the door next time and enjoy it for what it is…A COMIC BOOK FILM.

      • Jason

        I went into not expecting much and got less than that. Fact is I LOVE comic book movies (Avengers, Spider-man 2, X2) but not all of them are good. Some are downright bad (Wolverine Origins, Green Lantern, X-Men: The Last Stand, Elektra, Spider-man 3, Catwoman and many others). This is about the first AND best superhero we’ve all known: Superman whose ideals, while may be dated, still resonate with me. When I deal with kids, I don’t speak down to them. I give them equal footing as I would an adult. This movie was talking down to the audience that doesn’t question anything and takes it with a pillow in their mouths.
        I felt this movie talked down to it’s audience with its moronic plot (We got punches! We got CGI! We got 20 min of bootleg AVATAR! Why think, turn your brain off and enjoy the eye candy!). There’s a right way and a wrong way to do a film. This is a pure example of what not to do in a film.

      • ron

        as for the killing of Zod, I have 10 comic books on various Superman storylines and in 6 of them Superman kills the villain… Superman does kill but it is justified… such as his killing of Zod is… Zod is programmed not to stop, he even states this himself, he is a soldier and nothing else

      • ron

        furthermore Superman does not even know his own weaknesses at this point… they havent even mentioned if he knows that he cannot see through lead… he knows of no ways that he can stop Zod other than through brute force… he has no knowledge of Kryptonite or Red Sunlight…. for someone who has no idea how to kill someone he does the same actions that Superman does in the death of superman storyline: continued brute force and ends in death

    • don

      they said that colonel hardy is on his way in and superman is in tow… i assume that would mean he is bringing in his own ship… he dropped it off for the military to set up in their own ship and then went to talk to hamilton and swarek

    • john

      zod asked lois to board his ship in order to infiltrate her mind and get information on both superman and earth… superman was not acclimated to krypton’s atmosphere so his body was going into rejection which weakened him severely, just like how ill people can still eat to get energy but still feel to weak to move…. Superman played abortion doctor believing that all Kryptonians were like Zod and his army, the only other Kryptonians that he has ever met, he has no reason to believe that those within the pod would be any different, and they would still be born according to the cortex so many of them would have the same programming as Zod anyways, the taking over of Earth would still occur … also from my recollection no human is killed by superman or military action, all the buildings seem evacuated seeing as they are in metropolis and this things is terraforming, im sure most people have evacuated the buildings that superman is fighting Zod nearby, when the military bombs the town the explosions seem only to encompass the street and not the buildings, only Zod’s actions really seem to kill people….

  • mike_thoms

    One thing I haven’t heard anyone mention yet…the Kryptonian space exploration gear (not the battle suits with the liquid helmet thing) that is shown in Jor-El’s history of Krypton and also when Zod talks about what happened after they got out of the Phantom Zone looks a lot like Lex Luthor’s War Suit from the comic books and Superpowers cartoon

    • HuskSnake

      I saw that too. And i’m thinking that’s going to come into play with so much Kryptonian Technology lying around.

  • Walter

    The film was so bombastic and over the top – I don’t know how anyone saw anything. Are we sure Michael Bay didn’t direct this film?

  • snoop

    could it be Bizarro , Since General Zod was sent to the Phantom zone for trying to create super soldiers ( that became Bizzaros ) I’m just saying.

  • Paul Brooks

    When teenage Clark was getting bullied by, Whitney Fordman? One of the jocks had 52 on his jacket… a nod to the New 52 or to the 52 series back in 2006?

  • Paul Brooks

    When teenage Clark was getting bullied by, Whitney Fordman? One of the jocks had 52 on his jacket… a nod to the New 52 or to the 52 series back in 2006?

  • Kara

    When Superman was fighting with Zod over Metropolis, there was a huge sign board that said “Utopia Casino”. Anthony Gallo owns Utopia Casinos and is, if i’m not mistaken, the first person to bring Kryptonite to Metropolis. So, Kryptonite appearance possibility in Man of Steel sequel?

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  • Cory Clemensen

    In the movie, one of the military characters makes a statement about them having very legitimate reason to be concerned about an ‘alien presence, with possible pathogens’, etc. Superman then states that he’s been on earth for 30 years and has not harmed anyone. Then, the commander says ‘That you know of.’ This is a PERFECT way to bring in Lex Luthor. He could easily be someone who was affected by the radiation blast when Kal El came to earth, and since he was a wealthy ‘city boy’ did not know Clark or grow up with him. With Superman’s outting in this film, Lex could have an idea that Superman was the cause for him to have lost his hair permanently, and therefore have a vendetta against him. I think this is perfect and a way to have Lex Luthor have a very realistic ‘thing’ against Superman. If they do the whole ‘oh, I’m a big corporate boss and I just don’t like good things’ as Lex’s primary source for not liking Superman, it will make him considerably weaker and I will hate it.

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  • jojojo

    BOOSTER GOLD! Am I the only one who would pay to see a Bwahaha JLA era film? Gold, Blue Beetle, Guy Gardner, Fire, Ice, etc.

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  • Michael Do

    I was hoping Lois would play a lesser role as Superman’s romantic lead so that the movies could pursue the current storyline in the DC comics where the romance is between Superman and Wonder Woman.

  • jaw

    You guys are only saying things about super girl and lex what about aqua man there were things said and shown to lead the thought that they are trying to do what marvel did to lead up to avengers now they are doing the same for justice league the nuke thing for the black hole they called it project trident as in aqua man’s trident and the two whales that came for Clark when he was in the ocean with the oil factoring company that was falling in the ocean that would start environmental issues aqua man’s problems

  • Vibe

    Was Jenny, who worked at the Daily Planet, supposed to be the “Man of Steel” version of “Jimmy” Olsen?

  • DappaKappa

    Pedro Albornoz: Many parts of the story seem to loosely mirror the Bible. The Codex and DNA harkens to the story of “Noahs’ Ark” to repopulate after a civilization is wiped out. (I believe it means the DNA of all Kryptonian creatures.)

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  • J. R.

    There was also a LexCorp sign on the side of the building that was being built where Zod and Superman fought

  • Connor

    Pretty sure that Lana Lang featured at the end, where Superman is explaining that he is to help people on his own terms, and the girl next to the general is like “He’s hot”.. That girl looked like the Lana from the flashbacks.

  • jourdan

    The ships looked like something from war of the worlds

  • justin case

    Am i the only one that noticed the dc character/superhero guardian? that captiain from the air force nate something his callsign was guardian as well

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