New MAN OF STEEL Image Featuring Henry Cavill’s Superman

     January 4, 2013


A new image from Warner Bros.’ new iteration of Superman has been released online.  Anticipation is running high for director Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, and fans are eager to see if a new Supes franchise can finally be kicked off right.  This new image doesn’t reveal much other than the fact that Henry Cavill is indeed a handsome man and Snyder has settled on a very washed-out color scheme for the film.  The helicopters in this photo, though, coupled with the poster featuring Superman in handcuffs have me highly intrigued as to how these circumstances fit into the film’s overall plot.  Hopefully more will be gleaned as we head closer toward the film’s summer release date.

Hit the jump to take a look at the new image.  The film also stars Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Kevin CostnerDiane LaneLaurence FishburneAntje TraueAyelet ZurerChristopher Meloni, and Russell Crowe star.  Man of Steel opens in 3D on June 14, 2013.

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Here’s the official synopsis for Man of Steel:

Next summer, “Man of Steel” is coming to the big screen. The film is from director Zack Snyder and producers Charles Roven, Christopher Nolan, Emma Thomas and Deborah Snyder. The screenplay was written by David S. Goyer from a story by Goyer & Nolan, based upon Superman characters created by Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster and published by DC Comics.

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  • Nomis1700

    Handsome man indeed! Would love to see a UHQ version of this photo :P

    When this sequence was in the trailer, I immediately thought it was in the third act of the film! But now I’m doubting that, because it’s the second photo released!

    • Flyswaterman

      not really, it could be from anywhere in the film, bc we know the film has a high military presence, and really, its just a photo of superman, so yeah lol, stoked for this movie though :D

  • murdernexxus

    they nuke superman in the desert…it doesnt work….thats what the scene is….mystery solved

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  • amg907

    My penis moved…

  • J.R.

    Understand the scene he is about to give up to the military, I know he has to sad, he docent want to cause any problem just help, but muted colors like that (Snyder) and a sad face could we be having a sad supes part 2 (part 1 supes returns)

    • REALLY?


    • Ash Talon

      I agree regarding the washed out colors. Maybe it’ll only be for the middle-of-the-desert scene(s), but I don’t really think a Superman with muted colors is the way to modernize the character. Maybe if everything else was muted, but Superman’s colors were more vibrant and saturated would be more appropriate (ie he’s a symbol of hope). As it looks (right now), the desaturated look is just too “modern” and unappealing to me.

    • Que

      Was that Kryptonian??

      • ap30


    • LAME

      He’s sad because he has a heart.

  • sense 11

    Looks like the Son of Krypton to Me, I cant wait for this movie

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  • LEM

    Is anyone really excited for this movie? I know people will see it because it’s Superman but I’ve seen the pics and trailers and I have no real excitement for this movie.

    • Weeks

      “Is anyone really excited for this movie?”


      • Biddle

        I am excited, yes. A new fresh take on Superman is long over due, and if done well could be a very exciting and fun movie.

  • Mr Kippling

    “….highly intrigued as to how these circumstances fit into the film’s overall plot. Hopefully more will be gleaned as we head closer toward the film’s summer release date”

    hows about you wait and see when you watch the film, just a thought you know ;)

  • dogg

    How do I get a chin like that? A hot knife? Some kind of press? Lasers? It’s lasers, isn’t it.

  • Unconvinced

    Pasty Undead-supes in depressing muted colours….

  • F*Nolan

    Expect plot holes, lots of them.

    • Weeks

      And a-holes like you.

  • Crad

    Every comic book movie features updated costumes each movie for the heroes. Perhaps this muted version is the first of which they will make slight alterations each sequel or Justice League to keep it fresh and sell more toys. I still like the alien look of this one though. I am super pumped about this movie. I don’t get why the production has taken SO long though.

    • Michael

      Filming began in September 2011 and ended in February 2012 for a December 2012 release. However, WB decided to push the release back 6 months to June 2013. They are taking advantage of this extra time to make sure the visuals are at their greatest quality before the release.

  • MaWgAMaN

    I have noticed after Christopher Reve’s Superman both following Supermen bared quite a striking resemblance to him, not a bad thing, Reve will always be Superman to me, but I am looking forward to this new take and have great confidence in Henry Cavill as the man of steel!

  • Zack

    Muted washed out colors? Grim faced? Yes its Batman… Yup Warner Bros are set to try and replicate the Dark Knight success with the biggest superhero of them all. Only this Superman, sorry Man of Steel will be emo-like, uncomfortable in a suspicious world and having a lonely depressing childhood where he felt like an outsider. This could end up making Superman Returns look like a masterpiece.

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