New Poster for MAN OF STEEL Features Superman in Cuffs

     December 3, 2012


A new poster for director Zack Snyder’s upcoming Superman reboot Man of Steel has been released, and Supes doesn’t look to be doing too well.  We know very little about the film so it’s tough to make any assumptions about the story based on this image/poster, but it’s safe to say that Henry Cavill’s Superman won’t be loved by all.  The poster does give us a great look at the full suit, however, and it’s certainly in keeping with Snyder’s “serious” approach to the character.  The new trailer for the film will be attached to The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, so hopefully we get a better idea of what to expect plot-wise later this month.

Hit the jump to check out the poster in full detail, and be sure to leave your thoughts/speculation in the comments.  The film also stars Amy Adams, Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, and Michael ShannonMan of Steel opens in 2D, 3D and IMAX on June 14, 2013.

Click here to read producer Christopher Nolan‘s thoughts on how Man of Steel differs from his Batman films.


Here’s the synopsis for Man of Steel:

In the pantheon of superheroes, Superman is the most recognized and revered character of all time. Clark Kent/Kal-El (Cavill) is a young twentysomething journalist who feels alienated by powers beyond anyone’s imagination. Transported to Earth years ago from Krypton, an advanced alien planet, Clark struggles with the ultimate question – Why am I here? Shaped by the values of his adoptive parents Martha (Lane) and Jonathan Kent (Costner), Clark soon discovers that having super abilities means making very difficult decisions. But when the world needs stability the most, it comes under attack. Will his abilities be used to maintain peace or ultimately used to divide and conquer? Clark must become the hero known as “Superman,” not only to shine as the world’s last beacon of hope but to protect the ones he loves.


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  • Robby

    I’ve been anti this movie ever since snyder was announced.
    everything I’ve seen and read thus far has proven me right to doubt him.
    This reinforces my fears.

    Making it realistic is about as good an idea and mr and mrs Hitler getting horny one night in august of 1888.

    • Grayden

      Well, I’m glad you won’t be sitting in my theater, pissing and moaning about it, on opening night.

      • Robby

        Who in their right mind would show up to this bottle of cock on opening night?

      • Jazzy Jace

        Sounds like Robby has a Coke bottle up their ass!

    • Norm

      It wouldn’t be the internet without a comparison to hitler!

    • Weeks

      I’m glad to see there aren’t any drama queens overreacting or anything like that.

    • Hunter

      I’m pretty sure a very good amount of people will be there on opening night…

  • Nomis1700

    Looks great! The actual shot of this was in the Comic-Con trailer.

    I love it that Superman gets the same approach as Batman. Making it more realistic, more relevant to today. It’s also story first, which is the most important thing about a film.

    I’m very excited for Man of Steel, I never could’ve thought I could be anticipating a Superman film so much!

  • Brett

    Cavill certainly looks the part, IMO. I think the suit looks good as well. Nice poster.

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  • tarek

    How can they handcuff him, when he is Superman ? stupid idea.
    unless the handcuffs are made of Kryptonite or some other disabling metal/crystal.

    • Anonymous

      He may be allowing the handcuffs to be on him to show that even he is not above justice.

    • Norm

      …it’s also possible that this is all a voluntary act on Supe’s part. I remember they did something similar in the animated Justice League show from a few years ago

    • gravyboat

      I believe Hancock did the same thing too?

    • D. McHugh

      Exactly. The cuffs make no sense. I thought that immediately. Still, that’s always been the flaw of Superman. He’s a SUPER man, completely invincible to everyone, and everything, everywhere, all the time…unless it’s kryptonite. The guys has NO weaknesses. How can you create real drama when the guy is invincible. He’s guaranteed to win every time because he’s never actually in any real danger. Where’s the suspense in that? Most all other super heroes have serious flaws and a threat of mortality. This guy does doesn’t have remotely human characteristics, unlike Batman. I think that’s why far fewer people relate to him.

      • Grey

        Hence the villains being who they are. They are the only ones that could fight him. Once they are defeated, someone will discover their stash of kryptonite and create weapons or some shit for the sequel :P

      • Xander

        He isnt invincible if you read modern superman comics they weakened him a bit. His enemies do more damage and can throw him around a lot easier. Besides the drama could be him having to protect innocents just because he is invincible doesnt mean the people around him are.

    • Bob

      He’s obviously allowing them to handcuff him. I hate stupid comments.

      • xavizen

        yes, exactly.

        Just keep it comming… least is no Michael Bay “rebooting” transformers feel…=b

      • tarek

        You hate stupid comments ? We share the same feelings then. ^^

    • Sean

      Yeah you’re probably right. The writer, director, producers, cast, and marketing department all forgot that Superman has super strength while working on this scene/poster.

      • tarek

        Remember of the “writer, director, producers, cast, and marketing department ” bad move in John carter ?

      • Sean

        The point is that the marketing department didn’t just make up a picture of Superman in handcuffs. It’s a scene in the film. Everyone and their dog knows that Superman has super strength. So obviously the movie is going to have an explanation for why he’s in handcuffs and how he’s in handcuffs.

        Maybe when we see the movie it will become obvious it is a stupid idea, but writing the idea off as “stupid” just because he’s Superman seems to be judging things prematurely.

      • tarek


        even though I don’t like Snyder style, I will give it a chance.

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  • faiz

    That poster looks really good….it’s kinda worrying looking at the man of steel cuffed like that (perhaps he didn’t wanna fight back because he didn’t wanna change mankind by force) but it looks cool nonetheless..

  • Grayden

    People, do you take everything this literally in your daily lives? There are such visual and thematic elements called metaphors and allusions, that when applied appropriately, make the audience think about the subject matter. Are we forgetting that Nolan is producing this? There will be an aspect of this film that is cerebral. The handcuffs can be seen as Superman’s personal restraint as he deals with his powers, not knowing how the rest of humanity will react to him. Which makes sense given what we’ve heard from Snyder/Nolan so far about the film.

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  • J.R.

    I have only one problem with this image, we already seeing this at the leaked comic con footage so why this?? I wasnt expecting trailer but at least a pic Supes vs Zod or Supes kissing Lan….errr Lois or Clark with glasses but this??

  • Tyler

    This is a really good poster. This may be a part in the movie where Zod has people in fear of Superman, and perhaps the people werent too keen with him to begin with. Then, maybe Zod has set out an ultimatum of something along the lines of “Turn yourself in, or people will die.” The look on Superman’s face is along the lines of, “I understand your fear, so I am doing this for you. Maybe one day you will grow to accept me.” After that, that will probably be when all hell breaks loose.

    • J.R.

      Nop I believe this is just Supes surrendering because he is an Alien and there’s fear around the world, How do I know this? the Comic Con footage! where they have taken this pic, I like the pic but this is not a reward! This happens just after the military blasts Supes threw a building and end up crushing the vault door (first teaser image)

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  • frankzubek

    I agree with your guess as to Zod
    While I didn’t think much of the first trailer THIS poster suddenly has my full attention and I am looking forward to seeing the trailer- which this time should give us a much better idea of what to expect in 2013

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  • Nolanites must be stopped

    Nolan’s just going to fail with this movie the same as he failed with the dark knight rises.

    • gravyboat

      go back under your bridge troll

      • chanandeler bong

        You mean go back to guard your bridge, Troll.

      • FatmanBatman

        Dark Knight Rises was Nolan’s most flawed film you blind defenders. Ooof.

    • gandalftheblack

      Which Nolan are u talking about, Mr Frankestein?

  • Ned

    The suit is 10000000x better than Captain America’s was in the Avengers, why did they change it from the cool one in Cap. America move?????????

    • J.R.

      Agent Coulson was responsible for ruining the Cap original suit! So because of that he got stabbed by Loki…………………………………………..LOL! Really I liked the WW2 suit much more that the Avengers version.

  • A.S. Lawrence

    The comments on this page (with the exemption of a few) are flat out retarded.
    Use your brain and imagination about why we would be handcuffed… That’s literally the point of the poster.

    • tarek

      How can someone retarded use his brain ? Genius! ^^

      this poster is stupid. Superman wearing his super suit means only one thing: his is out to fight. Not to surrender.

      I can accept to see him handcuffed but in a civilian clothing.

      got it Genius ? And that wasn’t a metaphor. ^^

      • Sean

        First off, mentally handicapped people are able to use their brains.

        Second off, Superman being pressured to surrender to the authorities is a commonly used plot device Superman mythology.

        Third, Clark Kent uses his Superman costume for all things Superman. I don’t think you can look at the comics, movies, or TV shows and demonstrate that Superman only puts on his suit to fight. It’s simply not true.

      • tarek

        Don’t take it too literally Sean. even a bug can use its brain.
        Using the brain means to be/to act intelligently.

    • chanandeler bong

      Thats a great story grandpa.

  • Spook

    I’m not sure why people keep harping on Nolan. He’s Producing the film, not directing. Goyer wrote the script with Nolan advising. He’s even said this is Snyder’s film, not his. Snyder has asked for bits of advise, but it’s not like Nolan is making him do anything. If this film succeeds or fails, it won’t be Nolan’s doing, it will be Snyder and Goyer.

    Saying Nolan is responsible for MoS is like saying Spielberg is responsible for Transformers.

    • faiz

      except that Spielberg isn’t as much involved in Transformers as Nolan is in this one (he is just the exec producer, Nolan directly produces this..)

      i agree with ur statement altogether though….

      • tarek

        FYI. An Executive producer is tightly involved in the movie.
        since the 80′s the executive producer is doing the job of the Line producer, who watches over the production day to day, He is very close to the director.

    • Nolanites must be stopped

      Spielberg is responsible for Transformers just as Nolan is responsible for MOS. Both believed in the project so much they accrued the funds necessary to provide a budget for the production. They had ultimate say on who directed, certain artistic choices etc… Basically Nolan’s putting his name on it and he deserves all the hatred this movie will garner. His hype train will finally be totally derailed and everyone will recognize what a bogus filmmaker he is.

      • marvin black

        Your comment is stupid. If you don’t like Nolan as a filmmaker that is your opinion but you think everyone should hate him because you do. You forget that people actually like what he is doing with superman. Everyone has different takes on things and you should be open to that. What if the movie is a unprecented success? What if you like it?

  • tato

    Iam the only one who thinks JL is gonna suck?

  • Collin V.

    I’m super happy we’re getting a serious Superman film. The others were just too silly. They were still good, but still silly.

  • SciFan

    No hairy S on the forehead? So, when he is Clark Kent ONLY the eye glasses disguise he’s true Superman identity?
    At least the suit is, what? No trunks?

    • Bob

      Superman’s hidden identity thing was always a joke…..glasses I mean come on…Lois Lane is a moron for not recognizing him…I mean she like sleeps with him and spends time with both of them…

  • Debo

    I really think people are throwing the term “realistic” around a little too much. It’s superman people. It’s obviously not going to be absolutely realistic. I think that it would be better to say that the aim of these new DC movies is that they have a tone that is less campy than the previous films. How can people judge a 2 hr film based off of 2 min of footage? I guess with any new vision on a product you’re always going to have naysayers who are opposed no matter what they know about it.

  • Debo

    I really think people are throwing the term \"realistic\" around a little too much. It\’s superman people. It\’s obviously not going to be absolutely realistic. I think that it would be better to say that the aim of these new DC movies is that they have a tone that is less campy than the previous films. How can people judge a 2 hr film based off of 2 min of footage? I guess with any new vision on a product you\’re always going to have naysayers who are opposed no matter what they know about it.

  • gimpsuit

    Why isn’t it in focus?

  • Clay

    Even the typeface at the bottom looks directly taken from a Nolan Batman film.

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  • Django9000

    I guess they’re going from “YOU WILL BELIEVE A MAN CAN FLY”

    Well? Wouldja?

    =) Snyder, Snyder, Snyder. If only your name didn’t include the word “Snyde” , we’d all leave you alone. (& if you succeeded at making an original, even remotely compelling film)


    I’m excited for this. I just refuse to accept it.

  • Strong Enough

    this movie is going to be bigger than Iron Man 3. watch

    • Spook

      Bigger, maybe. But will it be better? I hope so.

  • Kyle

    The pure fact that superman is in handcuffs with the government has got Christopher Nolan’s influence written all over it. Come on Zack, just put up your middle finger to Nolan’s face and make a fucking SICK visual Man of Steel movie with jaw-dropping, non-stop, hyper-real, slo-mo to sped up to the max, ZACK SNYDER effects and action sequences. We don’t need Christopher Nolan telling you (the director of 300 and Watchmen) how to create a fucking superhero story. I understand that Zack Snyder’s hands must be tied, and he’s gotta take in Nolan’s suggestions, but it makes me furious to know that the studio is so scared and doubtful of Zack’s capabilities that they need to grab Nolan to be the architect for Superman. Seriously? The best thing he did, was the decision to make Heath Ledger into the Joker. And Inception was awesome. But Zack Snyder doesn’t need shit from anyone to make an awesome Superman movie. Just watch scenes of Dr. Manhatten from Watchmen and you’ll agree. The blue god was basically fucking superman. There’s even a scene in Watchmen where a news guy says “The Superman Exists, and HE IS AMERICAN.” You see? Zack Snyder was destined to make Superman, and he obviously knows A LOT about him and has probably envisioned what his Superman film would look like in his mind for a LONG TIME. Afterall, he is an artist. So I believe that he will make this movie amazing. I believe. However, back to this image, I say that there should be no reason for Superman to be in handcuffs, unless he just finished beating the shit out of 1,000 soldiers and cops who were trying to take him down. Let’s hope that’s the case. Otherwise, I’m hoping it’s just a dream or something in Superman’s or his dad’s mind. I say a dream, because, well, Christopher Nolan…

    • ElleFanning

      Oh stop talking like everyone else…..and it is clear they are still hideing that he does not have the underwear cuz they are afraid of losing an audience to that non-traditional look of superman.

    • Spook

      Like I have said above, Nolan is PRODUCING it. What happened was Goyer had an idea for Superman, Nolan liked it and said if you want to make it, I’ll produce it. Goyer and WB found a directer to make the film: Zack Snyder. This will be Snyder’s movie. Not Nolan’s, Snyder’s. If Nolan wanted to the a Superman movie, he would have freaking directed it himself. He didn’t so he isn’t.

      I’m sure Snyder’s Superman is exactly how he and Goyer envisioned it. Nolan only gave input when asked, he didn’t lead this from the front and say “This is how we will do Superman!” He was standing back and letting Snyder do his thing.

    • FatmanBatman

      If you honestly could sit through 300 more than once I don’t believe you know what good movies are.
      I do have to say that Watchmen was wonderfully done in almost every area of the film, Snyder is at best, an above average director. Sucker Punch? Yuck.

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  • bitchasshoe

    Shut up with the nolan ass-kissing. And they are still afraid ot show that he has no red trunks in fear of losing the general public.

  • suchandso

    I like how it is all gritty looking to try and be like batman but then it has a lens flare to still try and make it flashy and super hero movie-ish. Oi vey.

  • 301

    This can’t be any good. No nipples.

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  • gandalftheblack

    Doesn’t require anyone to have a degree in astronomy to understand that either Superman is allowing himself to be handcuffed, proving that he isn’t above the law, (which in this this case is the most plausible explanantion…..or the handcuffs are made out of Kryptonite. Hancock also did it. He could have avoided going to jail if he wanted to…

    What lame and stooopid comments from other people!!

  • gandalftheblack

    Doesnt require anyone to have a degree in astronomy to understand that either Superman is allowing himself to be handcuffed, proving that he isnt above the law, (which in this this case is the most plausible explanantion…..or the handcuffs are made out of Kryptonite. Hancock also did it. He could have avoided going to jail if he wanted to…

    What lame and stooopid comments from other people!!

    • dad

      yes you are correct there. When he thinks (or is made to think) that he is in the wrong he will play by humanity’s rules and respect them…hence the handcuffs i suppose…otherwise he is a God after all and would destroy all humans around him.

  • mj

    Please stop the lens flare

    • tarek

      I think you are confusing snyder with J.J Abrams.

  • a fan

    Cool! This movie’s gonna be bigger than Oogielove and probably better! Maybe. Well, sorta. Kinda. Well I don’t know…sorta lost interest. Is he gonna sing? That could help, cuz the costume sure doesn’t do anything. I think the big red S movie is gonna be a big brown pile of s***. (Sigh. Henry Cavill is so hot.)

  • terry

    Here’s comes the new Howard the Duck!
    Put it this way, if this movie bombs, so will Zack’s career. He’ll be up there with Renny Harlin.
    You all do remember that trash Cutthroat Island? 887942

  • Stef

    The entire poster looks out of focus, they should have released the trailer and poster simultaneously so that the picture could have some context. Although if their objective was to create discussion, the 76 comments on this thread should prove they have succeded. LETS SEE THE TRAILER!!!

  • Andrew

    Is the poster supposed to suck monkey balls?

    • dad

      yes, much like the gawd awful trailer they released for the public.

  • Anonymous

    Some of you need to remember that Clark was raised with morals and has an excellent sense of right from wrong. Most importantly, he respects the law. If the world discovers him and his powers, obviously their fear of the unknown will result in their need to restrain him. Clark/superman would go willingly as demonstrated in this poster. He would not refrain unless he was in absolute harm which is not the case here.

    UNLESS: Zod has taken control of the planet and has demanded the immediate capture of Superman


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