Embedding THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Blu-ray Countdown Clock Will Unlock MAN OF STEEL “Exclusive”

     November 20, 2012


To help market the upcoming Blu-ray/DVD of The Dark Knight Rises, Warner Bros. is asking fans to share a timer counting down to the release date.  The more people that embed the countdown clock will bring us all closer to getting an “exclusive reward” for Man of Steel, presumably a trailer, clip, poster, or some other form of advertising.  So to recap: Warner Bros. is asking fans to help with marketing so the fans can be rewarded with more marketing.  It would be hilarious if no one embedded the countdown clock and Warner Bros. said, “Fine!  You know what?  We won’t sell Man of Steel to you!  See if we care!”  The arbitrary “percentage” is going to go up no matter what you do.

Hit the jump to help in the marketing effort.  Only together can we make sure that people buy The Dark Knight Rises on Blu-ray and DVD when it stores on December 4th.

Via SHH.

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  • mattedscreen

    I only went along along with this cus I’m a dork

  • tom

    matt goldberg is a faggot

    • Afilmguy

      Congratulations. You’re the first person on the net to insult someone. We all happen to care now and are listening.

    • papasmurf

      Yes, now why don’t you go suck him off now gayboy..

  • Brett

    Would it be hilarious?

  • Can’t Wait

    Can’t wait till they release the version that didn’ t completely suck.

  • Jeff

    I saw something similar with the ‘Iron Man 3′ sneak peek on Facebook. The percentage seemed unrelated to the total number of ‘Likes’ for anyone who watched closely.

  • J

    I feel so dirty sharing something like this for such a shitty movie, but hey, Man of Steel may be worth it.

  • dad

    Embed my middle finger. What’s next? We pay for the trailers??

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