New Trailer for Zack Snyder’s MAN OF STEEL

     April 16, 2013


Warner Bros. has released a new trailer for director Zack Snyder‘s Superman film Man of Steel.  There’s a lot to pull apart here in this three-minute trailer, starting with the heroic shots of Russell Crowe who appears to have prescience about his son’s abilities once he gets to Earth.  Then, we see Clark Kent passing through childhood, adolescence and adulthood, all while the expectations of his fathers are heaped upon his broad shoulders.  It’s not all existential as we get the first real hint of action sequences in the film, along with scenes of the menacing Michael Shannon and the tenacious Amy Adams.  And that theme?  There’s quite a bit going on here so be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Hit the jump to watch the new trailer.  The film stars Henry Cavill, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne and Antje Traue.  Man of Steel opens in 3D on June 14th.

Check out the new trailer below:

Here’s the official synopsis for Man of Steel:

In the pantheon of superheroes, Superman is the most recognized and revered character of all time. Clark Kent/Kal-El (Cavill) is a young twentysomething journalist who feels alienated by powers beyond anyone’s imagination. Transported to Earth years ago from Krypton, an advanced alien planet, Clark struggles with the ultimate question – Why am I here? Shaped by the values of his adoptive parents Martha (Lane) and Jonathan Kent (Costner), Clark soon discovers that having super abilities means making very difficult decisions. But when the world needs stability the most, it comes under attack. Will his abilities be used to maintain peace or ultimately used to divide and conquer? Clark must become the hero known as “Superman,” not only to shine as the world’s last beacon of hope but to protect the ones he loves.

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  • Jared


    • Martha

      People were shitting themselves because Superman wasn’t being played by an American but I think that genius. Henry Cavill is an alien in America who’s made it his home just like Superman.

    • Rob

      Coming again to save the mother fucking day yeah!

    • come on

      Come on this looks like garbage!!!!!

  • mark


  • will

    I’m in full-on “please don’t suck” mode now.

    • Dannyboy3030

      What does that mean?

      • Vinícius

        It means that this trailer raised his hopes so high that finding out, on opening day, that in fact all his hopes were up for nothing and the movie “sucks”, would be too much to handle. So he prays that they don’t screw it up because, so far, it looks incredible.

    • dogg

      As long as the plot isn’t about Lex Luther creating a hell continent to make money from real estate, I’m good.

    • Reality Check

      There’s absolutely no way this will be good. Please don’t get your hopes up. This is from the same screenwriter who produced such gems as : demonic toys, Death warrant, Nick Fury: agent of shield, jumper, Ghost Rider 2, the unborn, the dark knight rises, the invisible, the puppet masters and blade trinity. And the director of 300, watchmen and Suckerpunch. Chris Nolan lost his edge after the dark knight. Sorry but I don’t want you all to jump off a bridge after the crushing disappointment of this film. If you want quality cinema this summer, watch Only God Forgives!

      • Leo`

        Somebody can read an IMDB page, good for you!



  • Bob

    MY GOD!!!! Superman is punching somebody inthe FACE!!!!! BOSS!!!!!! This movie is gonna be amazing. I had no doubt after the last trailer, but this has reinforced by attitude that I have no doubt this will amaze!!!!!!!!!

  • Faiz

    Goddammit that was fuckin’ was sublime….

    The glimpses of action shown were hands down breathtaking, Shannon looks in fine form, thankfully they haven’t shown faora, i would like her to be a surprise

    who didn’t grin at the final shot!?

    • Bob

      Not only did I grin, I also jizzed in pants.

    • will

      It’s like Snyder is saying, “Yes, we can indeed confirm that Superman WILL punch someone in this movie, and most likely will not be stalking his engaged ex-girlfriend”.

    • Hunter

      pretty sure i was grinning the entire 3 minutes

    • Bik

      i believe faora is in the New Entertaiment Weekly, check her out.

  • Felipe

    You think your son is safe?! I WILL FIND HIM!!

    • Faiz

      beat me to it

  • RobertTC

    WOW… that was a helluva trailer.

  • Reeact

    Go ahead and give it the Oscar for Best Pic!

    • Hello Marlon Brando & no Christopher Reeves…Looks like 300/Watchman

      • R

        No disrespect to Marlon Brando OR Christopher Reeves, as they are both legends. You however, are a twat.

      • Elvis

        Sorry where you hoping a Bubba Ho-tep type of film?

      • Rob

        It’s Reeve. Reeves would be one George Reeves. Chris Reeve has no S at the end of his last name.

      • sunshine

        yo homes, no offense but pick up a book before you make a comment like that please.

  • Diashi

    I don’t get the ending… “Excuse me” for what?

    • Nell

      Diashi, I think we’re supposed to believe Supes farted….? Kinda makes sense with the speaker blowing out and him saying ‘excuse me’….I think.

      • bidi

        you’re kidding right?

      • Doug

        I was coming here to ask the same question, I applaud Zack Snyder for answering the long asked question of “what would happen if Supes farted?”

      • Nate H

        I can’t tell if you guys are serious or not. I assumed he heard something with his super-hearing that Lois couldn’t hear and then they cut to another scene from another part in the film to make it seem like Supes left to go to battle (when in all likelihood he will leave to take care of something else entirely). That seemed pretty obvious to me…

      • DG

        So yeah I’m about 99% sure Superman didn’t say “excuse me” because he farted. Lol seriously people what the hell..

      • genialsuh

        I hope to god not. I’m already not too keen on this trailer (the others worked for me; less was more), but a flatulent Superman would be the lowest depth of humor they could reach and would absolutely tank this film in my eyes.

  • jarvis3205


  • Sam

    Well…look’s like I have to go take another shower.

  • Shaun


    Just like Batman Begins finally gave me the Batman I wanted to see, I have a feeling this is the Superman movie I’ve waited my whole life for (sorry, Richard Donner).

    Why the hell didn’t WB have this trailer ready last weekend, to play before “42″?

    • choicebuddy

      Totally agree with you. This may just be the Supes I have always wanted but never got. I hope this turns out well and all indications point that way.

  • Alan B


    Too “gritty”, you know, with the FLYING BATTLES and shit. The filmmakers don’t get it, the readers don’t get it. Only I get it. Who gives a shit what anyone thinks? If I think I am funny, then I am HILARIOUS, and EVERYONE ELSE IS WRONG, OK?


    Frost to the rescue. If any of you attack Goldberg. Or call him any names. Or accuse him of being arrogant, I swear I will be super-serious. I swear. Oh, and I heard that Snyder is more of a Clint Eastwood guy than David Fincher director. Fascinating, huh?


    ‘Homeland’ is AMAZING. It’s incredible. It’s the best thing ever created. Yes, it fell a part ONE AND A HALF SEASONS IN, but it’s THE GREATEST THING EVER EVER EVER EVER.

    • Strong Enough

      shut up.

    • DG

      Lmao this is actually quite funny

    • Alan B


      Michael Shannon will never recapture the Ken Marino-like humanism of his Lt. Gooz Wood in ‘Pearl Harbor’, a nuanced psychological portrait of 20th Century America that rejects post-modern nihilism in favor of an ‘Larry Crowne’-like exercise in emotional fulfilment.


      I have to write something, anything, otherwise people would go on living not particularly caring if I have commented or not.


      It doesn’t matter whether anyone laughs at my jokes or not: what matters is ME and whether I LAUGH. Take a look at this slab of Tolkien’s prose.

      “As soon as the raft of barrels came in sight boats rowed out from the piles of the town, and voices hailed the raft-steerers. Then ropes were cast and oars were pulled, and soon the raft was drawn out of the current of the Forest River and towed away round the high shoulder of rock into the little bay of Lake-town. There it was moored not far from the shoreward head of the great bridge. Soon men would come up from the South and take some of the casks away, and others they would fill with goods they had brought to be taken back up the stream to the Wood-elves’ home.”

      I am not going to comment or explain this, but this slab explains why I AM RIGHT AND EVERYONE ELSE IS WRONG … ABOUT EVERYTHING.


      We frost you a Merry Frostmas;
      We frost you a Merry Frostmas;
      We frost you a Frosty Frostmasand a Frosty New Year.
      Good forstings we bring to you and your frost;
      Frost frostings frost Frostmas and a Frosty Frost Frost.

      Also, I have an AMAZING EXCLUSIVE: Christopher Meloni says he likes the David Fincher-style of direction. TAKE THAT NIKKI FINKE. Yes, you get actual exclusives that my staff and I are too lazy/incompetent to get ourselves and we post your exclusives without hyperlink, but we are justified because … well, just because, OK? Also, Simon Pegg is my BEST FRIEND and I am hoping he will spend Christmas at my house this year instead of with his family or something.


      I don’t actually give a shit about what some gimmick interviewer does or does not do. Now leave me alone, please.

  • Chris Nolan Fraud Extraordinaire

    Shite trailer for what looks like a shite film. Too bad. So much potential with the cast.

    • Anthony

      I believe that nobody forces you to watch the trailer and the movie so could you leave the people who love it enjoying it? Thank you. Oh and if you’re not happy, try to do better genuis.

    • twceyeallow121

      You sir, are a quality troll.

      As for the trailer: someone please help me scoop my jaw up of the floor. I can’t think of a better trailer I have seen right now.

    • Toope

      shite comment from a shite fanboy

      • Bv

        And a stupid ass comment from stupid ass troll, What’s your point?

    • blaaaaa

      trolling trolling trolling……..f-ing gimp :D

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  • bidi

    if that’s Hans Zimmer’s new theme, then i foresee myself buying the original score. gave me goosebumps

    • Hk

      I guess they’ll keep both. The first score was so epic, I saw the trailer 10+ times just to listen to it.

    • Steve

      I really like how this trailer was a bit of earlier trailers only taken to the next level. This is sort of what I wish all trailers did – build upon the previous ones. Zimmer’s score is just fucking amazing. I am not a Zack Snyder fan boy. I am not a DC fanboy. I’m not really even a super hero movie fanboy. But this has me totally feeling like an ecstatic fanboy.

  • JW.

    Clark – “Can I just keep pretending to be your son?”
    Pa – “You are my son”

    • Grayden


      • Vinícius

        Manly tears were shed…

      • Reality Check

        LOL at all these guys.

  • GMF


  • Canton

    I was doubting this film from day 1. No trailer yet has sold me until this one. I’ve been a lifelong anti-Superman fan. But I’ll tell you what, the last shot of the trailer gives me what I need; Superman being super.

  • sense 11

    Absolutely Fucking Epic :)

  • Weeks


  • James

    After watching it 100 times i can safely say that is the most epic movie trailer I’ve ever seen. i was sold going in because i’m a total supes fan-boy, but that just sent over the moon it was so sweet. can not wait.
    BTW Supes come on man a little warning before you let one rip lives are at stake dude.

  • teehee

    What awful CGI! The flying effects don’t even look as good as the original Superman. Christ!

    • sense 11

      Stop Using Crack

    • Nate H

      I can see your point of view there; I kind of agree – at least during the action scenes. I think they’re trying to show the intensity of flying at that speed (nothing that moves that fast through the atmosphere is going to have a smooth ride.. The initial takeoff and flight to outer space looked good, though. I think this is going to rock, overall.

    • anon

      finally someone says something REAL

    • Anthony

      Do you only want to see Man of Steel for his CGI? Poor you.

    • Person

      The only time I noticed questionable CGI was when Clark appears to be rescuing people from an exploding ship or whatever the hell it was. Other than that it looks great, can’t wait to see this in 2D.

  • brNdon

    I guess Zak Snyder decided to stop sucking.

  • glitchrepo

    This trailer vs. the other(s): Less was more.

  • Christopher Nolan

    I don’t know what to do with this, but is this DARKSEID and LEX LUTHOR at the end credits??!

  • FLOP

    And this is GREEN ARROW I guess…

  • James

    I too think the CGI is a little spotty. I did like what I seen from the rest of the trailer though. I love Amy Adams and Michael Shannon is great in anything.

  • adam bites

    They finally GOT it RIGHT!

  • Ok

    I’m putting away any bad feelings I had about this movie, because that trailer was amazing! The music was enticing, the acting was pretty solid, the visuals were incredible, and even the effects looked touched up and less noticeable. I was worried when they started throwing all their chips at the success of Man of Steel and began to wait on moving forward with other projects until they got audience reactions (mainly box office results). That means Justice League rests on the shoulders of this film not only in continuity but budget as well. If they aim to make everything from here on out as exciting as that trailer I don’t see how they could have a problem making money (hell it could break records). WB could very well be onto something, and I hope they can handle it with cooled egos and intentions of continuing to make high quality films.

  • Nolan hack fraud whoremonger

    Worst trailer ever? Sucker Punch’s trailer had flare too. We all know how that turned out.

    • Alan B

      ‘Sucker Punch’ was shot with a camera. Look how that turned out.
      ‘Sucker Punch’ featured dialogue in it. Look how that turned out.
      ‘Sucker Punch’ featured CGI. Look how that turned out.

      • Reality Check

        Directed by the same guy swift. The comparison is cogent. Look up cogent in the dictionary. I’ll wait.

      • Alan B

        While I am doing that, should I look up “flare” too?

    • Nolan hack fraud whoremonger

      Also, does anybody know if there is a Superman impersonator that i can hire to come to my house, gather my family in the living room, drop his pants and start pissing in my open mouth while yelling “Up, Up and AWAY”? I’d REALLY like that. . . . in fact, i’m pretty sure that it will be the greatest Birthday ever. I’m willing to offer $300, cash. $350 if he can make it taste like asparagus.

      • Griz

        That sounds like a tasty good time. But why pay money for it? I myself just get my pops to do it for me.

  • DG

    Don’t get me wrong guys, I think hope and think this movie will be fucking fantastic. But I see a lot of overhyping going on right now based off just the trailers, and that’s never really good for a film (see The Dark Knight Rises).

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  • Pubes

    I think I am the only one who was not excited by this trailer. I am not gonna say anything rise until I have seen the movie. Most of Synder’s films have been all flash and no substance…. I hope I am wrong, I really do….
    Iron Man 3 will rule the box office this year…..

    • Chimera

      No, you’re not the only one. It’s kinda weird because for a long time I was rather excited about this movie. But the movie I started to think about it and view the trailers coupled with all of the other films that are coming out for this quote-unquote younger generation, I see a very emo theme to everything. Yes, I get it, that everyone these days both young and old seem to always be finding themselves and we all believe that we as humans face deep dark issues and terrible struggles but everybodies life is not like that where they are so heady all the time searching for something. Batman or the Dark Knight was acceptable in that vain because he was always that kind of character. He was someone dealing with great loss in a world where he could only see the darkness. Superman however, was always supposed to be the other side of that spectrum. He was supposed to be the cheery, central casting guy with good reason: he grew up with two parents (obviously his father would die sooner than his mother), was raised in Middletown, USA (obviously Smallville with family values), while he did begin to develop powers and was told that his real parents had died sometime in his teen years it wasn’t supposed to break him. I think the biggest thing for me in all of these trailers is that he doesn’t (or at least very rarely) smiles in any of them. Both Superman and Clark Kent were the type of personas to smile at the kids and tell them to keep eating their vegetables and were good outstanding citizens which constantly proved they could be trusted not only through their actions but through their visage as they did those things. It actually is reminding me of a Twillight type of thing where he’s always moody and emo because he’s separated from society and has to live differently than everyone else. Or even like those new Axe commercials with the astronaut. Where it’s like “oh yeah sure the guy just save me from drowning or hit the game winning shot but there’s an astronaut. He’s got bravado and character that is appealing.” See to me that was the crux between the two characters. Batman would save you and never really cared about he accolades because he didn’t give a damn about whether you liked him or not, so hiding in the shadows while he did his job was fine. Superman was always the type of hero to not only save you using everything in his power to do so, but he did want the recognition because it HELPED him to fit in and feel a part of this world, if that makes sense. Like in this trailer it seems that he is alienating himself by hiding so much and searching and looking for something which isn’t there. Why would an alien alienate himself? For me Superman always wanted the admiration because it made him feel needed, loved, and apart of our society, though as a note he was just as committed to justice as any other superhero

      • kV8

        Ease up on the drug use buddy…

      • Anonymous


      • blaaaaa

        your boring mate….

      • Steve

        Chimera, I understand your point. But the Superman you are describing has been done over and over and over again. Iconic symbols don’t always make for compelling STORIES. I really have no interest in seeing a movie about a guy who smiles a lot and tells kids to eat their veggies. Seriously? It’s that overgrown boy scout thing that makes Superman a very difficult character to write for.

        It also strikes me that people who complain about angst and emo are people who haven’t been tested much by the trials of life. Finding one’s self is a central theme that many people can relate to. If you haven’t been through it, it’s because you haven’t bothered to. And frankly, that’s rather boring.

      • Reality Check

        “It also strikes me that people who complain about angst and emo are people who haven’t been tested much by the trials of life.”
        Lol. Sure Steve. How about some people are adults and some a sulky hipsters inured of their own narcissum. Give me a f-cking break kid.

      • Sean

        Did you miss the part of the trailer where he was smiling and being polite with Lois Lane who seemed to find him pleasant and not “emo?”

  • Dmula

    Looks like it’ll be my movie of the year,btw if the movie is as good as this trailer there’s probably a 90% chance he’ll be director of Justice League

  • matthew

    its a superman movie if your a fan you should be excited if your not your not a superman fan. i guess if you grew up in the 40′s you be bitching to friends about how crappy superman looks in the comics

  • Chris

    Finally! Donner’s Superman is my all-time favorite movie and this trailer gives me hope my kids will get their generations Superman now! … and I guess I will enjoy it also :)
    Everything here looks right. Even the ship under the snow which will explain the “Fortress Of Solitude” is a new and fresh AND working idea (if it really is a ship of course).
    Can’t wait to see the movie!

    I loved what they did with the Joker in the new Batman movies… showing a first movie without the main villain and putting him in the second one. I hope they will do the same here with Lex Luthor because I love the idea of Superman facing a human villain and Lex is the ultimate enemy of Superman.

    June 14 can’t be here soon enough! ;)


    • MarMat

      How About This:
      Superman Trilogy Villain:
      1 Zod
      2 Lex Luthor
      3 DoomsDay

      And The Death of Superman Ending or like TDKS…. Woohooo chills anyone?

    • DG

      Lex Luthor? Really? He’s been done to death already and is a totally boring villain. He poses no physical threat at all the Superman. Let’s get Doomsday for the next Superman.

      • Anonymous

        And then Braniac for the final movie..!!!!!

  • Snoop Pigeon

    Looks great but the constant fade to black throughout the trailer is so annoying!

    • blaaaaa

      yawn…..anyway moving on

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  • Bill

    I like the part where Superman farts in the interrogation room. Quite epic.

  • RefnFan270

    Only God Forgives traier was better

    • james

      Omg OK we get it… your artsy.

      • Reality Check

        Not everyone’s an anti-intellectual American you know.

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  • Matt

    I think this has less to do with Zack Snyder having a history of sucking than it does Nolan having a history of being a kick ass producer and director!

  • ClarkKent2o6

    Skeptical doesn’t quite cover it… until this trailer. I’m stoked, and can’t wait for June to get here.

  • Andrew

    Great to see a bit more action in there.
    Not completely stoked on the trailer score (not as epic as the previous two on first hearing) but i think it will grow on me,…Zimmer hasn’t let me down yet!
    Hurry up June!!!

  • It’s a trap!

    Looks promising! Can’t wait to check this out. I actually bumped into Russel @ Urban Fair here in Vancouver when they were filiming. Dude has a pretty intimidating stare if you ask me. Look forward to seeing him use it in the film. Oh and the haters and trolls can suck it, lol.

  • Dan


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  • sense 11

    “hell be an outcast, they’ll kill him”

    that’s my favorite line of the trailer, Russel Crowe’s voice sounds so perfect for this

    • Joe

      That line alone was amazing and quite insightful. So what if Superman has powers beyond reason?
      It’s time filmmakers finally embraced that fact and characterized him as indestructible yet relatable at the same time. People WANT to see that. I know I do…

      This trailer, for the 100th time I’ve watched it, is amazing.

      • sense 11

        Agreed and Ive seen it about a 100 times too, its just so epic

  • terry

    Looks like sh**.
    Add some Inception, Dark Knight and a bunch of CG and you have this convoluted mess.

  • Lob Taylor

    I must confess I didnt think this was gonna amount to anything with all the cliched ‘Oscar-worthy’ lines.
    But this trailer mos def got my attention!

  • Jamesy

    Good to finally see a SUPER Superman, sick of the overgrown boy scout bitch boy. Stanley Tucci for Lex Luther?

  • Reality Check

    Not everyone\’s an anti-intellectual American you know.

  • Xmooth

    I will find him! Echoes of Sting as Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen in Dune but with more erm Shannonity (always a good thing).
    Now, seriously excited about seeing this..

  • Jeff

    “What does the S stand for?”

    – “It’s not an S. On my planet, it means hope.”

    “Well, here it’s an S. How about… Sucker Punch.”

    – “Excuse me.” Stands up and walks away with disgusted look on his face.

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