MAN OF STEEL Calendar Unveils New Images; Henry Cavill Says Film Is “Zack Snyder’s Baby”

     May 9, 2013


Interest is running high for Warner Bros.’ upcoming Superman film Man of Steel, and understandably so.  The most recent trailer turned even the most hardened cynics (mostly with regards to director Zack Snyder) into cautious optimists, and early buzz on the film is incredibly positive.  Producer Christopher Nolan’s influence is clearly felt within the pic’s more grounded and serious take on the character, and even though Snyder is the film’s director, many have posited that Nolan had a heavy hand in making the pic.  Nolan himself has previously stated that he was responsible for shepherding the film through development but took a more hands-off approach once actual filming began, and now star Henry Cavill has spoken up to note that Man of Steel is very much Zack Snyder’s film.

Hit the jump to see what Cavill had to say, and to check out some new images from the film courtesy of a couple of Man of Steel calendars.  The film opens in 3D on June 14th. 

man-of-steel-zack-snyder-henry-cavillSpeaking with F*** Movie Magazine (via Screenrant), Cavill talked about Snyder’s influence on the film and the extent of Nolan’s involvement:

“Chris Nolan wasn’t there during the production itself, although I’m not sure how much work was done behind the scenes. I’m sure Zack had a phone call or two with him, but this is definitely Zack’s baby. He was the man in charge, and we created the character together, as opposed to having too many outside influences.”

“It’s a collaborative process and Zack wants us to talk to him about stuff and work with him on his ideas. If you say, ‘how about I do this,’ he’ll say ‘I don’t know if I like it yet, but give it a shot.’”

While Man of Steel certainly has some hallmarks of a Christopher Nolan film (including composer Hans Zimmer), the filmmaker took great care in choosing Snyder as director, so one assumes Nolan had a fair amount of trust in Snyder to deliver the goods on his own.  Obviously as a producer Nolan has been involved somewhat in post-production, but this is very much a Zack Snyder film.  Whether that’s for better or worse is still a matter of contention, but everything we’ve seen thus far sure is promising.

Here are some new images from the film courtesy of a couple of Man of Steel calendars spotted by Superman Homepage (via SHH).  Click to enlarge.







  • Ramone

    Sadly, “Zach Snyder’s baby” is all I need to hear NOT to see it. I suspect many others feel the same. Why would they say something so stupid? They should have waited to boast until after (“IF” that is) it’s won over the public.

    • ikkf

      How about seeing the movie first before condemning it?

      • LolatNolan

        Man when this movie is pilloried by the critics it’s going to be so, so sweet. I’m going to stick it to all of you so, so badly.

        Also, I’m new to this website but is there any truth to the article in the
        Hollywood Reporter that Chris Nolan has been posting here regularly with
        this paragraph : “Also, does anybody know if there is a Chris Nolan
        impersonator that i can hire to come to my house, gather my family in
        the living room, drop his pants and start pissing in my open mouth while
        yelling “ACTION”? I’d really like that, in fact, i’m pretty sure that
        it’ll be the best birthday ever! I’m willing to pay $300 cash. $350 if
        he can make it taste like asparagus.” Because if this is the case
        something is severely wrong with him. LOL at Nolan.

      • Terrible trolling bro

        You are probably the most inept troll on this entire website. Go back to your basement and maybe think about shaving that neckbeard,

      • LolatNolan

        Even though I’m not a troll, isn’t the point of trolling to elicit a response? You seem successfully gotten to.

      • pinkincide

        He didn’t buy your BS for a second and neither is anyone else. Go get a life, loser.

    • Jared Baxter

      “Why would they say something so stupid?” I guess you were hoping that Cavill would say, “I know the credits list Zack as the director, and he was on set every single day, but it was really Christopher Nolan calling all of the shots while Zack brought him food and tea. Looking back, I still don’t how Chris worked on both this and The Dark Knight Rises at the same time. You know what? Maybe he’s really Superman!”

      Snyder IS the director. This has been known for years. It’s not boasting to say that a director’s film is that person’s “baby” because that should be a given. Considering the awesome trailers and positive buzz, why don’t you try liking or hating the movie based on the movie itself?

    • Nick

      You don’t seem to understand that HE has seen it! It’s his baby due to his long opinion which is more satisfying… I actually don’t like Snyder but oh well. This says more positive things about his talent and his care for the movie than if he were to say isAFTER it makes a boat load.

  • vader

    Regrettably, I see where you’re coming from Ramone. Nolan’s trust has been won, Snyder’s hasn’t. Frankly, his track record doesn’t boost heaps of confidence, and that’s the general consensus critically and by fans.

    That said, the trailers have been excellent, and the majority of his indulgences appear absent. Sure, the trailers can be hiding them, but my confidence has steadily risen to cautiously optimistic. He’s clearly a talented dude, and hopefully this is the materiel to bring out his best. Which, appropriately, is the entire point of Superman.

  • Doug

    When I read the headline about the calendar I was hoping for something of the “Amy Adams nude on a bear skin rug in front of a fireplace covered by the cape” variety…Henry Cavill would be in there to give ladies a little somethin’ somethin’

    • Prathap Kutty

      mmm amy adams nude…..

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  • joker2814

    I think the movie will do well.

    • enzofloc

      Well enough. Perhaps even for a sequel hoping they can repeat what Nolan did with TDK. But Marvel is systematically out-muscling DC into the margins. When it comes to comic-book adaptations, Disney gets it. They might be over-reaching with too many projects on the burner, or just simply monopolizing the genre to render WB irrelevant.

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