MAN OF STEEL Hits the Ground Running with $21 Million on Thursday

     June 14, 2013


Superman is up, up, and away at the box office.  Man of Steel, Warner Bros’ revitalized take on the character, raked in $21 million at the box office on Thursday, which includes $9 million from midnight showings and $12 million from those 7pm “advanced screenings” that were sold exclusively through Walmart.  While the increased frequency of earlier Thursday night showings starting at 7pm and running every half hour has somewhat muddled the ability to compare “midnight” takes on blockbuster films, Man of Steel’s $21 million Thursday gross ranks at number 7 among late show records, standing above Iron Man 3’s $15.6 million take but below The Dark Knight Rises’ $30.6 million Thursday gross.  Hit the jump for more.

Man-of-Steel-imageThe $9 million in midnight showings indicates a strong showing this weekend, but just how strong is a topic of debate.  Some are predicting an opening weekend around $85-90 million, while others are going as high as $120-130 million.  Personally I think the final weekend total will stand closer to $110 million, but that all depends on how strong the word of mouth is given that critics seem to be firmly divided on director Zack Snyder’s pic.

Warner Bros. has a lot riding on Man of Steel success, as the studio hopes the retooled Superman will finally kick off its DC Comics adaptations as a unified rival for Marvel’s successful slate of superhero pics.  Snyder and writer David S. Goyer have already been tapped to get to work on a Man of Steel sequel, and the two have made no secret of the fact that Man of Steel is intended to create a shared universe for the DC Comics library of characters, so all eyes will be on just how big the pic opens this weekend, and whether it will have Batman Begins-like legs in the coming weeks.

If you’ve seen the film, click here to let us know what you thought.  Keep checking back here on Collider all weekend for further updates with regards to Man of Steel’s box office take.



  • So tired of Nolan

    This movie was a POS. It’s going to tank once word of mouth gets out.

    • zac

      hmmm if you’re tired of nolan then why on earth would you watch it? I don’t like sofia coppola I’m not running out to see the bling ring! We all have differing opinions and thats fine but it fascinates why you would spend money on something you already tired of?

      • no

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      • Murdoch

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      • Murdoch

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      • Murdoch

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      • Nolan B. Horan

        Well, I actually think I’ll stop trolling now that my point has been proven that Nolan is a fraud and his style is played out. The reviews speak for themselves. I may return for interstellar so the Nolanites can be put in their place. I’m like a more courageous version of Jesus Christ, enduring the barbs of ignorant fanboys so that I may enlighten people with my Gospel of Nolan hatred.

    • Doug_101

      Great! See you at the midnight showing of Interstellar next year.

  • So tired of Nolan

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    • Murdoch

      Nevermind, i spoke too soon.

      • Murdoch

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  • derek

    It isnt fair to compare box office results for thursdays because movies are being released earlier at night; making it easier for more people to watch it the night before it comes out.

  • Strong Enough

    omg that nolan troll is getting so ridiculous. i mean it was funny at first but god damn.

    • Victory is Mines

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        Post the pee comment below, Griz, if it makes you feel better about the Man of Steel being critically reviled. [Yawns, checks watch]

      • Strong Enough

        125 mill weekend and you WON? BWAWAWAWAWAWA!

  • Englishgent

    Best supper hero film ever made!

  • Lance

    A very good movie, congrats to Snyder and everyone else involved!

    Christopher. James. Nolan! For the victory!

    • lulz

      except critically

      • lulz

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  • SupermanisDead!

    Wow they killed Zod.. The movie was ok but not a Superman movie and they’ve ruined that but it will be a success thanks to the masses of robots that just wanna see big action. SuprmanisDead!