New Trailer for Zack Snyder’s MAN OF STEEL Starring Henry Cavill

     December 11, 2012


Warner Bros. has released a new trailer for Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel starring Henry Cavill as Superman.  Rather than focusing on the action, the trailer tries to sell us on what would happen if Superman really existed on our planet and would people really accept someone with God like powers.  Of course towards the end of the trailer, we get a good look at some of the big action set pieces and Amy Adams as Lois Lane and Michael Shannon as the villain Zod.  But the fact is, every big budget Hollywood movie has action.  Without a strong story and characters you care about, the action means nothing.  Thankfully, everything I’ve seen thus far on the Man of Steel tells me Snyder has crafted a great Superman film that will deliver everything the fans want and more.  It’s easily one of my most anticipated films of 2013.  Hit the jump to watch the new trailer and then be prepared to start counting down the days to June 14.

Man of Steel also stars Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne, Antje Traue, Ayelet Zurer, Christopher Meloni, and Russell Crowe star.  Man of Steel opens on June 14, 2013.

Official synopsis:

Next summer, “Man of Steel” is coming to the big screen. The film is from director Zack Snyder and producers Charles Roven, Christopher Nolan, Emma Thomas and Deborah Snyder. The screenplay was written by David S. Goyer from a story by Goyer & Nolan, based upon Superman characters created by Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster and published by DC Comics.

Man of Steel Superman trailer

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  • Jose

    I completely see what they’re trying to do here creatively, but I can’t help to feel a little skeptical. Anyone else feel like this?

    • will

      Agreed. I get what they’re going for, but I have a hard time believing Snyder is going to pull it off. If he does, it could be right up there with the Dark Knight trilogy. If he doesn’t, it’ll crash and burn.

    • Jay

      I agree. It has HUGE potential, and if Snyder can handle it right, it’ll be a Dark Knight Trilogy for the new decade (yeah TDKR was 2012, but you know what I mean). Honestly though, his movies have always been “okay” at best. Here’s hoping for a good movie, though.

      • Skid McCormick

        I disagree with the comment that Zack Snyder’s movies are “Okay”, a pretty douche remark. Can you do any better? No, probably not.

        300, Watchmen, Dawn of the Dead are fantastic, both visually and plot-wise. Yes, we know Sucker-Punch wasn’t the finest moment of glory, but blame the studio who didn’t want an R-rated movie (hate movie Execs!)

        I have no doubt that MoS will be the definitive Superman movie for this generation and possibly beyond. And remember, it’s an origin story; not whether Cavill looks like Christopher Reeves.

      • Brad

        So everyone must be able to make a movie in order to say they didn’t like a movie? Man, you must not dislike ANY movies then, right?

      • ZombieHunter

        I agree with Skid in that I think Snyder’s track record is more than decent or “okay,” but that doesn’t eliminate any skepticism in my mind. I’ve been confident about movies before, and seen trailers thrown together wonderfully, only to have a movie that was mediocre in execution. The problem is that trailers are often not representative of the movie itself.

        But my main skepticism with Snyder (though I am undoubtedly a fan of his) is that his most successful films, 300/DotD/Watchmen, were all adaptations. Dawn of the Dead was simply a remake, while 300 and Watchmen were lifted straight off the pages of graphic novels. He had virtually no writing duties to tackle in those films. And Sucker Punch, which I believe is his only original effort, did not fare so well, to put it kindly. So if Snyder had been writing Man of Steel, my skepticisms would be much stronger. Fortunately he’s just directing it.

        With Nolan and Goyer behind him, I imagine the script and the story are going to hold water on their own. I think that is a very good thing. As a director, I think Snyder has a great eye and vision for the spectacular. And in that I find confidence that the film, from a directorial and visual standpoint, will be gorgeous. But I think Nolan and Goyer have had enough involvement to bring solid substance to the film as well. I think it’s a good recipe.

        So I eternally have faith in Snyder’s directorial abilities, while not so much the writing department. And I have the utmost faith in Nolan and Goyer’s writing influence. So I will genuinely be surprised if this movie tanks.

    • Bill

      I think Michael Shannon is a fantastic actor, and I’m very excited to see his performance, Henry Cavill on the other hand…

      Dear Hollywood,

      Attractive people will always “look” the part, however I’d rather see the character through the actor, not the actor through the character.

      For the most part I didn’t mind him in “The Tutors”, the first part of it suited him well, but being in a film, and carrying a film are two completely different animals altogether. For everyone’s sake I hope I’m wrong, but I’ve payed attention to his range in the past, and feel you made a bad decision.

  • will

    Looks almost exactly like the Comic-Con footage description, but it’s cool to see it. The jury is still out on this thing. Looks like it could go either way: it could be the first real great character study of Superman, or a self-important mess.

  • Tmo

    Meh. I’m still excited for this movie but the trailers just haven’t been that great. Whats up with the music?

    • Jose

      yea dude i thought the same thing about the music

      • Jessie

        You both suck, it looks awesome and has AMAZING Gladiator-esque music.

      • AManWithAKilt

        It is literally the music from Gladiator

      • Andrew

        The music track is actually called Storm from Elizabeth The Golden Age,not Gladiator.
        Anyway,it’s awesome!

        Hanz Zimmer is doing soundtrack duty for the movie so i have high hopes for that,based on his previous motion picture scores.

    • Ra

      Hans Zimmer is doing the music.

    • Jay

      I thought it sounded like Smeagol at first.

    • idontdrivecars

      not loving the Elizabeth The Golden Age soundtrack?

      • REAGHAN

        I NO:(

    • Diashi

      Where music is supposed to elevate something, hearing Gladiator notes from Zimmer, or Lord of the Rings from the teaser, doesn’t help. We think of those films, not Superman. The tone isn’t wrong, but something new and more iconic could work better.

      • Anonymous

        Ppl, u do realize that trailers do not use the music from the movie they promote because the score has t been recorded yet, it is called place holder music, it is the music from gladiator, not Hans Zimmer ripping himself off

    • Andrew

      Trailer looks pretty awesome but Hanz Zimmer’s track from The Thin Red Line soundtrack,played out over the Comic-Con trailer was better,…it gave me goosebumps!
      Still,as Zimmer is scoring this picture as well i have high hopes indeed.

  • nyckage

    it’s got a 300 feel to it, without the slow motion

  • mattedscreen

    Okay yeah, summer needs to get here a whole lot faster! NOW! but judging from the shots, not sure how well the post converted 3D will fare, still, should make for a hopefully great summer tent pole release

  • Masshuu il Thulcandra

    Sure looks better than any of those Christopher Reeve ‘kiddie’ versions and Brandon Routh’s attempt was almost as bad. Depending on further trailers, I may actually go see this one . Still don’t like that he will be going up against General Zod right out of the gate. At least it is not another charicature of Lex Luthor!

    • braanius

      The Christopher Reeve incarnation of Superman is THE blueprint for Superman. . . . . . I thought Generation Y kids were supposed to be smart. . . . .

      • Weeks

        Agreed. The Reeve/Donner movies were that generation’s version of The Avengers. Comedy disguised as action, but with the dramatic aspects done a lot better.

    • Sean

      Christopher Reeve “Kiddie” versions? I guess you haven’t watched the first two films in a long time. Superman doesn’t even appear until 50 minutes into the film…and really he doesn’t appear until about an hour and 10 minutes into the film. The first hour is slow moving, reflective shots and dialogue about purpose and destiny. I would hardly call that a “Kiddie” version.

  • tram


  • Mars


  • will

    On another note, what is the hell is that at 1:54?

    • idontdrivecars

      the end of krypton

      • will

        Yeah, that’s what I eventually figured it was. It’s just shot at such a weird angle.

    • Brandon Christopher

      Looks like it’s probably a shot of the destruction of Krypton, post-rocket launch

  • Kaluha

    The first teaser shows massive amount of potential. This one is superb, feels like a different Superman story without the cheese. Weird to see Russell Crowe in a superhero movie, don’t know why. Very tony, classed-up affair. You see Nolan in the credit but this is definitely a more uplifting story than Nolan’s darker-than-pitch-black Batman movies.

  • Hero

    Golly gee, I didn’t know Superman came from another planet or that he was adopted as baby by a nice pair of farm folk or that his planet blew up or that he hides his identity or that his real parents and fake father died when he was young or that he can fly or that he has a home in the Arctic or Antarctic or that he has a thing with Lois Lane or that not everyone from his home planet is dead. I did know he can grow facial hair, never smiles, and never goes to work as Clark Kent, reporter!

    • scifilove

      What the hell are you gassing on about, Hero?

    • GunsOfNavarone

      Burn the troll, kill his dad.

      • Hero

        Oh nothing. Just all the cliches in another origin story. Looks boring too. Oh and Nav-alone, you gonna stay that way with all that hate. Go pop a pimple or something. Leave the smart talk to the men.

  • Nate H

    Thus far I’ve only watched it with no sound (I’m at work), but it looks pretty promising! Superman Returns was such a let down, so it’s nice to see Superman getting treated with some respect. He’s a hard character to do effectively in films because he’s so powerful that he’s never threatened and he not relatable. Smart of them to focus on his human journey (trying to figure out his place in the world) and pitting him against a villain that could actually kill him instead of more mind games with a poorly acted Lex Luthor.

    Worried about where to go from here? Darkseid seems like the next logical choice (although it would look like they’re copying Thanos from Avengers 2 at that point even though Darkseid came first in the comics). A real life Bizarro would also work (not the idiotic, semi-zombie version; an warped clone made by Luthor, perhaps).

    • Jam

      What about dooms day

  • Mark Bridge

    I can’t help myself being an optimist. I love movies too much to doubt talented filmmakers or excellent trailers. And this was an excellent trailer with talented filmmakers behind it. I will be seeing this day one. And you know you guys will too.

  • Nomis1700

    Jaw… DROPPED!!!
    Mind… BLOWN!!!
    Eye… POPPING!!!
    Heart… POUNDING!!!


    • Darrin Ramroop

      its comments like these that make me wish there was a like button

      • Diashi

        its comments like these that make me wish there was a ignore button

      • Gögi

        you mean “an” ignore button?

    • Skid McCormick


    • Griz


    • Geeweez


  • Jay

    Christ, I hate the Internet and its untold legions of mewling fanboys. What type of tired, cynical tit is not impressed with that trailer? It beggars belief. EPIC. Looks absolutley phenomenal.

    • wes

      I watched the trailer, and came to this section expecting unanimous praise, yet I was foolish because the internet still finds stuff to complain about..

    • will

      It looks good, but I’m just not sure about Snyder. The movie looks like it’s aiming high, which is good, but also leaves more room for error. At any rate, it’ll blow Superman Returns and Green Lantern out of the water.

  • Jamesy

    Is Snyder missing out the whole Clark Kent, Daily Planet reporter thing? Didn’t see any hints in the trailer. Seems like it could go either way to be honest, but I do want it to be good, really good! But he seems to have used some strange shots/angles for this, anyone else think so?

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  • The Dude

    If you didn’t think that trailer was fantastic then you must question how much it takes for you to be entertained, dude.

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  • tom

    Snyder is a master of visuals. some of his close ups are just gorgeous

  • You made bro?

    Yeah the guy who wrote and directed suckerpunch is going to do superman right you fucking idiots. This movie looks like rancid garbage. If we make superman a whiny beotch that will add depth to his character. Assclowns.

    • The Dude

      You mad bro?

    • Matt C

      Snyder didn’t write “Man of Steel”… Nolan and Goyer did. Do your research before you trash something.

    • Pocketses

      I’m no expert, but you mad, bro.

    • Nate H

      Can’t win ‘em all, man. Take Bryan Singer: he is responsible for the awesomeness that is X-Men and X2, but he’s also responsible for the garbage that is Superman Returns. Peter Jackson had basically made nothing except a few B-level horror movies, and then he made Lord of the Rings. So don’t count Snyder out yet – anything can happen. You’re right to be nervous, but don’t just be derisive and mean for the sake of it.

      • Zack

        Hey man the frighteners is classic but i see what you’re saying

    • adu

      Must be really hot today in douche-ville.

  • Tony

    By ridiculous optimism I already had for Snyder directing this film may have just multiplied by 10. The movie looks absolutely beautiful. Acting looks top notch. Zod looks freaking badass. Happy tear and goosebumps :)

  • tarek

    Honestly, I’m not sold at all.
    Let’s hope it will not be when “Immortals” meet “300″

    I am still keeping hope, even though I dislike Snyder’s style.

    • Josh

      If you’re not impressed with the action set pieces displayed in this trailer then I’m afraid you don’t know good cinema

      • tarek

        Aha!!! because you do Josh ? and I suppose you are a Film School Graduate ?

        You are easily pleased man. And it’s a good thing for you.

    • Sean

      What would impress you? Right now it seems like you’re looking to be cynical and find reasons to not like it

      • tarek

        What would impress me ? Movies like TDK, Avatar “3D”, Alien, Aliens, the Terminator, Spiderman (Raimi), X-Men(Singer) , Star Trek (JJ abrams), The Matrix,

        I didn’t say that this movie will suck ( hopefully not) but this trailer doesn’t impress me much.

  • Ned

    Looks like the first interesting Superman movie since II. Lets hope Lex L doesn’t show up trying to by land. I hope he is not all powerful because that is pretty boring. But this looks good.

  • Dare Devil



    I think that last line in the trailer was meant for us.

  • Hunter

    looks awesome to me, but sounds like music from man on fire

  • Strong Enough


    and +1 for not using the inception horns!

    i might actually get an amazing superman movie in my lifetime!

  • IsThisIt

    Way better than anything I thought they could have done with the terrible IP. Superman sucks. This trailer is great.

  • mee

    oh my god. that is all.

  • Ash Talon

    Just remember, Zach Snyder always makes good trailers. It’s when his trailers are expanded to feature length which cause problems. It’s a good trailer, but I still am skeptical. It is interesting that Snyder finally is shooting on location instead of just greenscreens. I think the success of the film will largely fall on Henry Cavill’s performance. I haven’t seen him in anything yet, but I haven’t heard good things about his acting ability. Not a fan of the desaturated look for a Superman film, which I think should be colorful.

    • 97point6

      Cavill has the acting chops to pull this off, not just a chiseled face. Also, carries a persona that matches up with what appears to be the tone of this movie. Let’s put it this way, if the movie sucks, it won’t be because he didn’t bring it.

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  • LUIS

    so far so good, with goyer and the nolan bros helming the story and with the visuals of zack snyder this has to be good,well lets hope

  • sense 11

    I’m Speechless, that was amazing :)))))

  • Grayden

    Why does everyone expect the same old, tired story of Clark Kent going to work at the Daily Planet, having a secret hard-on for Lois Lane, changing in a telephone booth, and just flying around doing cool stuff? If you want that, read the damn comics! I would like to see a more realistic interpretation of these stories. Not a “comic book” movie, but more of a mythological viewpoint. The fact that any film maker even wants to explore the psyche of a superhero is amazing considering people thought superheros and comic books were lame a little more than a decade ago. We created these characters, these mythologies. Why shouldn’t we examine them in an adult way, instead of constantly wanting to see them through those rose-tinted, five year old’s glasses?

    • Bob

      Exactly. I don’t know why people are afraid to explore Superheros this way. The game was changed when The Dark Knight was released because it was so much more than just an action comic book movie. It was a straight up artistic vision, an excellent film. Man of Steel is another film trying to explore its central character, and as everyone can see its trying to do something way more. Not be corny, or emotionally cloying, but be a serious, character study film about a superhero. And your still gonna have the great action cause its a superhero and its Zach Snyder. I can’t wait for this film.

      The cast for this movie is also amazing.

  • Randy

    Before some idiot comes out with TROLL!! No i’m not, Could anyone explain what is said at the beginning in the voice over?
    The sound is a bit muffled on my phone, amd who’s voice it is at the end? Thanks

  • Best

    Visually Snyder is way better than nolan, if he has a good script i think he can be a great director. I am a big fan of his version of Watchmen.
    But dont forget that he always makes jawdroppings trailers but his movies not always deliver.
    ( the shot of the cape is amazing)
    Sorry for my english

  • Joseph M

    Excuse the French, but that was fucking brilliant. And it made my wife cry.

    • J.R.


      • Joseph M

        The trailer!

    • Handsome Jak

      Why thank you, I think I’m pretty good in bed myself..

  • J.R.

    Dont get me wrong, I liked the trailer, but I think by today standards it felt empty, I don’t believe in violence but finishing the trailer with Zod and Supes crashing into a building (if it happens in this movie) was necessary, and come on WB! Do you think we are so stu pid that we didn’t saw the Comicon Trailer on youtube? it was almost the same!……anyway looking forward to see this trailer this Thursday with the Hobbit ;)

  • braanius

    Things I liked: Henry Cavill looks the part. He definitely has a firm grasp on the character. Visually the film looks amazing. What I didn’t like: The color palette for the film, the tone is way too dark and the similarities with The Dark Knight series: The suit/armor scene, the suit design without the trunks looks horrible and the color of the suit is very similar to George Clooney’s Batman and Robin suit, Clark has a beard, the fire explosion (Wayne Manor destruction scene) and so on. The tone is too dark. I was expecting a tone similar to Iron Man or Avengers.

    It’s definitely a superhero film, but it’s not Superman to me.

    • Sean

      How was the tone dark? Serious…sure. Depth….sure. But it wasn’t dark at all.

  • Bob

    I’m completely sold, take my money now and give me a ticket for Midnight! I can’t wait to see this. Zach is either gonna create the best Superman aver made, or it’ll be terrible. I’m going with the first thing I said.

  • ed

    Looks good.


    A serious take on the comic book character for the screen.

    But didn’t people ALSO say that about the trailer for SUPERMAN RETURNS… and GREEN LANTERN?? And we know how those films turned out.

    Still have reservations about the movie— namely, Snyder’s gimmicky directing and Goyer/Nolan’s DKnesque modern-day “realistic” take on the classic pulp character— but I suppose we’ll all find out when the film’s actually released…

    Skeptical detractors and DC Fanboys alike.

  • Bob

    If you were expecting a tone similar to Iron Man/Avengers you a moron. Just saying. Just watch the teaser and you can tell its not that tone. And I don’t understand people complaining about the suit. So far what I have seen, it looks way better than any other suit ever produced for a Superman film by far. It looks like a real Superhero suit, without dumb underwear on it.

  • wacko3205

    That looks exactly like what I was hoping/expecting from Snyder.

    I am, unfortunately for the rest of the world @large that despises him, an unabashedly optimistically Snyder fan. I have liked & loved pretty much everything that he has done to date (Yes even Sucker Punch which I will admit had some HORRENDOUS moments) for the “artistic quality” of it.

    If he approaches this film in the same veign as 300 & Watchmen but with less “slow to stop motion” clicks of the reels…I’ll be thrilled.

    As far as Henry Cavill being Supes…totally down. I was a massive fan of The Tudors & it was basically due to Henry’s character & portrayal of the period.

    Check out a few episodes of The Tudors…basically all he does is kill & pork basically every woman he comes in contact with…totally the opposite of Supes…anywho…can’t wait.

  • Ahmad

    Incredible trailer.

  • Chris “Super Fraud” Nolan

    Nolan’s completely lost his touch F–k this movie and f–k you guys for liking it.

    • ChanandelerBong

      Oh, ouch!

  • terry

    I get it. SM want to appease the people so he allows himself to get arrested. That is his obedience to the people and their laws. So expect a shit load of exposition by Costner telling a young Clark he can never use use his power to upstage the people on earth even though he can survive a nuke blast and chem weapons by Assad.
    Then General Zod comes crashing in and tearing up shit. So who they going call? Superman!
    Blah blah blah.!
    We writers already jacked the story when we saw SM in handcuffs. And all we needed to support our hypothesis was Zod burning down the goddamn neighborhood.
    Oh and watching the scene were SM and his piece of ass saying goodbye and good luck was just icing on the cake.
    So expect big fight scenes and lots of $1,000,000 dollars and up a minute of CG all over the place.

  • It’s a bird. It’s a plane…it’s EMO MAN!

    Thrill as Emo man hides in a closet and weeps. Marvel as Emo man grows a hipster depression beard in real time.

    • Not Your Father’s Superman

      Right. A superhero movie for adults. Sorry it didn’t have the toothpaste commercial shine you were expecting.

    • John

      Sign as snarky pseudo intellectual keyboard warrior strains to prove his superiority, laugh as he languishes in his mother’s basement, clad in streaky underwear, his virginal status as impenetrable as superman’s body.

  • spongefist

    This looks INCREDIBLE.

    I didn’t think that The Avengers could be topped but this looks like it has a bloody good shot at it.

    and yeah, the music was amazing, visual amazing… everything amazing….

  • wtff

    Is this site something of a breeding zone for the internet’s most cynical?? Seriously, that’s a decent trailer, that makes the film look very promising, and that I for one am excited for. My opinion is as meaningless as the next guy’s, but come on, this looks good!

  • LEM

    I hate to say it but this doesn’t look good. I can go back to when the first IRONMAN trailer came out and you just knew this movie will be awesome but this trailer again is no better than Superman Returns which we all know was awful. I really hope I’m wrong and that the movie is great and Superman is seen as a cool super hero again but so far it looks like just another Superman movie that will come and go.

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  • Anyone who likes this has no taste

    Nuff Said

  • MikeyM

    Looks good but why do we need another origin story??

  • Avenging World

    This one better have a Giant Mutant Squid.

  • Bill

    I think Michael Shannon is a fantastic actor, and I’m very excited to see his performance, Henry Cavill on the other hand…

    Dear Hollywood,

    Attractive people will always “look” the part, however I’d rather see the character through the actor, not the actor through the character.

    For the most part I didn\’t mind him in \"The Tutors\", the first part of it suited him well, but being in a film, and carrying a film are two completely different animals altogether. For everyone\’s sake I hope I\’m wrong, but I\’ve payed attention to his range in the past, and feel you made a bad decision.

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  • Júnior

    I saw Jimmy Olsen in the trailer, he will appear in the movie?

  • dan9878

    I think this film is going to be AMAZING, with Synder being supported by Nolan and Goyer, this is going to be the best Superman movie for this generation. I think the thing that IM skeptical on and everyone is we all had high hopes for Superman Returns. Everytime I see this trailer i remember how bad SMR was. But IM really hoping that changes after June 14th :-D

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