Behind the Scenes Image from MAN OF STEEL Shows Henry Cavill Suited Up

     January 23, 2012

We’re still quite a ways off from the release of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, and the Superman reboot is still in the midst of filming. While we’ve already been privy to quite a few photos from the set, we’ve gotten very few good looks at star Henry Cavill in the Superman suit. Those angling for some suit images should be happy today, as a behind the scenes image from the set has arrived highlighting the superhero getup. Cavill is seen posing for a photo with a young boy, giving us a nice close-up look at his Superman garb. It’s not anything mind-blowing, but with no trailer and only one official image released thus far, we’ll take what we can get.

Hit the jump to check out the image. The film also stars Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne, Antje Traue, Harry Lennix, Ayelet Zurer, Christopher Meloni, Richard Schiff, and Russell Crowe. Man of Steel is slated for June 14th, 2013.

Image via io9.


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  • Mike

    Cavill looks a lot like the guy who played young Clark Kent in the original Donner movie

    • Aaron

      Totally Agree Mike!

  • Drake

    No red pants on the suit makes this look like a baby’s onsie. I still think it looks stupid and I actually want this movie to fail.

    • IB

      Why would you want a movie to fail? Unless you just like being a dick. That must be it.

      • Merlin

        More like a dickless wonder!

  • terry

    Why haven’t we seen a teaser trailer yet?

    • nelson

      umm maybe because this film is not gonna be out for over a year

      june 2013 release date

  • JohnP

    So, somewhere in the universe is a clothes shop catering solely for both Soops AND Spidey!?!?

    • sense 11

      That little comment is so played out, get some new material

      • book1245

        pun intended? wink wink nudge nudge

  • spongefist

    He looks so English, tea and biscuits anyone? I wonder if the inside of his cape has a nice tweed lining?

    • nelson

      sound insecure since america is not putting out good manly actors anymore you must settle with shia and tatum

      • Chris

        As an America, I have to agree with Nelson. What a burn on us. We have those two douches and all the best male actors have come out of UK or Australia. Damn you Shia LaDouche, damn you!

    • wtff

      ..Superman isn’t American..

      • david

        No he is, he’s an alien

      • david

        It’s true, he isn’t. He’s an alien

  • LEM

    He just doesn’t look like Superman to me and I’m sure we’ll be able to hear his accent. I don’t like that all these American superheroes are being played by Brits. I bet they considered other than American actors to play Captain America too.

    • Eric Nixon

      Actually, Joe Johnson was very adamant that only American actors be considered for the role of Captain America.

      • LEM

        Yeah I know that but I bet the studio during pre-production was suggesting some Brits or Aussie actors. I bet he had more than one argument with them over casting. I mean the studio initially didn’t want America in the title…they actually had discussions on that. They’re all idiots.

    • WEV

      Maybe if America had good actors you might get more roles, get over it ;p

      • LEM

        Please…it’s all the Hollywood decision makers who are easily impressed by any dumb ass who did Shakespeare in London or some other BS. The people who make the decisions are the biggest idiots in that town.

    • Jon

      Imagine how the Brits feel about a beloved British character, Sherlock Holmes, being played by an American.

      Your comment is senseless.

      • LEM

        The only thing senseless are these casting decisions, Holmes included.

  • Danny

    This guy looks nothing like Superman–this movie is gonna be a stinker! Brandon Routh is this generations Superman/Clark Kent

    • ipolos

      well suck it up superman returns sucked so he’ll never be back as superman

      • Farzan

        Umm..Superman Returns didn’t suck, it just wasn’t what people wanted after waiting so many years for a superman film. Brandon Rough was an excellent choice as Clark Kent/Superman, its just he had a bad script. Superman Returns isn’t bad by any means its just disappointing.

        I really wanted Bryan Singer back for another Superman movie. He said he was going to make the sequel much like Wrath of Khan as in more polished/better. He’s already proved he could do sequels with X2 (still my favorite X-Men film). Warner Bros. Just didn’t want to give him a chance same like how Sony did to Sam Raimi for Spidey 4, which got rebooted.

    • sense 11

      Routh was not the problem with that movie, that movie was the problem with that movie. The plot is terrible, no one is ever in any real danger and superboy baby mama drama???? Hell NO

      It was like a superhero lifetime movie and in the end that it was a sequel to a franchise that had run its course.

      This new one is the reboot and so far its looking amazing IMHO

      • LEM

        Exactly! Routh was a decent choice even though he’s not a great actor but that story was horrid and boring. The bottom-line is people want to see Superman kicking ass not pining over the least attractive Lois Lane ever.

  • O.R.

    That boy must feel like the luckiest kid alive, what with taking pictures with Superman and all.

  • Nick

    I hope you all realize that with an exception of one of the negative comics you all look like the WORST type of fanboys with your hatred of a superhero movie based on TWO photos. This is absurd!

    1. Superman is not f***ing American, he is a damn alien what the hell does it matter what nationality plays him. This is NOT comparable to Captain America; it is completely different.

    2. The complaint of the red pants is understandable, but is such a small thing really going to ruin a movie for you? Also again TWO images.

    3. In what way does Henry Caville look British? A huge number of Americans have British ancestry, most of us look British.

    4. Do you know how many British actors play American parts and many people dont even know they are British? The only actor incapable of faking an excellent American accent is Sean Connery and he is very very very Scottish.

    All I am saying is that can comic book fanboys (god knows I am one of them) cool our jets for like 2 seconds and at least wait to whine about every little detail until there is a trailer? I would never ask to with hold judgement until you had seen it because that would just be too unrealistic.

    • Nick

      oops I meant comments not comics…

  • WTF Guy

    The opinion police need to chill out.
    Last time I checked, it’s still OK to have an opinion, even a different one, in the good ol U S of freaking A!

    • Nick

      see that is the great thing about opinions. It is absolutely ok to have one. It is absolutely ok for someone to think that superman needs to be an american or that superman looks too British. It is also completely ok for me to have the opinion that two photos (one of which taken by a fan with a not too perfect camera) does not constitute a basis to have an opinion based on anything more than a gut reaction based on previously held beliefs that have little to nothing to do with the current available evidence. Just as it is completely ok for you to have the opinion that me stating my opinion about their opinion goes against the freedoms of the United States. See that is the true beauty of freedom.

  • Johanan

    He kinda looks like David Naughton a bit round the American Werewolf in London period.”Beware the moon Kal-El”

  • shalala

    why is NO ONE talking about how adorable this picture is??
    unless that kid grows to be famous too, this is probably going to be one of the happiest moment of his life..and if by “henry cavill looks british” you mean he looks absolutely gorgeous, then yeah.
    or am i the only girl who’s seen this??

  • Ruben S

    Dude i like Henry Cavill. He is great actor, great personality, and he does look like Superman. Too many people think brushing your hair to the side makes you Superman(brandon Routh). I have strong faith in this movie, I think the suit looks badass something different and modern can benefit the movie and the audience. Anyways Henry Cavill is the perfect fit for the movie. Dont think anyone else could have pulled it off.

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  • Kendra

    Hmm…he doesnt look attractive to me. I think it’s his hair…receding hairline. :S Oh well.