7 New Images from MAN OF STEEL Starring Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, and Michael Shannon [Updated]

     April 11, 2013


Yesterday, Superman (Henry Cavill) took to the cover of Entertainment Weekly, and now the publication has released seven lo-res images from the superhero’s reboot, Man of Steel.  The article contains new plot details, but I’m trying to stay in the dark on this movie.  Everything I’ve seen so far has pushed me towards doubt (it just looks too dour for Superman), and I want to give the movie a fair shake, so I’ll let the die-hards check out the story.  However, I am willing to look at new images from the movie, and these look alright.  Director Zack Snyder has apparently left his more stylized approach behind to make this Superman movie look relatively normal.  Of course, we’ll have to see it in motion to really get a sense of what he’s going for.

Hit the jump to check out the images.  Hopefully, Warner Bros. will release better-quality versions in the near future.  The film also stars Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne, Antje Traue, and Russell CroweMan of Steel opens in 3D on June 14th. [Update: EW has asked us to take the images down. Hopefully Warner Bros. released high-resolution versions soon.]

removed image

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  • Kaluha

    They made a great effort to bring back Superman. I want this movie to succeed.

  • Sander

    Waking up to this beats hardcore porn any day.

  • Gambit

    Michael Shannon will own this movie. Can’t wait.

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  • ken

    i hate the look of the new suit!

    • Doug

      It definitely takes some getting used to, but I like how the costumes finally have a sci-fi look.

  • Dan

    I can’t get over how uncomfortably tight that Superman costume looks. Why couldn’t they innovate a little on the uniform like they did with Batman? It still looks way old-school.

  • xyzero


  • The Blue Elephant

    Cant wait, what a good cast too. I’m really hoping this is good!

  • Danny

    Cast is electrifying, crew is great (Nolan and Zimmer. Not a Snyder fan). I am sooo hoping that this film will succeed. It has the potential to become one of the greatest superhero films ever, or one of the biggest let downs:: trailers have very little action, Superman wears blue and red, not these dull colors, looks very dour and serious, not true to mythos.

    Anyways, here’s hoping! And btw, looking good Shannon, looking good Crowe!

    • Debo

      What you refer to is not mythos. Mythos revolves around story/canon. Aesthetics are subjective.

      • Nate H

        Are you serious? The colors are absolutely a part of the mythos. They have altered just like Superman’s origin has altered throughout time, but it always comes back to red, yellow, and blue. I think Danny is wrong about the colors because they do adjust, but you’re wrong to say that they’re not part of the Superman mythos.

  • JSM

    Why have they pumped a lot of the colour out of this film? Looks visually drab and depressing! Urgh!

    Other than that, very interested in seeing this!

  • Zimmy

    Fuck you Goldberg.

  • Grayden

    Maybe once Superman realizes how much humanity will eventually come to love and admire him for repeatedly saving their asses, he’ll brighten up his suit. Maybe the sequel. For now, it fits with the tone of the film. It reflects what Snyder, and Nolan, are trying to convey.

  • Alan B

    “I am willing to look at new images from the movie, and these look alright.”

    Oh, thank God Goldberg is “willing” to “look” at images from an upcoming tentpole film. I would have thought that was, you know, his job, but – hey – it seems as if he has given these filmmakers and his readers the privilege of his precious TIME by being “willing to look” at said images.

    • Alan B

      “I want to give the movie a fair shake”

      Also THIS is utter shit. All he has done is whine and whine about the film since … well, forever. He couldn’t even be bothered figuring out whether it was Crowe or Costner who narrated the Comic-Con trailer, so I am calling bullshit on his suggestion that he wants to “give the movie a fair shake”. That’s a pathetic attempt to offload blame when he will eventually pans the film, in which he’ll probably write “gritty” a billion times because he thinks that makes him clever.

    • Matt

      You completely misunderstood how he meant that.

      • Alan B

        Nah, I understood. It’s just that Goldberg’s arrogance and condescension comes through everything he writes.

  • Jack Stiles

    Anddddddddddd ahhhhhh yeah, shannon just passed a turd, like the movie will be.

    cavill looks like no superman, Grimm actor or Routh should be superman

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