Action Figure Round-Up: MAN OF STEEL’s General Zod, Jor-El, and Superman, Plus IRON MAN 3 Toys Reveal Six Types of Armor

     January 30, 2013

Some images of action figures from a few highly anticipated upcoming superhero movies have made their way online, and today we’ve got a peek at some of the characters.

  • Man of Steel – Action figures for Michael Shannon’s villain General Zod, Russell Crowe’s spacesuit-laden Jor-El, and Henry Cavill‘s Superman give us a look at their characters in costume.
  • Iron Man 3 – Hasbro’s action figures for the upcoming Marvel movie tease six different kinds of armor for, Iron Man, Iron Patriot, and War Machine.

Hit the jump for the images and info.

Via USA Today, LA Times, and CBM.

Here’s the info for the Iron Man 3 figures:


* Gold/Red – #A1781
* White/Grey – #A1782
* Iron Patriot (Blue/Silver/Red) – #A1783
* War Machine Movie (Black/Silver) – #A2973
* Black/Champagne – #A1785
* Gunmetal – #A1786

MARVEL IRON MAN 3 IRON ASSEMBLERS 3.75-INCH Action Figure Assortment

(Approximate Retail Price: $9.99; Ages: 4 & up; Available: Spring 2013)
In 2013, kids and fans can recreate the excitement of the IRON MAN 3 film with the buildable ASSEMBLERS action figure line. Each figure features an Interchangeable Armor System, allowing one figure to create more than 25 armor combinations and allowing armor to be switched out between the 16 available figures in the line to create 100’s more combinations. Each figure sold separately.


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  • El Mero Meco

    ohh no… Iron man toys looks totally awful !!

    • Brett Vanrick

      ohh no… You’re a troll !!

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  • jk

    I’m not a toy collector, but The Man of Steel figures look pretty badass.

  • Tyler

    That top suit looks suspiciously similar to Iron Man’s suit in the recent Guardians of the Galaxy comic. Perhaps the rumors of him joining them are true? Since his home is destroyed, and it looks like Pepper will die, what else is there for him on Earth? He does say that she is the one thing he can’t live without in the trailer. Now, I don’t think they’ll show the Guardians after Iron Man, but I think they’ll have a stinger where Iron Man will be flying towards space, and Jarvis will ask him what he is doing, to which Stark will respond with something along the lines of, “I have a meeting” or something like that. I think the Iron Man movies will stop at 3, but Iron Man will continue in in Guardians of the Galaxy.

  • mike hawk

    3rd picture from the bottom. What in the HELL is coming out of his shoulder armor? Is that supposed to be like a blast of water? A club like smashing device? LAME.

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